Children Marked Safe From Coronavirus May Not Be Safe From Sexual Grooming

The enemy never sleeps and when it comes to targeting children with salacious content even shutting down schools and sending children home with parents doesn’t stop the neomorality crowd as they are intent on introducing children to all manner of sexual behaviors and sexual confusion as early as possible.

From Drag Queen Story Hour Facebook Page, Announcement for Livestream with Miz Jade

As soon as the schools and libraries (that have been busy filling robbing children of their innocence by filling their heads with all kinds lies about 72 genders and corrupting young children with age-inappropriate discussions of anal sex, oral sex, and homosexuality) closed the adherents to the new sexual orthodoxy got to work to bring drag queen story hours and Comprehensive Sex Ed (that is sex ed that includes discussions of anal, oral, rim jobs, BDSM, porn and much more) in electronic format to children. As explained here and here, AMAZE has rolled out new videos and emailed its subscriber base to push the new sexual orthodoxy during the Coronavirus crisis while many parents face the task of homeschooling their children for the first time. Austin Independent School District in Texas appears to be close to partnering with Advocates for Youth ( who partnered in creating the videos). A group called Concerned Parents of Texas which has been battling the school district for two years over its plan to adopt sexually explicit material and homosexual propaganda under the guise of sex ed posted on their facebook page that Austin ISD uses several AMAZE videos already. According to this World Magazine article, Advocates for Youth frequently partners with Planned Parenthood. The Texas State Legislature passed a law last year prohibiting abortion providers from being involved in sex ed in Texas schools.

This article from 2017 reveals quite a bit about the intentions of those pushing salacious content towards children online. The author, who advocates for an end to abstinence only sex ed in favor of Comprehensive Sex ED (CSE) praises AMAZE sex ed videos, created in partnership by Advocates for Youth ( an organization billing itself as a youth rights advocacy group that promotes “sexual rights” and abortion to youth), for their clever strategy to target school-age children.

The author, Lux Alptraum, states that “widespread access to the internet—especially the relatively private access offered by a smartphone or tablet—is a fairly recent development, and it’s made it much easier for online sex education programs to expand their reach”. Well, there you go. Did you read that, parents? The groomers are taking advantage of the unsupervised access smartphones give them to your children!!! The author goes on to applaud the use digital influencers such as Instagram and YouTube stars who have direct lines of communication to young internet users. The author also writes about her work as a sex cam girl offering up golden shower fantasies online for money. But that shouldn’t shock any of MadMommaBear’s readers, as noted in past stories (here, here, here and here) those pushing sexual ideology on children usually walk on the kinky.

One AMAZE video presents “gender identity” by showing male and female cartoon characters changing “genders” as they emerge from dressing rooms where they have just changed into different outfits. One character is introduced as “born boy or girl”. It also features videos about pornography in which they say that watching porn is normal. While stating the truth that porn is not realistic the creators include imagery that reinforces the unrealistic sexual stereotypes and would likely make a young male teenager’s imagination run wild. Another video discusses masturbation and says it is not unusual to masturbate three times a day!!! AMAZE also has videos about transgender ideology here and here. They explain that gender is not determined by their genitalia but instead by how they feel, they also state that “your gender identity is not something you can choose or change”. Wow, there are a lot of people that would disagree with that and you can find some here and here. In fact, the hashtag #detranstioners turns up several people who chose to detransition and live as their God-given gender.

AMAZE also has videos that promote Planned Parenthood, Post Exposure Prophylactics (PEP) and emergency contraception. They say using contraception such as birth control and condoms is the best way to prevent unplanned pregnancy and STDs but in reality postponing sexual intimacy until marriage is the best way to prevent STDs and unplanned pregnancies. A newly released video explains step by step how to access an abortion even with no parental consent. The abortion video uses a small circle simply passing out of the uterus as a baby being aborted. The AMAZE video also warns young people not to go to “crisis pregnancy centers” and refers to them as “fake clinics that only exist to talk people out of having abortions”.

Because the motto for the sexual progressives is “start ’em young”, it should come as no surprise that AMAZE also has videos targeting children ages 4-9. The sex educator and writer, Lux Alptraum, recently shared AMAZE’s new project for young children on Twitter. The videos discuss how babies are made and they discuss gender.

Sex educators with a progressive sexual agenda are not the only ones expanding their reach via the internet during the Coronavirus shutdown. Drag Queen Story Hour has started live streaming drag queens reading stories with messages about cross-dressing, drag queens and gender identity. MadMommaBear was able to watch this drag queen story hour livestream recently. The drag queen, Miz Jade, shared his social media handles online to promote himself. What might a child find if they search for Miz Jade online? MadMommaBear is able to share these two examples: here and here (warning explicit language).

A few examples of what drag queen life is all about from Miz Jade’s social media:

Miz Jade shows off a little BDSM at the club.
Miz Jade tries out a sex swing.
From Miz Jade’s Instagram

Miz Jade read to the kids from the Dragtivity Coloring Book which is designed to confuse kids about gender and encourages them to create drag queen names. Miz Jade also read the book “Kensie’s Queen” which is about a child whose uncle is a drag queen. Miz Jade instructs on pronoun usage as he reads the story. Miz Jade also instructed children watching to send pictures of themselves dressed up.

The enemy never rests! Innocence is no longer protected but is brushed aside hastily to install an agenda to indoctrinate, groom and sexualize children as early as possible.

What can parents do? Monitor the apps your children are able to download on their devices and on your home computers. Limit screen time and keep children on devices where they can be seen so that you are aware of what they are accessing online. Be aware of what drag culture is so that you do not inadvertently introduce your children to adult entertainment or adult sexual themes while earnestly trying to teach them to love their neighbors whoever they are. Drag Queens are not role models for kids and they do not embody the average LGBT person. They are adult entertainers. Introducing children to such concepts as homosexuality and transgenderism should be done with care and a drag queen or LGBTQ content creators with sexual agendas to push are not the proper people to address these issues honestly and with respect for the values of all families. They are peddling the new sexual orthodoxy, not merely tolerance and diversity. Keep your children safe online, stay plugged in to what they are doing especially as they spend more time online during Coronavirus lockdown.

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