X-Rated Book to “Remain On Shelf”, Leander TX Librarian Says.

Local library Director, Peggy Mannix Parrish, vows to keep X-rated book on bookshelves in light of parental concerns raised to the local school board when a boy borrowed the book from a classroom library. The book at the center of debate is “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison. It seems Leander parents will continue to find safeguarding of youth lacking in their public library. The current library director posted on a Facebook page for librarians in response to a story about the opposition to the book, “I’m the director of the public library in this town. We have Lawn Boy on the shelf, and it’s staying. Along with all the other challenged books”. Here is a list of challenged books. These books promote LGBTQ, transgenderism, suicide and sexual themes to teens. Is it that hard to understand why parents object to this material being peddled by librarians to their teens? It may be hard to understand if you raised a son who now appears (by the looks of his social media) to be involved in or a fan of ABDL and Furry fetish.

Facebook post from the library director wishing her son a happy birthday
Facebook post by the man who the library said was her son on Facebook, this appears to be a man in a diaper.

We will never know what kind of things went on at the library director’s house, but maybe this is the sort of thing that happens when children are not safeguarded? Maybe this is why the library director is not a proponent of safeguarding children?

Cover of “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison, the book containing X-rated passages that parents object to.

You may recall that the Leander Library made national news in 2019 when the library planned a drag queen story hour program. One of the drag queen performers chosen for the story time worked in an adult night club performing lascivious acts on stage in what can only be described as BDSM attire. MassResistance TX pushed back against the drag queen perversion hour for children in Leander at that time. You can read about it here, here, and here. Disgusting pictures of the drag performer chosen to be a role model for children by the former library staff are shown below.

The Drag Entertainer Planned for Leander Public Library DQSH in 2019
One of the drag performers planned for the event at the library

The small town of Leander seems to be plagued by perversion. Back in 2019 many were shocked when a creepy pastor decided to host the drag queen perversion hour for children after the city canceled the event. Ryan Hart is a married man who is also openly bisexual and he pastors Open Cathedral Church which is really nothing more than a social event where perversion is celebrated instead of addressed biblically.

When the drag queen was exposed as a perverse adult entertainer the pastor decided to cut the drag queens out of the event claiming and told media the drag queen canceled. the drag queen denied that she canceled. Mad Momma Bear thinks he found out what kind of performer she really was. He did mention in one interview that he wasn’t aware of the type of entertaining she does. However, the child grooming continued when a sitting councilwoman, Christine Sederquist, offered to read child grooming books to the children instead. That councilwoman is now the city mayor.

How and why was a book with homosexual sex acts between fourth graders even part of a classroom library? Will the school board investigate? Will anyone be fired? Many parent are upset, just as they were when the DQSH was planned for their local library. It is immoral to push perversion to children and it is shocking that the taxpayers continue to be funding the sexual grooming of children in communities like Leander.

The replies in the Facebook thread about the parent complaining about this sexually explicit and profane book were not shockingly all in favor of sexually grooming children in the name of access. One librarian even promoted Banned Books Weeks which happens the last week of September annually. Banned Books Week is another attempt to lure youth into checking out books that promote adult sexuality, homosexuality, profanity, suicide and other inappropriate content to teens. The books aren’t banned they are challenged for in appropriate content for youth. Librarians make crafty displays to get youth interested in these books.

It remains to be seen what the new director of the Leander Library will roll out for Banned Books Week, if anything. The library has promoted Banned Books Week for several years on its social media page, but did not do so in 2020. In the past they promoted books such as “I Am Jazz” which promotes the unscientific and dishonest idea that a person can be born into the wrong body or have a male or female brain…an absolutely sexist and absurd notion. They also promoted “Beyond Magenta”, a young adult book that promotes transgenderism to youth and contains discussion of adult-child sexual relations without any mention of it being illegal, abusive or immoral.

The issues facing Leander are not unique to this small town. It is but one example of what entities such as the American Library Association are doing to our youth. If it is happening in this small town it is happening in yours as well. The parents are standing up and pushing back as they should. It is refreshing to see parents rising up by not just challenging books but demanding accountability from adult leaders in the community.

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  1. The link to the challenged books does not work. I would like to have this information so I can safeguard my children. Thank you for posting this!


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