Not Enough Social Distancing From Comprehensive Sex Ed!

In a time of social distancing the pushers of comprehensive sex ed for children just won’t leave the kids alone. It is their mission to get into the homes of children via technology and push their agenda of social change. That’s right, social change. You see that is their mission, not to merely educate youth on puberty, conception, hygiene and the more mundane aspects of biology and health as it pertains to male and female bodies and reproduction. No, that would never do for the agents of change at Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States (SEICUS). No, despite the official name it is not a governmental agency. It is an organization dedicated to promoting radical sex education referred to as “comprehensive sex ed” (CSE). This ultimately bowls down to affirming all forms of sex, between any people of any number as long as it is consensual. SEICUS has adopted a new slogan, “SEICUS, Sex Ed for Social Change”. At least they are being honest about their ambitions. SEICUS has also declared May “Sex Ed for All Month” and they are pushing sex ed all month long, but that isn’t really any different than every other month except that they are calling it “Sex Ed for All Month”. Note that they state that children have a right to receive comprehensive sex education. When you know what that really means you have to question their reasoning.

Recently, SEICUS published resources for parents who are now “homeschooling” their children due to school closures caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The recent article is called “Sex Education Homeschool Style”. Among the resources are the AMAZE videos which include topics such as gender fluidity, intersexed, and transgenderism for children as young as 4 years old. The videos often refer to the teaching of “sexuality” to the children. In one of the AMAZE Jr. videos a benefit of teaching sexuality education is to “recognize our common humanity”. That is so ironic given the fact that SEICUS, Advocates 4 Youth, AMAZE and numerous organizations that support SEICUS support the killing of babies via abortion.

One resource listed for parents, “How to Talk to Your Kids About Porn”, is a podcast wherein the podcaster says “porn is perfectly fine for adults”. No mention of the victims of the porn industry who are sex-trafficked and no mention of the drug abuse, addiction, shorter life expectancy of those who are in the porn industry. Sadly, there is no warning of the under-aged girls who are often featured in pornography. How can any parent take this organization seriously when they fail to be even remotely socially responsible? And SEICUS, Advocates for Youth, and CSE pushers say they promote accurate and comprehensive education?

Speaking of irresponsible, one of the suggested resources “10 Family Sex Talks to Have During Quarantine” links to this instagram page where the sex educator posts a video inviting people of all ages (kids too) to email her their sexuality questions. Has the Comprehensive Sex Ed industry lost all of its senses?

Sex Educator invites people of all ages, even kids to email her sexuality questions during quarantine.

SEICUS recommends a children’s book called “These Are My Eyes, This is My Nose, This Is My Vulva, These are My Toes”. According to reviews, the book touches on “affirming pronouns” and consent and touch. Why are adults teaching children how to consent well before they are of the age and maturity to even give consent for sexual touch? Cringe!!! The predators must love this as the inhibitions about sharing bodies and talking with adults about their bodies and sex are being mowed down by aggressive comprehensive sex educators who are supposed to be teaching boundaries all while bashing boundaries.

Another resource listed for tweens and teens, “Sex Positive Family Webinars” is absurdly focused on “pleasure”, porn and masturbation. There seems to be parallels with the criminally perverse, deceptive and fraudulent Alfred Kinsey Reports that proclaims children are sexual from infancy and can have sexual pleasure. In fact, SEICUS themselves hailed Kinsey’s fraudulent body of work in a positive book review for the book “Dr. Kinsey and the Institute for Sex Research” in this 1972 SEICUS publication. SEICUS has long been for deconstructing the traditional family as can be seen by their review of an animated film entitled “Families” in the publication linked above. SEICUS was founded by Mary Calderone who was medical director for Planned Parenthood. Although she was a trailblazer for radical sex ed and gave a speech shockingly entitled “Sexuality in Infancy and Childhood – the Need for a Learning Theory”, her views were not radical enough for the rapidly flourishing sexual revolution. She, unlike her SEICUS descendants believed that sex should be reserved for marriage and ultimately is best with a man and woman bond. She did, like Kinsey and the SEICUS descendants that have come after her, advanced the idea that children are sexual and achieve sexual pleasure. The Founder of SEICUS, Mary Calderone, advocated for the right of sexual pleasure at any age. She was also an advocate for population control and abortion.

The resources listed by SEICUS for parents to teach students at home are full of sexual indoctrination for students of all ages. This resource, “Six Minute Sex Ed” is a series of podcasts which includes lessons on anal, oral, porn, and masturbation even for young children. The Level One Masturbation podcasts (for younger children younger than teens and tweens) says children as young as 1-5 “self touch” and describes masturbation as perfectly normal and healthy thing to do. This is for elementary aged children. Other podcasts listed in this resource recommended by SEICUS include topics of nudes, pleasure, cross-dressing, revenge porn, and emergency contraception. In case there is any doubt that SEICUS wants to promote abortion to young people here is a screen shot of a post on their Twitter feed.

Post from SEICUS Twitter Account

SEICUS also listed Scarleteen as a resource, this website for teens and young adults promotes homosexual behavior, bisexuality, transgender ideology, abortion and porn as perfectly normal and healthy. Is it becoming more clear what SEICUS means when they say “sex ed for social change”? Clearly, adults are attempting to shape young minds and make them more open to all types of sex with anyone as being healthy, normal and good.

SEICUS says they are for violence prevention, and that is all good and noble but they send mixed signals when they promote websites that endorse the use of porn as long as it is “ethical porn”…as if there is any such thing. They also suggest websites that endorse BDSM. What kind of adults are suggesting children engage in fetishism and what is ultimately abuse of the body and very demeaning practices.

Mad Momma Bear gives SEICUS an “F” for failing to truly protect the hearts, minds, and souls of children that they reach. It is interesting to note that SEICUS, and Advocates for Youth who have partnered on pushing CSE are funded by anti-life organizations that support abortion as well as feminists and LGBTQ organizations. Advocates for Youth who partnered with AMAZE has even listed the organization Zero Population Inc., now called Population Connection.

Parents and grandparents who care for the future of children need to rise up and counter these destructive anti-life, pro-sexual indoctrination, anti-family, anti-Christian values, anti-biology organizations. Organizations like SEICUS are lobbying the state legislatures and in the nation’s capitol. That is why it is ever so important to get out the effort to vote against progressives and to get in touch with your state and local representatives to oppose efforts by SEICUS and its partnered organization to reach kids with its destructive anti-life,anti-family and anti-Christian agenda. Many states do not mandate sex ed at all, if your state does not mandate sex education then get your school to stop having programs at the school or at least have them require opt-in rather than having children opt-out. Opt-out letters hardly ever make the round-trip from the school and back…let’s put that advantage on the side of children and families.

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