Dragging and Perverting Education In Texas Schools

Ms. Kitty Litter (whose litter was known to be dirty) with Texas Library Association LGBTQIA Round Table Treasurer and Webmaster, J Wren Pennington

Reports of drag queens being invited into schools to apply makeup and read stories of LGBTQ indoctrination in Texas are very concerning but should not be surprising anyone. The Texas Legislature should have acted preemptively during the last session to preclude any adult entertainers from being involved in educational setting in Texas public schools. With the rash of libraries holding drag queen story hours this should not come as a surprise. The American Library Association has pushed Drag Queen Story Time in public libraries publishing several documents on how to support and defend the story time. With that knowledge, it should come as no surprise that we would find a drag queen invited to a public school library for a story time. The ALA’s American Association of School Librarians has over 57000 members according to its website. In July of this year (2019) the Office of Intellectual Freedom and the ACLU both criticized policies under consideration by City of Leander City Council which were in response to the library director booking events that were inappropriate for children and inconsistent with the vision of the library. The AASL links to the OIF on its website. It should come as no surprise then that librarians are influenced by the radical agenda being pushed by the ALA.

In fact, one school librarian at the center of the drag queen being invited to Blackshear Fine Arts Academy in Austin, TX to read to young children is an ALA librarian with the Texas Chapter of ALA ( aka Texas Library Association). She is not only an ALA librarian, but she holds two positions on the Texas Library Assocation’s LGBTQIA Round Table.

Texas Values obtained text messages between Blackshear Elementary School librarian, Roger Grape and the drag queen, Miss Kitty Litter. The text messages reveal that the school librarian was made aware of Miss Kitty’s dirty litter. Miss Kitty Litter was exposed earlier this year as having a criminal record for prostitution after the pro-family group, MassResistance, researched his involvement in drag queen story hours in the Austin Public Library. Texas Values published contents of the text messages found as a result of their Freedom of Information Act Requests.

Mr. Grape w his school librarian name tag, note the arm tattoo which is inches up the arm…this is common in homosexual male circles and refers to “fisting”…I mean maybe he is measuring fish he catches, IDK?

MadMommaBear got a tip from a reader that Mr. Grape, the “Guybrarian” at Austin ISD’s Blackshear Elementary School, is a leatherman. MadMommaBear went right to work to confirm this tip and was shocked that Austin ISD would employ such a pervert to work with children. Mr. Grape is none other than Mr. Austin Gears 2017.

Mr. Grape is Mr. Austin Gears 2017, Austin Gears is a leatherman club.
Definition from Urban Dictionary

What is Austin Gears?

So what is Austin Gears? According to the website, “Austin Gears is a gay men’s social group created to connect, educate, and inform about various gear events in the Austin area. We have a public gathering the first Saturday of every Month called “Gear Night” where we welcome men who are interested in leather, rubber, uniform, sport, and all gear fetish to gather with us and connect with others.”

Mr. Grape with his “Mr. Austin Gears” award seen next to a “pup”. Pup play is part of the leather scene.

What actually goes on in these gay bars on leather night? Here is a guide to the do’s and don’ts of leather nights for gay men. Wait, Mr. Grape is married for over 20 years? What is a “married” man doing at such a thing. I am sure it is all innocent because after all “love is love” and it is all equal under the brave new world the activist SCOTUS forged for us in 2015. Nobody should question the legitimacy of gay marriage, should they?

From the Advocate, a gay website. “Don’t come with a judgmental attitude, you may see someone being paddled, flogged, or fisted”.

You may even see Mr. Grape, the guybrarian in the spanking booth. Here he is posing for a selfie with another leatherman bragging that he is manning the spanking booth. How lovely!

What is Gear?

According to the Austin Gears website, “We believe that Gear is a deeply personal choice. You define your own Gear. Whatever makes you feel good and gives you confidence. A few examples are suites, leather, diapers, rubber, boots, gloves, sport kit, cowboy, wrestling singlet, underwear, sunglasses, a dog collar, and more- the list is always open to expansion. What are you into? What gear turns you on? Join us for Gear Night and show it off”, the website reads. Diapers!!!????

Mr. Grape at one of the Gear Nights at a local bar wearing a singlet.

Mr. Grape doesn’t just keep his gear and leather fun local. He posted on social media that he was heading to Chicago for International Man of Leather 2018. This apparently required a special diet of tic tacs and water. To get an idea of what goes on at this convention just do a search on Twitter for #IML2018 (that is the hashtag used in Mr. Grape’s social media post below), but be prepared to get an eyeful of graphic homosexual sex, anal hooking, oral sex, rimming, and a lot of fetish and kink. Some of these acts are performed right out in the open. One image on the event’s own gallery shows men who appear to be engaged in anal sex threesome in the middle of a room full of men!!

Mr. Grape on his way to International Men of Leather 2018
Mr. Grape aka Mr. Austin Gears at International Men of Leather 2018 breaking that stuffy librarian stereotype.

BlackShear Elementary School librarians, J Wren Pennington and Roger Grape, might seem to be pioneers of LGBTQ indoctrination in Texas public schools. But this isn’t the first time Mr. Grape has been a pioneer in the LGBTQ movement. He and his partner adopted a child together in 1993 making them “Gay Adoption Pioneers”. Just because the librarians are LGBTQ doesn’t mean they have any particular agenda though, does it?

A look at Mr. Grape’s Amazon Wish List reveals an assortment of social justice warrior books for children but there were a few that stood out in light of the special guest reader.

Note the list number in the top corner, it appears on subsequent screenshots of books on the wish list.
Both of these books are about gender diversity/transgenderism
Another book on gender identity and one on gay marriage
A book about a boy who wears sparkly pants and is called “Queen”

One has to wonder, in light of Mr. Austin Gears hobby, if there are any BDSM books in the library. Maybe Austin ISD can have Mr. Grape teach their pervy comprehensive sex ed to kids since he would appear to be experienced with that type of stuff. Is Austin ISD allowing children to be groomed by drag queens and educators? What is grooming?

I am sure that it is not what it looks like, the librarians are simply making sure nobody is bullied, ever. They are truly tolerant and diverse individuals who would never call names or belittle someone else for their opinions, except that Mr. Grape tweeted this:

So, Mr. Grape thinks a teenager who doesn’t think drag queens are good role models for children is a “bigot”? What makes him a bigot? Is it that he has a transgender parent as he admitted in his statement to city council? How sad that this gay adoption pioneer cannot even give a child of a transgender parent any consideration, but instead calls him a “bigot”. Does Mr. Grape think the teenager is a bigot because he suggested there are better role models for all youth than adult entertainers? Did the “guybrarian” even listen to his statement before he assumed the teen was a bigot? Mr. Grape is certainly aware that speakers spoke against the drag queen story hour at the city council meeting but did he even listen to the speakers or just assume they hate LGBTQ people as his tweet implies?

Mr. Grape invited members of a Colors Book Club to read to the school children after they raised funds to buy the school library books from a list titled “Books for anti-racist activism” which Mr. Grape was happy to accept. Many of the books are appropriate books that even MadMommaBear reads to her children about historical figures who broke through historic barriers and defied great odds and set the nation on a better course of respecting rights. However, there seems to be a theme here that some people are the bad oppressors and the other people are the good underdogs…this is the social justice message in a nutshell.

What is the vetting process for the readers at the school? The drag queen and leatherman, Miss Kitty Litter, was allowed to spend a day with the students despite his overtly sexual social media which was exposed by MassResistance.org earlier this year. Drag queens are adult entertainers, their social media reveals what drag culture is about and it is not appropriate to be promoting drag queens to children in public schools.

When a school invites a drag queen to participate in the education of students the students are no longer being educated, they are being indoctrinated and groomed. It violates a sacred trust between the parents and the schools to bring adult entertainers into a public school and have them engage the children. The school’s place is to educate, not to promote the values of the American Library Association, a political party, or a special interest group.

The Texas Legislature failed to take preemptive action this past session, possibly because for those not watching the neo-morality movement that is targeting our children it would seem very unlikely that educators would even allow drag queens to take part in the classroom environment.

Drag Queen Lynn Adonis Deveaux aka Jerred Bridges was invited by Willis High School to participate in teaching a cosmetology lesson, despite the fact he is not a licensed cosmetologist.

Willis ISD has also waded into a drag queen controversy by inviting a drag queen who goes by the stage name of “Lynn Adonis Deveaux” to participate in a cosmetology lesson. The drag queen, whose real name is Jerred Bridges as reported by Texas Values, is not a licensed cosmetologist and was allowed to apply makeup to the students. The drag queen also shared his social media with the children. The drag queen wore high heels, jeans and a shirt featuring his drag queen alter-ego. The district, the principal and a teacher have all defended this wrong-headed decision to have an adult entertainer participate in the education of youth at the high school. The Facebook post of one Willis ISD teacher only added fuel to the fire when he opined that “Parents shouldn’t have the final say” and that “some of you [parents] don’t know what is best for your kids”. He also referred to the conservative and christian views of the parents as bigoted and archaic.


So far, nobody has been fired over any of these unsettling revelations out of Willis ISD. Are the parents of Willis ISD supposed to just accept this arrogant disrespect of parental authority in matters concerning their own children?

Texas legislators will need to weigh in on the issue of adult entertainers in public school settings. The Attorney General has weighed in before on parental notification and transparency when it comes to curriculum and lessons, he should weigh in on this issue in Texas Schools. What is the material taught when a drag queen comes to class? The parents should have been notified of the drag queen’s legal and stage name so they could research and determine if their child should be introduced to such an individual. The parents haven’t seen the social media of the drag queens. The drag queen that was invited to Willis High School took his social media to private.

You can make calls

Contact information for Willis ISD:
Superintendent Tim Harkrider’s admin assist: 936-856-1216 crodgers@willisisd.org
Willis High School Principal Stephanie Hodgins: shodgins@willisisd.org
Willis ISD Board of Trustees:  carnold@willisisd.org, sapowell@willisisd.org, rsproba@willisisd.org, khoegemeyer@willisisd.org, cliffwilliams@willisisd.org, mbischof@willisisd.org, rbroussard@willisisd.org

Call Willis ISD and let them know that you disapprove of drag queens being part of the educational atmosphere as they are adult entertainers. Demand that the people responsible for this are fired.

Contact Information for Austin ISD:
Blackshear Elementary School – (512) 414-2021 Call and let them know that drag queens are not role models for young children. The librarians should stick to teaching children how to navigate the library to find resources they need rather than carrying out an ideological crusade in the school library. Someone needs to be fired for bringing a drag queen to campus and even after they knew he had a criminal history for prostitution.

Contact information for the Austin Superintendent 512-414-2482

It is not to soon to start engaging the legislators and candidates on the issue of drag queens and adult entertainers participating in programming at the public schools in Texas. We need to take a hard look at who is teaching and working in our schools and if they are fit for educating children. What you do in your personal life does matter when you work with kids , especially when it is on the internet.

Speak up, Stand up, Roar like a MadMommaBear!!!!


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  1. I agree. It’s completely inappropriate. They are obviously planning on indoctrinating our kids so they can help themselves to the ones who are drawn in by it. Sick and twisted perverts.


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