Family-Friendly and Child-Friendly Drag?

At the center of the debate over drag queen story hour, drag brunches with children and drag shows with and for children is whether or not drag can be family-friendly or child-friendly. The proponents of drag queen story hour contend that drag queen story hour is a fun time of dress-up with children’s stories. Those who oppose drag queen story hours point to the fact that these are adult entertainers and the children’s stories often include adult themes of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Let’s leave aside for a moment the debate about “representation” of LGBTQ in children’s stories and the inappropriateness of introducing concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity to young and impressionable youth and focus on the fact that drag queens are adult entertainers and why what is being marketed as kid-friendly and family-friendly really isn’t.

The children go to the drag queen story hour with a parent and see a drag queen that in the best of circumstances is dressed in a gown, giant wig and gaudy jewelry and makeup. Other times they may have a beard or short dress. We are expected to accept that drag and drag queens are acceptable for children because they can “scale it” for their audiences. But are parents who aren’t familiar with the drag scene, go-go boys, and the after dark happenings at gay bars victims of false-advertising or is this a clever way to market drag to children and their parents. Sure, some parents who take their children to drag brunches, drag queen story hours and drag fests are LGBTQ or they are have children who “identify” as LGBTQ. Not sure why anyone wants drag queens to represent to children what the LGBT community is…seems like selling kids short and not putting the best possible examples forward. It really makes one wonder about the motives of the people behind all of this drag for kids and the adults who facilitate it.

MadMommaBear decided to have a look at a few of the drag queens that came up on her radar in recent months to see how drag queen story hour and drag is marketed to parents vs what drag really is. This blog entry will look at just one drag queen and more will be featured as representative samples of drag culture and why it isn’t for children.

What Parents Saw in One Ad for a Drag Brunch:

An announcement on an events for mothers and kids page for a drag queen story hour and brunch.

How the Drag Brunch is Promoted on Facebook

The drag queen picture with the belt across his chest is not used in publications that were for parents. But in other publications it is. Had a parent with no real experience with drag seen this may have second thoughts.

What Parents and Children See at DQSH:

Museume of Contemporary Arts Drag Queen Story Hour/Brunch with Lucy Stoole and Muffy Fishbasket

Who Are These Drag Queens Really?

A look at the social media of the drag queens that perform at these “child-friendly” events reveals what is really being marketed to children, and that is drag culture. You simply cannot separate the two.

Lucy Stoole getting ready to blow out his birthday “cakes”.
Lucy as “Mother of the Whore House”.
Perverted post about Jolly Saint Dick by Lucy Stoole.
Parents taking their children to a kid friendly drag event probably don’t know what a “pig” is.

Here is the kid-friendly drag queen smoking a blunt in a video he posted online in which he is wearing a marijuana print dress.
Lucy makes a suggestive post about his transman friend.
Deep Dish Pizza Party w Bae.

This “bae” also posted the ad for Deep Dish night. Looking at the social media of his “bae”, transwoman Viktor Belmont, it didn’t take long to find he promotes his pornographic “Fansonly” page on his social media featuring transporn. MadMomma Bear is not sure why social media sites do not take this stuff down immediately, they sure regulate “fake news” they don’t like. It is not unlikely that a child who has met Lucy Stoole at a drag event might wonder onto his social media and ultimately find porn as well since this person’s pornographic account is linked on Lucy Stoole’s page on Twitter.

Lucy Stoole also describes himself as a “fat hairy p*ss drinking goblin” on Twitter.

Lucy Stoole also sells sex toys! And he promotes them on his social media, including tweeting posts of them being used!!!!

Clicking on the tweet would reveal the images which were extremely graphic (not shown here).

The GSA (Gay, Straight Alliance) club at this high school had drag queen Lucy Stoole as a guest. What a role model.

GSA Lindblom High School – Chicago

Lucy Stoole was at Austin International Drag Festival in 2019, he was interviewed about what he hoped to see there…kids, he hoped to see kids at the drag festival. And they tell us there is no agenda.

Lucy Stoole interview at drag festival.

Drag queens are not for kids. Hopefully, more parents wake up from their politically correct slumber and realize that children need safeguarding. If you want to help push back against the neomorality movement encroaching on children, join the efforts of and MadMommaBear. The reason for this blog is to educate parents and grandparents of the need to protect children from what is being marketed to them. To do that, we must demand that government does not promote or endorse events that promote adult entertainment or adult sexuality to children.

The Drag Queen International Festival featured in this short video has received grant money from the City of Austin and the Museum of Contempory Arts in Chicago also receives support from government (read taxpayers). Should taxpayers be supporting child grooming?

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