Teachers, Engaged in Indoctrination, Worry About Exposure During Virtual Learning

Twitter Post by Matthew Kay

The above post was the beginning of a thread on Twitter in which Mr. Kay, an English teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philidelphia, Pa, expresses his concerns that parents may listen in on the conversations Mr. Kay is an English teacher and is concerned about parents listening in on students’ “honest conversations about gender/sexuality”. Mr. Kay is particularly worried about conservative parents  interfering in the “messy work of destabilizing kids racism/homophobia or transphobia”. Parents that are interested in the discussions and lesson their children are having in class he refers to as “helicopter/snowplow parents”. He says teachers, presumably like himself, have installed a version of “what happens here stays here”? What is this Las Vegas? This sounds really creepy and like groomer talk.

It is scary that Mr. Kay is concerned that parents will overhear conversations grown-ups may have with their children about gender/sexuality. In the post below he ponders how much teachers want parents’ piling on? What does Mr. Kay think about those who don’t find the classroom the appropriate place to have these discussions? In a recent article he says “Sometimes you’ve just gotta step over them”. I wonder if that is what he means to do when discussing race theory and gender ideology with students without parental scrutiny? In his Safe Space YouTube videos Mr. Kay says that announcements that the classroom is a “safe space” and placing “safe space” stickers around the room are not enough, you have to do more, he says. What he means is that you have to have conversations that even he describes as “house conversations”, by that he means conversations usually reserved for close family. Maybe there are good reasons for leaving these conversations to family. For an educator or an educational system to determine it is their place to tackle the conversations of race/equity/transgenderism/homosexuality means they don’t trust that the parents raising the students hold the appropriate views or the ability to open their children’s minds to other points of view.

Why shouldn’t students talk about race at school among their peers with teachers? We always hear from talking heads in media that we need to have a race discussion. We hear this ad naseam. But is anyone asking why this is not a good idea for students? We are living in some highly emotionally charged times due to the media narratives on race and the videos that are played on a loop of officer involved shootings of black men. Is it wise to involve these kids in such emotionally charged topics where one wrong statement may trigger a social media shaming campaign by their schoolmates? Classrooms where a majority opinion is clearly held isn’t going to be a safe space for students no matter how the dialogue is referee-ed. Will all students really be safe to share their view or is the right answer perceived? Note that if you Google “conversations on race in the classroom”, all the articles are on how white people should talk about race, what white teachers should know about race, how white parents can talk about race. There seems to be an implication that black Americans are entitled to their anger and that the white Americans must listen and atone for the sin of whiteness. It is also wrongly implied that all black Americans suffer the same injustices of the past and face the same experiences of a young black male in Chicago’s South Side and that just isn’t the case. The antidote for racism is getting to know people unlike yourself, not conversations shaped by critical race theory or rewriting of American history as we are seeing today.

The teaching in classrooms has been centered on social justice which tells students that certain classes of people (white, Christian, male, heterosexual) have privilege and access while the others do not. The same progressives pushing this theory also say we should not be “othering” minorities while this form of teaching does exactly that. Critical race theory has been trickling into the classrooms but this fall it is hitting the classrooms like a tsunami after the George Floyd death in police custody and ensuing riots seemed to give educators all the reason they need to push the narrative on race. Critical race theory is discussed by Carol M. Swain in this article where she describes it as rooted in Cultural Marxism, pitting white people against black people and creating division. She also says it provides no way out for those born in black skin, and this message of having no sense of self-determination in life creates despondency, anger and frustration in the those among the victim categories of critical race theory. These are just a few reasons the schools should stay out of the race dialogue. As anyone who is not a racist knows, the real antidote to bigotry is to get to know someone who doesn’t look like you or share all the beliefs that you do.

The disturbing attitude displayed in Mr. Kay’s tweets is not that uncommon among educators, unfortunately. There were several other tweets in the thread responding to his original tweet. A Mrs. Rogers, a 6th grade teacher who is teaching at a charter school in St. Paul, MN.

Another educator chimed in to tell Mrs. Rogers how to be sneaky about the process of finding out the pronouns the 6th graders prefer used at home versus around their parents. Mrs. Rogers is worried about who may watch the students fill out this survey, which sounds illegal to me if it is given without parental consent and notification of what they are being surveyed for.

It would be a shame for parents to actually be the ones to have a serious conversation with their own kids about such a serious issue which may lead to a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex, a lifetime of patient-hood, and many health risks and irreversible changes to the body. The shocking disregard for how serious of an issue this is and how it should be addressed with the adults who are raising these students is astonishing.

A review of this book said it helps white people who insist racism is not systemic that it is.

Mrs. Roger’s virtual classroom is looking pretty creepy with the pronoun grooming and pretty hostile to white kids who probably haven’t quite figured out they are blossoming young racists raised by white supremacist parents.

I wonder what Mrs. Rogers will ask the 6th graders to do on Columbus Day, Thanksgiving holidays, and other “colonial holidays” she deems appropriate days for making reparations to a victim class? Her classroom sure will be a drag for any white students who are being raised by parents who love their country or maybe even have served their country.

Mrs. Rogers thinks mature content is okay for children?

The book she ordered above is a revisionist history book that is written by an author committed to social justice. One review said this book leaves no doubt as to the violent intentions of the colonizers and American presidents and the Booklist reviewer said “the resistance continues, this book urges all readers to consider their roles as either bystanders or upstanders”. So, this book is pushing social justice as well. I wonder how Mrs. Rogers interest in social justice will impact her 6th grade classroom.

Will Mrs. Rogers be discussing George Floyd with her 6th graders? If so, will she mention the high amount and the number of drugs found in his system and the two autopsy reports revealing no damage to his airways? Will she mention his violent past of holding a gun to pregnant woman’s belly as he robbed her? How will she frame this event that set off riots, vandalism, crime sprees across the nation? Will she portray law enforcement as another systemically racist institution?

You don’t have to guess how she would discuss law enforcement. Her social media, which she has now hidden, makes it clear.

Here is a link to a similar event.

At least the creators of the event realize that white liberal schools are the most racist. Anti-racist is not merely the opposite of racist, it is a political movement, much of which is militant. The movement is global and has become violent around the world. The word “anti-racist” predates the use of “antifacist” or “antifa” and is the origin of the modern day anarchoterrorist group, Antifa. It is scary that such radical think is making its way into public schools by way of teachers.

Mrs. Rogers thinks we should learn to make an effort to learn and use preferred pronouns. There are currently at least 31 genders, meaning 29 made up genders and 2 biological sexes. No, we should not make children learn these genders and use them. We should respect biological reality over fantasy in educational settings. We should also be mindful that students may have a Christian or biological worldview which is even more valid than a made up or even temporary gender which may be “fluid” and changing any minute.

How concerned should parents of 6th grade students in Mrs. Rogers’ class be about her teaching science?

Mrs. Rogers seems to be indoctrinated in the gender ideology. I wonder if her survey is a segway into what she will impart to students relating to gender identity/sexuality? She wasn’t sure about trusting who might see those surveys. I wonder how parents would feel about trusting Mrs. Radical Rogers with their children all year for social and political grooming.

Does Mrs. Rogers think that looting, vandalism, violence is “social justice”?
This is what Mrs. Rogers Retweets on her Twitter. Wonder what she may teach about the founding of the United States of America?

Mrs. Rogers is looking foward to indoctrinating her young students in her own classroom. Teaching kindness is not enough, you must teach “anti-racism” and it is pretty radical and not entirely based in facts. This website portrays Michael Brown as an angel and a victim of racism, which was not the full or true story of his life or death. His death led to the Ferguson riots which destroyed the property of many business owners in the area.

There were several more examples of teachers on the thread expressing their concerns of parents being clued into what discussions their children are having in class and what pronouns they may be using.

Gotta hide those responses from the parents!
This science teacher says “parents are dangerous” and virtual ed won’t allow a “safe space”.
Gross! How do the students and parents feel who have a different view of these riots?
More teachers referring to parents as the bad guys. Parents are usually the good guys, that should be the assumption.

Here’s an idea, let the parents know what is being taught and discussed. Explain both sides of an issue are raised. Here’s another idea, if you don’t dive into topics that parents may not want discussed with their children then you won’t have anything to worry about. Parents, who should be the primary influence in their children’s lives have a right to weigh in on topics that challenge their worldview. This is an opportunity for parents to answer those challenges that aren’t brought up in daily conversations in the home. Don’t leave the parents out. It is pretty simple.

There are many teachers who are bringing gender ideology and critical race theory into classrooms. This virus is spreading faster than the Coronavirus. Parents, pull your kids out of the public indoctrination centers whatever you have to do. Children deserve better than this indoctrination which creates rebels, victims and scapegoats.

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