Austin, Texas Librarian is BDSM Leather Daddy by Night, Invites Drag Queen Prostitute to Elementary School’s Pride Week?

Last December Mad Momma Bear told you about two instances of drag queens at different Texas Schools. Recently, MassResistance published even more details about the horrible depravity at one Austin, Texas elementary School.

Austin ISD had LGBTQ Pride Week and as part of the district wide celebration of pride week from October 7 to October 11, 2091. During pride week the Blackshear Elementary School which is part of the Austin Independent School District hosted at least one drag queen story hour program with a drag queen that has a criminal record for prostitution. This drag queen has been the topic of many news stories after MassResistance broke the story late last summer about this drag queen’s record and his after hours activities. The drag queen had been entertaining children at Austin libraries for over a year.

Picture from Blackshear Elementary Twitter Feed taken at the Drag Queen Story Time.

This is Miss Kitty Litter in his after dark scene. What a lovely role model for the children.

Who would think to invite a drag queen to read to children at an elementary school? MassResistance learned that it was the school librarian who refers to himself as “guybrarian”, Mr. Roger Grape who invited Miss Kitty Litter ATX to the school as reported by MassResistance here. The “guybrarian” and Miss Kitty Litter ATX even discussed the past charges of prostitution for Miss Kitty Litter and Mr. Grape ( aka Guybrarian) suggested a loop hole. Clearly, Mr. Grape was sympathetic to the Drag Queen Story Hour program at the local libraries. He thought it was funny apparently when an extremely triggered homosexual councilman on Austin City Council verbally bashed Tracy Shannon and a young speaker who spoke on behalf of the Austin residents who had invited them to reveal numerous findings about the drag queen, the library and to request the story time be put on the agenda for public comments.

It seems that Mr. Grape and Miss Kitty Litter should know each other since they share an after hours interest. Both men are BDSM leathermen. Mr. Grape is Mr. Austin Gears 2017!!!

Mr. Austin Gears 2017 is Guybrarian, Mr. Roger Grape
Miss Kitty Litter Emceeing a leather event for the Austin Gears Club.
Miss Kitty Litter loses the dress and wig and gets into leather. He is also in the leather man scene.

The two men are friends on Facebook, but who knows how long they have been following each other. Mr. Grape follows at least 20 fetish, kink, leather, BDSM and drag queen Facebook pages.

That isn’t all! The Guybrarian also attended and competed in the International Men of Leather competition in Chicago.

Roger Grape doing a gesture for “fisting” on stage at the International Men of Leather event.
Mr. Grape at school with his nametage, you can see the measurement tattoo on his arm, this is a common tattoo in the homosexual community and is symbolic of fisting depths…or maybe he measures stuff with his arm…could be a coincidence?
Imagine the school librarian manning the “spanking booth” at some perverse leatherman event.
Mr. Grape can often be found flogging men at Gear Night.
Austin Gears get their rubber, uniform, sports, leather, fetish, Pup, and Gear kink on at the Iron Bear.

The Austin Gear BDSM, kink, leather, pup, fetish club meets at a club called The Iron Bear. When perusing the internet MadMommaBear found that “poppers” are sold at the Iron Bear and one post on Reddit indicates the distributer is sometimes at the club on “gear night”.

Poppers are also a hit at the International Men of Leather events, it seems.

These poppers to relax anal muscles for anal sex are sold at Int’l Men of Leather event according to this post. They are not legal to be sold and advertised to be ingested, they are sold as VHS head cleaner or fragrance, but clearly some shirk the law as seen in this social media post by the marketer of this product.
One can hardly imagine what the tic tac and water is all about. Cough, cough…bottoming.

The parents did get a letter from the “Guybrarian”, but it merely stated that “guest readers from the LGBTQ community” would be coming to read to the children. It did not mention that a drag queen adult entertainer would be introduced to the children as a representative of the LGBTQ community. Parents have a right to know what their children will be exposed to at school. They also should have been notified about the types of books which discussed gender-fluidity, cross-dressing, transgenderism, and the LGBTQ concept of “not fitting in” to the children.

Miss Kitty Litter and Mr. Grape just have so much to share about the LGBTQ lifestyle but most of that is not fit for children. So, what is actually being packaged and marketed to children during pride weeks and in drag queen story hours? It isn’t just kindness and to be empathetic to those who are different. If it was a simple Ugly Duckling story or similar story would do. Clearly, perversion is being marketed to youth in a neat rainbow and glitter package. The children think it is all sparkle and fun but they are too young to know the truth. So, this whole push to indoctrinate youth into the new sexual orthodoxy is both dishonest and sneaky. No parent would want their child to take poppers and partake of BDSM, anal, etc. and they certainly do not want their children to learn of such things from adults at school, especially leathermen and drag queens. But the LGBTQ activists cannot come right and say that’s what they are pushing to normalize but in reality they are. For many years now the world has been told these relationships are the same as any heterosexual committed relationship and they just want “equality” and marriage. Now that they have marriage it seems like they want far more than equality…they want adherence to the new sexual orthodoxy.

Parents have got to stand up for safeguarding children’s innocence. Run for school board in your district, attend school board meetings, find out what is going on in your children’s school and insist that the children not have adult sexuality and gender identities exposed to them. It is the parent’s place to teach the children their values and morals as it pertains to sexuality. It is not the place of teachers, librarians and certainly not for drag queens. Start calling your state representatives and ask them to bring legislation that would not allow celebration of LGBTQ behaviors on school campuses, during school instruction time and do not permit school districts or teachers to promote LGBTQ lifestyles or behaviors to students. Drag Queens and any other type of adult entertainer should not be permitted to be part of programs or instruction in public schools. Ask your state legislators to pass legislation forbidding sexually oriented businesses or people working in the sexually oriented businesses to be part of school instruction or programming.

MadMommaBear’s next post will expose how LGBTQ bullies in the Austin ISD school district want to force celebration of LGBTQ behavior on students at every campus and they were largely successful in doing so in 2019.

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