UPDATE! City of Austin Councilmember’s Office Obsessed with Drag Queens!

Austin, TX – The drag queen story hour which was exposed by MassResistance.org has been allowed by the City to continue sexually grooming and indoctrinating children. While no drag queen story hours appeared to be going on in the city with the libraries having none scheduled in several months, the city merely relocated the event to the Dougherty Arts Center. The art center is closed indefinitely due to the local orders relating to COVID19, but the center had been hosting drag queen story hour with Kitty Litter ATX from at least February of this year and had story times planned in March and April.

Miss Kitty Litter ATX picture was posted on the art center’s instagram page for the Valentine’s Day Drag Queen Story Hour they held.
Here is the City of Austin’s favorite drag queen role model for children in his drag environment.

MassResistance released this expose on the drag queen in August of 2019 when residents of Austin joined MassResistance Texas State Director in a press conference calling for an end of the drag queen story time child grooming hour. Included in the expose were the disgusting and perverse images from Miss Kitty Litter’s social media, the porn he was following publicly on his social media page, and his mockery of the Virgin Mary and the Christian faith. Austin “prides” itself on being diverse, but does diversity and inclusion include Christians? If this drag queen had mocked Islam would the drag queen still be invited to do drag programs by the city?

Drag Culture frequently mocks Catholicism and Christianity, Kitty Litter was part of this show “Bad Habits”

Miss Kitty Litter mocks the Virgin Mary in a social media post.

The City of Austin hasn’t just continued the drag queen story hour programming at another location, they doubled down on their support and promotion of drag queens. First, the LGBTQ Quality of Life Commission voted to pass a resolution to support and expand drag queen story hour in Austin.

Below is the audio recording of Commissioner Saul Gonzalez reading his recommendation to continue the drag queen story hour along with the response from MassResistance Texas.

The Assistant Director of Theater and Events at the Dougherty Arts Center in Austin contacted openly homosexual Councilman Flannigan’s office about drag queen story hour. MadMommaBear does not yet have that email but can show you the email response from Flannigan’s office which says their office has been monitoring drag queen story hour closely. What is Councilman Flannigan’s obsession with drag queens and kids?

Email message from Councilman Flannigan’s office from Lizzy Carol to DAC Assist Theater and Events Producer, Jefferson Lykins.
Jefferson Lykins (Theater and Events Producer for DAC) appears to have a “partner” as well as leather gear, although it is Halloween in this picture he posted with the leather gear.

All of the people in these emails that are interested in bringing drag queens to various venues and events seem to have something in common. Can you discern what it is?

Drag Queens seem to be pretty special to the City of Austin. So, special in fact that the City has spent over $67,500 promoting drag in the city by giving grants to the Austin International Drag Festival.

Screenshot from City of Austin Finance Online Checkbook

A Freedom of Information Act Request has been filed in relation to these expenses. MadMommaBear is awaiting a response. Just so we are clear, Drag Queen Story Hour in Austin was hosted at the library by Austin International Drag Festival from which the following picture emerged:

Austin International Drag Festival Features “drag kids” and Adults in drag.

One has to wonder why the City of Austin would continue to sponsor an organization that clearly does not have the best interest of children at heart and is not safeguarding them. The picture that is shown above (I apologize but the readers must see the true horror of it all) should never have been allowed to take place. This represents gross lack of boundaries in the drag community that participates in this event.

This is the Founder (who recently stepped down) of Austin International Drag Festival in his pup leather gear.
The recently departed founder of Austin International Drag Festival with Miss Kitty Litter ATX
Posted on the International Drag Foundation’s Twitter. This is who is hosting events for and with kids.

One would think this would be enough for the City to stop funding this organization. Maybe they just do not know that drag culture is full of kink, erotica, and adult sexual innuendos and imagery. Nah, that isn’t it.

Is Austin International Drag Fest trying to gaslight us? Yes, it is about sexualizing children and grooming them.
Drag Fest International promotes a “baby queen” on its page. This is a predator’s delight.

The City of Austin supports the Austin International Drag Festival with a grant for cultural arts community development funding. The taxpayers should not be on the hook for grooming the next generation of drag queens and it should not be promoting drag at all.

The drag festival is not the only drag event that the City of Austin spends taxpayer money on. They also financially support the Great Austin Wig Out which is a drag show that includes children according to the promotion that was posted online.

And yet another drag event that is put on by the Conservancy which is in partnership with the City of Austin. This event includes a drag queen story hour and drag performances and it for “all ages”. The City of Austin sure is into grooming young children. No surprise that openly homosexual councilman Jimmy Flannigan was a panelist at this event.

It also appears from some emails obtained through FOIA requests of an Austin resident that Councilman Flannigan’s office paid $100 honorarium to the drag queen Kitty Litter ATX for a drag queen story hour for city employees.

Letter from City Manager, Spencer Cronk, inviting all city employees to National Day of Coming Out Lunch with drag queen story hour.

It appears that Miss Kitty Litter was paid $100 honorarium to share his love of literature with employees of the City of Austin, most likely for the drag queen story time performance planned for the October 8th Coming Out Day lunch which Austin has been hosting annually. Ginger Jacinic, who was included in the email chain, is an openly lesbian employee of Austin Energy and her wife also works for the city. Sylba Everett, Chief Administrative Officer in Human Resources for the city was also included and appears to have contributed to the bio of Kitty Litter. Lizzy Carol, who is also know for her karaoke alter ego “Lizzy Caroloke” host of “Austin’s Queerest Karaoke Night” entertains at “queer dive bars” in Austin at night but during the day she is the Executive Assistant to openly homosexual councilman, Jimmy Flannigan, who infamously flamed out when drag queen story hour was opposed at a city council meeting last summer.

Ginger Jacinic (right) with her wife.
Lizzy Carol is Jimmy Flannigan’s Executive Assistiant and was part of the email chain about Miss Kitty Litter ATX
Sylba Everette’s picture from Facebook. Sylba works for the City in Human Resources
From Lizzy Carol’s “Lizzy Caroloke” Facebook page. MMB added the stars to cover the exposed nipples that protrude through the “glory holes”.

There seems to be some kind of theme running through the Austin employees, but I cannot quite put my finger on what that maybe. Maybe someone else can figure it out.

The City of Austin seems to be in deep with drag queens. In fact, the Austin Fire Department did a public service announcement about fire safety featuring a drag queen. Jimmy Flannigan’s office was involved in making suggestions for the script of that PSA. The first in a chain of emails is sent from the Austin Fire Department’s media spokesperson to Brion Oaks, who is the Chief Equity Officer for City of Austin. Brion Oaks brings value to the taxpayers by making suggestions of how to make the city less “racist” and “offensive” including renaming streets, buildings and monuments so nobody will be “offended”. The Austin Fire Department’s Fire Marshall was also copied on the email.

Email to city equity officer from Austin FD media dept.
Email from Kate Messer to the Media Spokesperson at the Austin Fire Dept expresses concern that there may be a negative message and they have concerns ‘in light of recent wave of negativity which made it to the local news”). They must be talking about MassResistance Exposing the lewd nature of drag culture.

Another message from the office of Jimmy Flannigan between Flannigan staffers Kate Messer and Frankie Calhoun share suggestions about the public service announcement:

Email from Frankie Lee Calhoun to Kate Messer – Jimmy Flannigan staffers

Ms. Messer was the “Gay Place” column writer for Austin Chronicle before joining Flannigan’s office. She also was a member of the lesbian band “Power Snatch”. In this article she talks about her experience as a “drag king” in which she alludes to wearing chest binder and a packer or “package” (warning explicit language).

KaTex (aka Kate Messer on the right, might be “packing”)
Kate Messer, Communications Director for Jimmy Flannigan’s Office
Kate Messer looks delighted in midst of this drag performance.

Frankie Calhoun, who is also a communications associate for CM Flannigan can be seen in the picture below, the only picture on Frankie’s social media account features a drag queen. Flannigan’s office sure seems to have be full of drag enthusiasts.

You can watch the much discussed drag queen public service announcement below.

The drag queen featured in the PSA is Vylette Ward, a popular Austin drag queen who also did Drag Queen Story Hour for Rainbow on the Creek during Pride month in June, not to be confused with Austin’s Pride Week in August.

Drag queens seem to be all the rage at the City of Austin, but one has to wonder if there is some bigger agenda involved? It just a small sampling of emails from the city there seems to be a rather abnormal representation of LGBTQ+++ individuals and allies represented. One may begin to wonder if sexuality is considered for employment. The city appears to be operating as if it is running a gay cabaret rather than a city. Maybe this is why Austinites find themselves with increasing problems. I wonder what other days in the year the city uses taxpayer resources to have an event for employees with entertainment and lunch? The city of Austin needs to be less focused on drag queen reputations and pushing drag queens onto kids and start focusing on cleaning up its streets, resolving traffic problems and putting down the violence from local communist and socialists organizing groups and the Antifa groups in the area as well as address its rising property values and affordability crisis and the homelessness that plagues the city. Instead, Councilman Flannigan and his staff seem laser focused on all things LGBTQ and especially drag queens.

Action Items:

Call the Dougherty Arts Center and tell them you do not want taxpayer funded facilities or programs having drag queen story hours or any other events that present adult entertainers to children. The number for the DAC is  (512) 974-4000.

Call the library commissioners and let them know you do not support drag queen story hours for children at the library because drag queens are not for kids regardless of how child-friendly they say the drag is, staff can be reached at the numbers below:

  • Sharon Herfurth, Austin Public Library, 512-974-7420
  • Dana McBee, Austin Public Library, 512-974-7433

Call the city manager, Spencer Cronk, tell him that the City of Austin is not a cabaret and should not be run as one. Tell him you expect the drag queen nonsense to stop. Drag queens will no doubt be a part of the community but they do not belong among children and the city has no place promoting drag queens to kids or hiring drag queens for events for the public or for the city employees. The city manager can be reached at: 512-974-2200

MassResistance.org has been battling the drag queen story hours around the country as well as other issues. If you have not joined their organization then go to their website and join to get their newsletter and begin working in your community to stop the pushing of drag culture and LGBTQ+ orthodoxy onto children.

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