Top Texas RINOs Take over $1.6 Million from Donor Linked to Trans Clinic Catering to Illegals and Providing Gender Modification for Minors

Just weeks after making headlines for donations from a PAC linked to the largest pediatric gender clinic in the Southwest (see headline below) the Top Texas RINOs have, once again, been found to be taking big money from another PAC linked to a transgender clinic. This clinic is focused on providing transgender “medicine” to illegal immigrants that cross the border.

Headline and photo from National File Story

Border Health PAC is “tacitly” run by Alonzo Cantu, an influential Democrat political donor who according to this article has bought influence with Lt. Governor Dan Patrick once before. The following graphic is from the aforementioned Texas Monthly article and illustrates large contributions from the PAC to Texas politicians. Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick are among the top recipients of the PAC money since 2000.

Transparency USA shows the top RINOs took over $1.6 Million from the PAC since 2015.

Texas Monthly reported that “Cantu tacitly controls the Border Health PAC, the primary conduit for campaign contributions from his medical colleagues that are disbursed to politicians at the local, state, and federal levels,…” and that “Border Health has consistently ranked among the top ten most generous political action committees over the past decade, and though Cantu tends to lean toward Democrats, especially those who represent South Texas, he isn’t shy about giving to Republicans who vote the way he wants.”

Also among recipients of the Border Health PAC cash was Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan, who took over $100K in donations from the PAC since 2015.

Attorney General Ken Paxton also was among the recipients taking in $200K in contributions from the PAC since 2015. It makes one wonder if there was any truth to the following Tweet from Greg Abbott in 2019 when James Younger’s story was going viral. James Younger is a 9 yr old boy at the center of a dispute between his parents. James’ mom has been declaring that her son is transgender and is really a girl since he was a toddler due to his selection of a girl themed Happy Meal toy from McDonald’s. Jeff Younger, the father, has been fighting to save his son from gender disfigurement and to save his son’s future fertility. When the case went viral Governor Abbott chimed in on social media, reportedly after a big donor contacted him to ask why he was not doing anything and told him it would cost him a donation. We don’t call him “Governor Fundraiser” for nothing!

We should be asking these top Republicans in Texas how much a child’s genitalia, future fertility and possibilities for natural sex in their adult lives means to them? It does appear that these top RINOs have a price. It has been a mystery all session long why Governor Abbott (who has hoodwinked much of the country into believing he is conservative) has not even mentioned the bills to ban gender modification in Texas. All the bills died at the hands of Republicans in the House.

Speaker Phelan killed the final bill SB1311 which had made it through the Senate and was awaiting a vote out of the House Public Health Committee when Phelan recessed the House for three days right before the deadline for bills to be considered in the House. Four bills (there were six in all died in the Public Health Committee chaired by Representative Stephanie Klick who was reported to have taken a donation from a PAC associated with the largest pediatric gender clinic in the Southwest where children are chemically castrated.

This is Dade Phelan slamming down the gavel to recess for three days just prior to the House deadline for hearing bills, effectively killing SB1311 (a ban on gender modification procedures for children) that was awaiting a hearing in the House.

Is it quid pro quo? We don’t know. These RINOs who failed to protect children this session should return the PAC money, and pass legislation into law to ban child gender modification for children in TX. That would clear up any doubt and it would also save children from harm.

Texas has 17 pediatric gender clinics, not including Planned Parenthood which is the nation’s leader in dispensing cross-sex hormones. No doubt as states with more wisdom come to realize the fraud of the transgender industry Texas will increasingly become the child mutilation capitol of the United States.

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