Pushing Transition?

In researching a therapist who is transitioning children, I came across a page that a “doctor” had hosted as a resource for people seeking transition. The website was taken down and all that remains is an archived version seen in the screen shot below.

It seems the decision is made before one even gets into the office to see a therapist that what is needed is transition and the much anticipated transition letter. Not all places require a letter from a therapist or even a minimum number of visits with a therapist. In fact, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s second largest provider of “gender affirming hormone care”, does not require a letter of consent to begin the hormone “therapy” and they do not require a prescription from another doctor.

Planned Parenthood even has instructive videos on how to do the hormone injections. But Planned Parenthood does not merely provide services to people who want to transition, their website indicates they will “fight” and “organize” for them and they “will not rest”. This is what our taxpayer dollars go toward, advancing the transgender movement and its dangerous and deadly “treatments” that separate confused people from healthy body parts and put them on hormone blockers and opposite sex hormones propelling them into a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. No effort is made to affirm the biological gender at any point.

Does it seem like the patients are deciding the diagnosis and treatment before even seeing a “gender specialist” or prescribing doctor? Look at this thread on Reddit from a few years ago. In it, people who identify as being treated with hormone therapy respond to a question asked by a user about how many session with a therapist they had to have prior to getting hormone therapy. Shockingly, many said that they did not need to have any visits with a therapist at all. Instead, many are simply getting the hormone treatment by informed consent. Now a community that is already not getting the mental health screenings and care they should have can simply self-report to a prescribing doctor that they are transgender and they are taken at their word. The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care were such a disgrace to start with that is hard to even fathom it has gotten worse. At least when the standards of “care” were first published they demanded some screening to see that the patient truly presented as transgender. Maybe this change contributes to the climbing rate of people who are getting transition therapy and identifying as transgender. If this is how medicine works we can all stop seeing doctors for a diagnosis and proceed directly to the pharmacy or surgeon. Perhaps this change is what is leading to so many cases of transgender regret. With Rapid Onset Gender Dsyphoria on the rise there really needs to be a serious, open, and rigorous debate about transgender treatment, especially when it comes to children.

“It’s so Gay, and it’s Okay” by Dr. Wallace Wong- Wallace encourages children to say they are suicidal to start transition treatment.

Who does Dr. Wong remind me of?

Dr. Wong is the Grinch but he is stealing something much more priceless than presents.

Recently, a “gender therapist” admitted to coaching children to say they are suicidal in order to begin transgender “treatments”. The therapist noted his youngest patient is not yet even three-years-old. He has over 500 foster kids in his practice. Questions have been raised about the transition of children in foster care. There is a need for an investigation into transitioning children in the foster care system. These children have nobody advocating for them except for the professionals who seem driven to push children into transition which has lifelong consequences.

It seems like it would be prudent, whether we are talking about children or adults, to take a full history on a patient to look for causes that may contributed to the dysphoria or other mental health issues that should be treated prior to seeking transition as the dysphoria could resolve if these issues are sorted out in therapy and properly treated.

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