Texas Children Are Not Safe – Bill Banning Gender Modification For Children Must Be Passed!

A male defeats two female track stars.

Whether it’s preventing males from competing in female sports, banning obscene materials in public schools, or stopping the gender disfigurement and sterilization of minors in Texas, Greg Abbott failed to protect children on all fronts and his lapdogs in the Republican-led Texas Legislature covered for him by pointing the fingers at the clock.

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, has not made banning gender modification procedures for minors such as puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgeries a priority for the Republican-led Texas Legislature. He didn’t make it a priority in the regular session, or any of the three special sessions that have been called so far. He did punt the issue of gender surgeries for minors to the Texas Department of Child Protective Services for their opinion on whether surgeries on minors for the purpose of addressing reported “gender dysphoria” constitutes abuse. The department did declare that the surgeries are abuse and anyone facilitating or performing them on minors would be guilty of child abuse. It is perplexing that the self-professing Christian, conservative, Republican governor had to ask if this was abuse. Notably absent from the question of abuse was whether treatments for minors such as puberty blockers and opposite sex hormones also constitute abuse.

Abbott’s lapdogs, including Stephanie Klick Chair of the Public Health Committee, killed the bills that would have addressed this issue. The weakest bill of all, HB 1399, was introduced by State Rep Matt Krauss. This bill would have limited professional liability coverage for these procedures. The strongest bill was introduced by Rep Steve Toth, HB 68, that bill would have designated the transition of a minor as child abuse and it included all medical and surgical interventions aimed at changing the child’s gender. The bill never got a hearing in Klick’s committee, however. It is exactly what is needed which makes you wonder why Republicans didn’t work harder for it and ran from it in favor of the weaker bill. Even the author of the bill didn’t advocate for it after his press conference for the bill. It was quite a mystery, but the word around the Capitol is that Klick said she would not have a hearing on HB 68 because it may “traumatize trans-people”. How is that for logic? We cannot protect children from being brainwashed, medicalized, castrated and having healthy body parts amputated because some people may have their feelings hurt. While Stephanie Klick, a nurse by profession, cannot muster up the courage to defend confused children, the gender industry is wasting no time as it has moved away from the conventions of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (which is a sham at best) to provide surgeries such as double mastectomies to younger and younger children.

Does Greg Abbott and Stephanie Klick and the rest of the RINOs in the TX House believe this is appropriate for children?

Perhaps Stephanie Klick should have heard from former transgender people who have lived the very real trauma of not being able to have children, not being able to nurse a baby, not being able to ever have sexual intercourse and who suffer medical issues as a result of the “life-saving care” they received. While Stephanie Klick did not advocate for safeguarding children, she did fight to increase the levels of THC allowed in medicinal marijuana by 5 times the current legal limit in Texas.

Is this Stephanie Klick after weeks without shaving, enjoying a joint in the park? Credit to offthekuff.com – artist unknown

The feckless Republicans failed to even pass the weak HB 1399 which had grassroots support. Klick sat on that bill not giving it a hearing for 40 days, it then barely made it to the Calendar’s Committee which is chaired by Republican in Name Only, Dustin Burrows of Lubbock. Burrows killed the bill by allowing time to run out on it, a typical tactic. Don’t let your reps come home and tell you they sponsored, co-authored, and supported a bill to ban child mutilation procedures in TX because there were just a few who fought this battle and they are not Jeff Leach, Dustin Burrows, Stephanie Klick or Jared Patterson. These RINOs all played games in the 87th TX Legislative Session. That hasn’t stopped them from calling it the “most conservative session ever”. How do you get the most conservative session ever without protecting children from having their testicles or breasts removed or being sterilized or permanently damaged from hormones or blockers? Stephanie Klick, Jeff Leach, Dustin Burrows, and Jared Patterson will no doubt go home to their districts and say they supported HB1399. Stephanie Klick defends herself by saying this bill passed out of her committee at the same time the heartbeat bill did. That is an interesting point. It means if it was a priority for Governor Abbott, it would have been heard on the House floor and it would have passed. We are told they have the votes for the weak bill, HB1399. If Abbott wanted to do something to protect children he would have made sure this bill passed at the very least.

Governor Abbott did put the bill to protect female sports (Republicans decided to be weak and only protect girls up to 12th grade) the special session call, but has not had the political will to put a ban on the sexual disfigurement and sterilization of minors on the special agenda. Rumor has it that Abbott doesn’t really believe these things are happening in Texas and if they are they are a “one off”. Why did Governor Abbott even punt the question of surgeries relating to gender modification of minors to the Child Protective Services then? If it isn’t happening then why did he ask for an opinion on it? Because he knows it really is happening and he is punting to CPS to cover his tail politically. If no children are being given puberty blockers or opposite sex hormones then what harm is it in passing a bill banning these procedures for minors? There were many parents who testified to the state legislature in the regular session that their children would no longer get their “life saving care” (the gaslighting is unreal) if a ban was passed. So, how is it the Governor of Texas is not aware this is happening to minors. These minors are on course for sterilization and surgeries and the man who holds the highest office in the state that most Americans think is the most conservative fails to even act to protect the futures of our youngest Texans.

How is it that many mothers, like MadMommaBear, have been able to find evidence of surgeries, puberty blockers, and hormones being provided to minors but Abbott thinks this is not happening? Abbott must have a sizeable staff. He could not get a couple of people to research? Or perhaps he could listen to some of his own constituents in Texas whose own children are being preyed upon by a money hungry industry that has seen a massive 4000% increase in surgeries for young girls. These mothers will never hear the sweet melodic voices of their daughters again due to the gender industry prescribing hormones to deepen their voices. How is it that Gov. Abbott is shielded from reality or that he isn’t hearing the issue? Or does he really know and simply not care? Or is he beholden to other interests that he prioritizes above the health and future well-being of young Texans?

Months ago, MadMommaBear exposed how Greg Abbott and other top RINOs were taking donations from PACs linked to pediatric gender clinics in Texas. Could this be the reason children aren’t being protected in Texas? Is it pressure from deranged liberal special interests groups, woke corporations or the Texas Chamber of Commerce, none of which care about the lives of these young children and their futures? One can only speculate because the well-handled and sheltered Governor has been silent on the matter except to punt the surgery portion to the CPS. What a cowardly clown!

While Democrats and Greg Abbott (a closet Democrat) claim that surgeries never happen on minors that isn’t exactly what the WPATH Standards of Care say. They say surgeries such as top surgery (double mastectomy) can be performed at the age of consent or sooner and genital surgeries are to be at the age of medical majority or greater. The age of medical majority in Texas is 16. Of course surgeons have been doing surgeries on minors in Texas and MadMommaBear has some evidence to back that up.

This is the phone call with Crane Clinic in Austin.  The clinic confirms they do have patients under 18. The caller is inquiring about an orchiectomy procedure with this plastic surgeon.   https://youtu.be/eIVV2s23rO0

A Texas clinic confirms that they can do “top surgery” (double mastectomy) for a minor.  “We’ve performed on that young (14) before”.  https://youtu.be/CDlT_8wKuUg

Please see the following image from Crane Center in Austin, it states that they are “very accustomed to treating patients who are less than 18 years old”.  The image was taken from the following website:  https://cranects.com/ftm-top-surgery/

MadMommaBear has to take screenshots because these clinics may change their websites.

Please see the image taken from https://www.topsurgery.net/surgeons/dr-daniel-freet.htm, under questions section you will see the doctor provides top surgery to patients under the age of 18. This confirms that this surgeon has performed on minors. A MadMommaBear had contacted the surgeon’s office to find out if her “son” could get top surgery as a minor and was told they could and they began the process of setting up a consult this past summer. Recently, due to the determination by CPS the surgeon’s office says they can no longer do surgeries for minors. Dr. Freet is with UT Physicians and Mermorial Hermann.

This Youtube video is a clip from an interview of Dr. Reid in Austin TX saying will perform FTM “top surgery” on minors.  The original audio is here, at the 5:18 mark: https://www.restoraaustin.com/ehealth-radio-network-transgender-top-surgery/

This website confirms that Dr. Mundinger performs top surgery on minors with parental consent. https://www.ftmsurgery.net/surgeons/dr-gerhard-mundinger.htm

At the following link it says that Dr. Mundinger performs surgery on minors, not genitals though…. Breasts are not considered genitalia so he provides top surgery for minors.  https://www.transhealthcare.org/gerhard-mundinger/

This is just a sampling of the many surgeons in Texas. If they follow WPATH standards of “care” then they can be assumed to be providing surgeries to minors.

Please call Governor Abbott at 512-463-2000 and ask him to add protecting children from gender disfigurement to his priorities. Tell him that it is child abuse regardless of whose feelings it hurts and that children are not medical experiments. Children cannot consent to and nobody should be able to consent for them when it comes to procedures and treatments that will alter them for life or compromise their sterility and future health.

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