Signs of LGBTQ Domination in Texas Schools?

Austin, Texas – In a series of several events that makes the district’s schools appear to be LGBTQ Indoctrination centers, Austin ISD passed a sex education curriculum in October of last year that follows the Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) model of beginning sexuality education as young as Kindergarten and teaching children as young as an elementary school about sexual orientations and gender identities of which the sex perverts who push CSE contend are infinite in number. Parents were shocked to learn the district had pride flags flying from flag poles at the district headquarters and some of the school campuses. There was even a “pride flag raising ceremony” at the district headquarters which was attended by members of the radical LGBTQ and CSE activists hellbent on imposing the new sexual orthodoxy. If you think that is an exaggeration then just look at this post made on the website for the Informed Parents of Austin which expresses its desire that Austin ISD “enforce” district-wide Pride Week Celebrations.

Screenshot of Informed Parents of Austin’s webpage.

The above photo was taken at the “Pride Flag Raising Ceremony” at Austin ISD headquarters. You can see Mr. Roger Grape, Blackshear Elementary “Guybrarian” that MassResistance exposed as a BDSM leather, kink, fetishists that invited a the drag queen with perverse social media and a record for prostitution to entertain kids at Austin ISD’s Blackshear Elementary school during pride week. The event went on without giving parents all the details surrounding the storytime. Below the picture above the Informed Parents of Austin expressed concerns about the past lack of enforcement of district-wide pride week. The district sent out a press release detailing its commitment to the pride week planned for Oct 5-11 of 2019. The texts of that press release is below.

Note that the district does not say participation in Pride Week by the campuses is optional, this implies it is to be celebrated at all campuses as the district is committed to a “safe, supportive, inclusive” environment.
Here the anti-Christian activists of Informed Parents of Austin raise the pride flag. As you can see from the screenshot of their page, the organizations believe that churches that follow God’s plan for sex and marriage are “antiLGBTQ organizations”.

One of the activists with Informed Parents of Austin, Matt Shead who is an open homosexual has been advocating for sex-ed curriculum to include different types of families and gender identity. He was quoted in this Austin Statesman story. The paragraph in which he is quoted is below:

From Austin Statesman

Matthew Shead posted the following message on his Facebook page in October of 2018 shaming an elementary school that did not participate in the Austin ISD Pride Week.

From Matthew Shead’s Facebook page

The activist organization, Informed Parents of Austin, has coerced the school board into pushing the Pride Week celebrations in the schools. Their post on Facebook shows their frustration that some schools ignored or canceled the pride week celebrations the year prior. In another post on the leader of the group’s page, she lamented the fact that her children’s own schools had not participated in subsequent years. It seems that this organization and its leader won’t be happy unless they have full compliance and all schools celebrate LGBTQ Pride week. #HeilLGBTQ Everyone must bow down to the new sexual orthodoxy.

Informed Parents of Austin put pressure on the school board to help gain participation in Pride Week.

The anti-Christian organization, Informed Parents of Austin, was angry that the school district rented the district’s performing arts center to a local church for worship services on Sundays. The church was protested on a weekly basis by noisy and obscene activists (including men dressed in drag) simply because it included a statement of faith that included God’s design for marriage being one man and one woman. This earned the church the ire of the local LGBTQ community. The activists were promised by Superintendent Cruz that the district would use the money raised in rental revenue from the church to fund “inclusion and equality programs” at Austin ISD. The activists estimate that the district raised $240K in revenue renting the space to the church and are expecting the district to financial commitment (or LGBTQ= Jizya) to be paid in form of more brain-washing, social engineering, and child grooming programs in the district. For the activists coercing the district (they really didn’t have to twist arms too hard) to celebrate LGBTQ Pride, there is no tolerating the worldviews or religious convictions of those who refuse to redefine marriage to fit the new sexual orthodoxy. Just another example of how the SCOTUS decision to mandate homosexual marriage as legitimate and legally recognized is being weaponized to harm people of faith and erode their first amendment rights.

In the district’s press release the district said its LGBTQ+ Affinity Group would coordinate a district-wide event at the Performing Arts Center.

The LGBTQ+ Affinity Group Event for the District. A participant wears a “teach consent” shirt. Why are people who are entirely too young to even legally consent being taught to consent.
Goody bags with pronoun stickers on tables at the Austin ISD’s LGBTQ+ Affinity Group District Event
Pride Art Gallery was on display at the district-wide event put on by AISD’s LGBTQ+ Affinity Group

So, what is the Austin ISD LGBTQ+ Affinity Group? MadMommaBear didn’t find any mention of them on the Austin ISD Website, but they are mentioned on the district’s Twitter account.

Austin ISD’s LGBTQ Affinity Group

Austin ISD does not have a page on its website dedicated to this LGBTQ+ Affinity Group but it does have several pages devoted to Respect for All which only includes one identity group on its page. Yep, you guessed it, the LGBTQ. Under the tab for resources, they do have an LGBTQ+ page that has definitions for the following terms: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning. They also promote a few resources including GLAAD. There is also a procedure for name changes on the site so that students can have their name and even their gender changed on campus and on-campus publications. How this LGBTQ+ Affinity Group was selected and what its official purpose is for the district is still a mystery but they appear to serve as organizers for the Austin ISD Pride Week celebrations. In that case, I look forward to seeing the Austin ISD MAGA Rally Group being selected very soon.

A coalition has formed in the Austin area of local parent groups opposed to the CSE and district-wide pride events. They handed out some flyers to inform parents of the upcoming sex ed lessons and ask them to participate in sex ed sit out when the lessons were to occur in May (due to the Coronavirus children are not in school). The activists with Informed Parents of Austin were not happy and posted the flyer on their page referring to it as “hateful” and “homophobic”.

Informed Parents of Austin is “disgusted” by the “hateful” and “homophobic” flyer.

The only thing funnier than these activists for child sex grooming being “disgusted” by the flyer which accurately portrays the CSE lessons is the comment section on the post. One parent asked “Aren’t parents able to opt their kid out? What is their point?” What is the point of the CSE pushers? Can’t they simply sexually indoctrinate their own kids since they are such sex experts on what kids should know? Will they have a problem with a MassResistance Student group organizing at their school? What about a Students for Trump/Pence Club? Will the students be safe on campus and affirmed when they wear MAGA hats or pins? Will there be a week of validating their socio-political views? Another asked, “Should they be taught how to change diapers and apply for entitlements?” Maybe a better question is should the students learning anal, oral, fisting, BDSM, and all about homosexual sex learn all about how to administer Prep (HIV suppressing drug) and how to best treat Herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, and how to get the most tips as a go-go dancer or drag queen at a gay bar? Or maybe they should also learn about anal rejuvenation procedures along with their course in CSE?

What did Pride week for Austin ISD look like?

Cunningham Elementary School
Guerro Thompson Elementary School
Austin Early College High School – “Hate Free Zone” ? Ask the people promoting the district-wide pride week how they feel about President Trump or about Churches that adhere to the biblical definition of marriage.

MadMommaBear looked at reviews for a few of these titles and in just a few minutes found that the books promoted for reading during pride week include gender fluidity, gay sex scenes, masturbation, and abortion. Is this what diversity and inclusion look like?

Brentwood Elementary School- the slogans are titles of LGBTQ children’s books.
LGBTQ Leaders Tribute on the wall of Brentwood Elementary School which features Harvey MILK a pederast who by his own close friend and biographer’s account had a thing for young waifs with substance abuse problems.

Why didn’t Brentwood Staff choose this picture of Harvey Milk?
Brentwood Elementary went all OUT for Pride Week!
Casis Elementary School
Cunningham Elementary School
Cunningham Elementary School – Note the have the transgender “woman” who took a woman’s rightful place as Miss Universe Spain, not sure how that counts as progress.
Dawson Elementary
Gorzycki Middle School
Harris Elementary School
Lee Elementary School
Navarro Early College High School
Padron Elementary School
Patton Elementary School
Patton Elementary School
Zilker Elementary School

There is a good LGBTQ Nazi joke in here somewhere, but I am not in the mood for laughing.

You get the point. If you went to some of these schools during pride week you might have thought you were slipped some LSD in your morning coffee. The schools that did not participate in pride week, however few they may have been, were inundated with moms wearing rainbow gear and pride paraphernalia at drop off and pick up at the urging of the Informed Parents of Austin leader, Susanne Kerns.

The leader of Informed Parents of Austin shows her eagerness to promote LGBTQ to children even in schools where there was no participation in Pride Week.

Mrs. Kerns was frustrated last year when her daughter’s school didn’t bow to the new sexual orthodoxy due to parents’ concerns. But that doesn’t matter to Mrs. Kerns, she has her own concerns about the horrible statistics related to the LGBTQ populations. Perhaps those should be addressed by encouraging people to live healthy and wholesome lives that value their bodies rather than loathe or abuse them? Maybe the community needs to take the approach of addressing the statistics which originate from within their community more than from without. The indoctrination campaign is not changing the stats simply because how others think about homosexuality or transgenderism isn’t the real problem.

Mrs. Kerns’s post expressed her frustration that some schools did not participate. Parents with values that conflict with hers be damned, I guess.
I am shocked that a feminist promotes the erasure of women by pushing the trans narrative onto youth. Nothing else about this Halloween “costume” shocks me.

Austin ISD posted a video of their participation in Pride parade 2018.

Celebration Church was protested for a year by a group of LGBTQ activists who referred to themselves as the “Antifa Church” because of a portion of their statement of faith. The Antifa Church is a particularly vile group of individuals that spew hate at Christians. Here is their Facebook page. Below is the portion of the church’s statement that they disagreed with and which inspired them to harass church members for a year until the church completed a new building in the area.

Local news coverage of the protest is here.

The leader of the Informed Parents of Austin group praised the work of these activists.

Candace Aylor, Sabrina Travis, and Naomi Jeansea Wilson

So, the Informed Parents of Austin aren’t for bullying but a year of bullying Christians is okay, got it. One of these activists was arrested at an Austin ISD board meeting for screaming in the face of an elderly woman who had given remarks to the board. Apparently, the remarks triggered the “transwoman” who lost all ability to act like a lady and intimidated the elderly woman who was taken away by ambulance because she was so traumatized. The leader of Informed Parents of Austin posted online that the transwoman of color was arrested for “speaking louder” than the LGBTQ hate group that was holding a press conference. Wrong! The arrest was for trespassing due to the prior act of intimidation at a previous board meeting where the activist, Naomi Wilson (formerly Jonathan G. Wilson) got in the face of two people who were commenting against the CSE program. Naomi was not arrested for “speaking louder”. Susanne needs to define “hate group” and there was no racism involved. MadMommaBear has a video archived of this activist threatening someone at another protest.

Naomi Wilson was arrested.

Austin ISD parents and parents with common sense and decency to protect children from perverse, sexual indoctrination and grooming need to step it up. Don’t let the LGBTQ intimidation mafia silence you. Do you think the LGBTQ mob is going to be more polite in the future? That has not been the trajectory. Time to organize and oppose the radical agenda in Texas Public Schools. If you have not already joined, go to their website and sign up for the emails. MassResistance will be taking the LGBTQ agenda head-on in Texas. No more drag queens at libraries and public schools, no coercing students to celebrate LGBTQ debauchery in public schools, and no CSE.

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