UPDATE!!! Creepy Library Director Exposes Anti-Catholic Bigotry by Blaming CatholicVote for Books Being Relocated in the Library

MMB does not know who is relocating books in the Lexington Park MD Library (aka known as the Sneaky Creepy Library) to protect children from inappropriate content, but high fives to them and a great big Mad Momma Bear ROAR too! Apparently, people who are concerned about the disturbing and perverse content in this creepy library have taken matters into their own hands since the library board and the local GOP leaders did nothing to protect children from the grotesque child-grooming librarian and have started relocating sexualized content that promotes sexual deviancy and promiscuity to children to other areas of the library. This is a new approach taken rather than checking the books out and forgetting to return them….forever. While MMB thinks whoever did this is a hero to children, Mr. Creepy McPedoface Library Director thinks this is very bad and he will make sure the culprits have their library privileges removed. MMB is pretty sure that the heroes do not want to hang out in your child sex grooming supervillain lair.

Local News Story About This Sneaky, Creepy Library

The all-Republican St. Mary’s County Commissioners approved a motion 4 to 1 (with Commissioner Hewitt being the only NO vote) in November to reimburse the library above and beyond the amount it initially defunded the library of in response to costs associated with hosting a drag queen story hour event with the most lurid and perverse drag queen imaginable. The approved amount is $1500 more than the commission originally withheld, this was done to funds for security for future events at the library, including drag queen story hours.

One of the commissioners, John O’Connor, said that this money would provide security for events such as Eddie Eagle, Second Amendment group meetings, or Drag Queen Story Hour. This is a completely ludicrous statement because the only events requiring security are the ones including the perverted adult entertainers and the raunchy “Teens Only Sex Ed Workshop” which are both hosted by the Southern Maryland Area Secular Humanists (SMASH) and include facilitators such as this Slutwalk keynote speaker for events such as Teens Only Sex Talk and the perverse drag queen, Stormy Vain. Commissioner Hewitt, who was originally against withholding funding from the library, pointed out that the library already gets a million dollars above what it takes to maintain the library.

In the meeting, Commissioner Todd Morgan raised his concern that battling a lawsuit with secular humanists and LGBTQ groups which have threatened to sue would not be a “prudent use of taxpayer dollars”. Rather than allocate the “hard-earned taxpayer dollars” to security via the Sheriff’s Department or the Library Department the funds should come from the organizations hosting these events that draw protests at the library until these events can be put down altogether out of consideration for the safety and well-being of the children. The American Library Association Advises that organizers may be responsible for their own security costs. This is the approach that Commissioner Todd Morgan seemed to allude to in his comments prior to supporting the motion. One could argue that protecting children from perverse child grooming gangs that the librarian and library board have allowed running programs for children at the library is a prudent use of taxpayer dollars. The definition of “prudent” is “acting with thought or care for the future”. What is more important than protecting children who are our future?

It is worth mentioning that this same group of GOP commissioners also voted down an increase in pay for sheriff’s deputies in a split decision recently. The increase would have brought pay in line with other area law enforcement agencies. A $3 million deficit was blamed, but the same commission funded a new $17 million library. If community use policies are not changed, the new library will also be used to corrupt the young minds of children and groom them to accept all forms of adult sexual deviance.

The commission seems to have cowered to bullying by radical secular humanists and LGBTQ organizations whose rights are not limited in any way by requiring them to pay for their own security when they have an event that will require peace officers to be present. There are many places these groups might choose to have an event but they choose the public library leaving the burden of security to fall on taxpayers. The argument from the GOP commissioners and the secular humanist group is that “free speech” must be protected. What exactly is being defended in the name of “free speech”?

Most recently, the Lexington Park Library hosted a drag queen story hour and Drag Queen workshop for teens and tweens this summer. St. Mary’s County residents inquired about the drag queens who would be entertaining kids at the events at the library but the library staff and the Southern Maryland Area Secular Humanists refused to release any details about the drag queens. After the event, however, the drag queens posted pictures of themselves on their social media at the library and the local paper also released the stage names in their coverage of the drag queen story hour. The drag queen who goes by the stage name of “Stormy Vain” withheld his legal name. This concerned a local parent who reached out to MassResistance.org for help. From there she was put in touch with Tracy Shannon who has led research for Drag Queen Story Hour programs and disclosed the sex offenders in the Houston Public Library’s drag queen story hour program.

Stormy Vain, right, at Lexington Park Public Library

What Shannon discovered was shocking. Stormy Vain, aka Todd Musick, one of the drag queens who was part of the drag queen programming at the creepy library this June runs several lurid and pornographic sexual-oriented businesses under the banner of “Eroticasy”. Musick, who is a drag queen performer, rents out men as male escorts, nude haircuts, nude maid service, nude maintenance services, one-on-one sessions, x-rated candies, sex toys and “much much more” as reported by MassResistance.org this summer. These businesses were no secret. It took less than a minute to find out the drag queen’s real name and locate his social media where he was advertising all his kinky services. A look at his social media reveals (Graphic Content WARNING) he is immersed in kink, erotica, fetishism, porn, and is at the very least supportive of prostitution. St. Mary’s county mother, Georgia Kijesky, who has been warning the commissioners about the programs at the library for over 2.5 years presented Shannon’s finding to the commissioners in June 2019. Georgia gave the commissioners a health rebuke at the county commissioners’ meeting.

Meet Stormy Vain, XXX-rated Sexually Oriented Business Entrepreneur and Drag Queen Entertainer
Stormy Vain’s business ad

Here are some images from Stormy Vain’s social media before he made it private. Stormy Vain made is social media private right after MassResistance exposed his lurid sexual businesses and affinity for spanking butts and watching porn.

Stormy Vain advertises his Fetish Sessions for spankings, restraints, violet wand and role play and “more”.
Stormy Vain pushing for purchases of a dildo fashioned after his favorite porn star.
Stormy Vain, the drag queen who was part of children’s programming, asking for penis pics online
Stormy promotes one of his go-go boys and nude male housekeepers who is “ready, willing and able” Picture is from Stormy’s Twitter but the edit to block nudity is by MMB.
There was more than one image of male frontal nudity on Stormy’s Twitter page, the penis was covered by MMB for this blog posting.
“Public Sex is so fun!!!” , It is also so illegal.
The Drag Queen the Lexington Park Library allowed to be held out as a role model for kids loves ’70’s porn.
A most disgusting picture posted on Stormy Vain’s Twitter by Stormy promoting one of “his boys”. Censored by MMB, the photo originally showed the Tryst Male Escort’s anus.
Porn-saturated drag queen Stormy Vain asks the porn star for his frontal nude picture to be autographed and printed in 8 x 10 for his own personal enjoyment. Penis censored by MMB…full frontal nudity was on Storm’s Twitter.
Stormy Vain posts a lot about prostitution, escorts, fetish, sex, fantasy, role playing, and hookers.
Stormy likes to post about his ranch where he has “chickens”. Image taken from expose’ by MassResistance.org
Whatever you do, don’t shake hands with Stormy on a Monday! Good thing Drag Queen Story Hour was on Sunday!
Wonder what was going through Stormy Vain’s mind as he entertained all the children at Lexington Park Library?
Stormy Vain thinks about paddles, spankings, and restraints a lot, it seems.
Stormy Vain has an interesting collection hanging on a wall of his house.
Stormy Vain asks for “ass shots” on Twitter

While the drag queen story hour and drag makeup class involving such a perverted drag queen at this creepy library was enough to make grown men blush it hasn’t been enough to result in any action to prevent future grooming of children by perverts. The library board is in charge of the library policies and apparently allowing children access to perversion and perverts access to children is within the vision the library board has for the library. This, however, is not what most taxpayers have in mind when they spend millions of dollars on public libraries. As Georgia Kijesky pointed out in her remarks to the county commissioners, the public did not elect the American Library Association and its values to represent St. Mary’s County and do not endorse its policies to advance perversion to children in the name of free speech in their tax payer funded library.

There has been disagreement over how and why policy changes have not taken place. It would make sense for the library board to at least put policy in place requiring the hosts of programs pay for the security costs if they are estimated to go over the average costs of security for regularly held events at the library. It would also make sense to investigate how these programs came to be at the library. Did someone at the library pursue this on their own? There is reason to suspect that one librarian may have been behind orchestrating the drag queen story hour.

Lexington Park Librarian, Tess Goldwater, wrote a blog entry for the American Library Association describing how to be a “secret librarian advocate operative” and sneak LGBTQ content into children’s programming. Her name was subsequently removed from the blog post after it was exposed but the article remains and below is a screenshot of the article before it was changed. Tess Goldwater has yet to be fired and even received a promotion since admitting in this blog post that she betrayed the sacred trust of parents in the community by sneaking LGBTQ content into children’s programming.

No changes have taken place, nobody has stepped to the plate to protect the children of this small town from the sexual indoctrination. It isn’t as if it isn’t blatantly obvious. The same library hosted another sexually explicit Teens Only Sex Ed Talk conducted by a sex work advocate and Slutwalk keynote speaker who describes herself as a pole dancer, sex geek, and lesbian. She also was promoting her sex toy business at the time. Initially, when the class was canceled due to public outcry, she filmed her sex ed talk and posted it online. In it she states, “the anus is where fingers and penises potentially go in”. She also stated that “bunches” of lube would be distributed and recommends water based lube for anal and sex toy play according to this newsletter. Local mother, Georgia Kijesky, investigated the libraries and the “sex educator” and found that safe sex kits were distributed to youth as young as 12 years old at the events. The mother was also shocked to learn that the sex educator advocates for legalization of prostitution and encourages parents to “enable their children’s transgender inclinations” as mentioned in this LifeSite News article.

Security was required to keep the peace between protesters and supporters at this perverse event for children who weren’t even the age of consent. Security costs for hyper-sexual, inappropriate programs at the library seem to be a priority that the commissioners are willing to devote money to while they aren’t as committed to preventing loss of deputies due to lack of pay parity. They do, however, make sure that money is provided to arrest those who want to protect children and warn of child grooming in the public library.

If that is not enough to warrant a change of policy at the library to protect children or at least ban outside groups from using the community room then I don’t know what is. The least the library board could do for now is to make these perverts pay for their own security. The residents of St. Mary’s County should show up by the hundreds to protest these events. But that is not all the sneaky, creepy library has done to earn the label of “sneaky, creepy library”.

This library lured children to look at sexually explicit books during one of its annual “banned book weeks”. Not only are the books not banned, they are available to check out in the library and to buy at most any retailer in the country carrying books. The “banned” books are merely books that someone, usually a parent, has made a complaint about being placed in the children’s section or in displays that attract children to books which many parents would object to. One such book is the “Little Black Book for Girlz” which the sneaky, creepy library hid under a bag with a note saying “Do Not Read, lift to see the banned book, you rebel you”.

How the Sneaky, Creepy Lexington Park Library lures kids to read sexually explicit books.
The book explains how to give a blow job, and how to give oral sex to a girl. This is a girl’s book.
The book also explains to girls other sexual activities to do other than intercourse, including 69, hand jobbing, fingering, phone sex, cyber sex, and oral sex.
The book promoted to youth at the library discusses masturbation with dildos.
A graphic in the book the library is luring kids to read, this book is for girls.
This is another audio book that was on the “banned book display”. “Two Boys Kissing”

If you think there is some kind of agenda to sexually groom children at this public library then you are not the only one who is concerned. Several parents have spoken out to the local government about this library but nothing has happened. One reported problem is that the elected officials do not have any authority over the library board, it is the only board out of 36 boards that the elected officials do not have direct control over. That problem was to be rectified during the last legislative session when a delegation went to the legislature to support HB 136 which would have corrected this oversight. A St. Mary’s County delegation gutted the bill which would have given power to the county commissioners to appoint library board trustees. Currently the county has a body that is not held accountable and doesn’t hold the library director or the librarians responsible for the child sex grooming going on at the library.

Maryland Attorney General, Brian Frosh, chimed in on the issue when the county commissioners reallocated money from the library to the Sheriff’s Department. Money is fungible, either way the taxpayer is the one paying while children get groomed. The letter from the attorney general was full of American Library Association language about free speech. So, let’s be clear, the Attorney General of Maryland defends child sex grooming taking place at libraries as “free speech”. The AG made no mention of the perverted, hypersexual, porn-saturated, drag queen and how inappropriate it is to have a drag queen adult entertainer who runs such a sexually explicit sexually oriented business as a role model at the library. The AG did not mention that the library should do due diligence, like check the background and social media of volunteers or paid entertainers that will be engaging children in programming at a taxpayer funded library. What he didn’t say speaks volumes above what he did say.

There is a lack of moral courage and clarity on the matter of drag queen story hours and other programming that is inappropriate for children. Where are the men who will stand up and protect children because that is our highest priority. If it results in a lawsuit, that is a battle worth having. The case of free speech verses decency with minor children is a case that needs to be hashed out in the state legislatures and in the courts. The founders never would have envisioned that we would have lost our social moorings to such a degree that we have the grooming of children being defended under the banner of free speech. This is not merely a matter of opinion, or whether or not a program or book or speaker is controversial…we don’t limit speech that we simply do not agree with and that is fully understood that the first amendment is about protecting unpopular views. This is about protecting children and what is acceptable programming for children. We don’t market alcohol, tobacco or porn to children. Those things are off limits to children. Why are we marketing sex to minors who are below the age of consent? Most cities have ordinances keeping adult venues so many meters from a school, church or daycare. Why are we then allowing adult entertainers to sashay into the library under their stage names and entertain children?

The most common defense of drag queen programs for children is that it gives children queer role models. You cannot call yourself an ally of LGBTQ children while holding out as a role model for them an adult entertainer. Is this how poorly the “allies” think of the LGBTQ youth, if so that is an insult to the many bright, studious and industrious youth who happen to face confusion over some aspect of their identity.

The citizens of St. Mary’s County must demand change in their town or they will continue to fund this multi-million dollar sexual grooming of children in taxpayer funded libraries in their county. It is a gross abuse of public trust that the library has been able to continually have programs of such a graphic sexual nature, sneak LGBTQ and sexual content to youth and not be held accountable for it.


Email the St. Mary’s Library Board of Trustees: smclboard@stmalib.org

Email the county commissioners: Diane.Gleissner@stmarysmd.com

Tweet the county commissioners: @StMarysCoGov

Facebook for St. Mary’s County Commissioners: https://www.facebook.com/StMarysCountyGovernment

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