Texas Penal Code Loophole for Child Sex Predators and Groomers!

Stop the loopholes in Texas Penal Code that benefit child sexual predators and child sex groomers! Restore safety and security to our most vulnerable Texans!

While parents across the United States go to their school board meetings demanding the pornographic and sexually explicit materials stop being thrusts upon young students, running the risk of being branded domestic terrorists, Texas Penal Code allows for a loophole for such child sex grooming. Forty-four states in the USA have similar penal codes which were influenced by pervert Alfred Kinsey and his fraudulent and criminal body of work. The state legislators have the duty to take up the matter and change the penal code to reflect the Miller Test. The Miller Test is the primary legal test for determining whether expression constitutes obscenity.  It is named after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Miller v. California (1973).

Credit to Protect Child Health

Texas Penal Code 43.24 relates to obscenity towards children. Texas Penal Code 43.25 relates to sexual performance and solicitation of sexual performance by a minor.  The obscenity code should conform to the Miller Test, it does not.  The following loopholes need to be removed or our Republican led Texas Legislature and Governor need to explain to us why they should remain to allow the corruption and abuse of minors. Below are the relevant sections of the code that need to be removed.

Texas Penal Code 43.24 (c) –“It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section that the sale, distribution, or exhibition was by a person having scientific, educational, governmental, or other similar justification.

Texas Penal Code 43.25 (f) (2) – “the conduct was for a bona fide educational, medical, psychological, psychiatric, judicial, law enforcement, or legislative purpose”

It is appalling that such language exists in the Texas Penal Code to protect grown adults who distribute obscene materials to children and who engage in sexual performance by a minor. Why hasn’t this been corrected? This has been on the books for decades and needs correcting. No child sex groomer or child sex predator should be able to claim a defense for the reasons listed. What possible reason could there be for protecting adults in various professions? If there is a reason this has not been corrected the Texas Legislature and the Governor of Texas have the duty to explain to the public what that reason is.

Elementary students in Texas are learning about a homosexual artist, Keith Harring. Harring created many sexually graphic murals and paintings. As a result any student who took interest in his art might easily find his paintings depicting bestiality, masturbation, ejaculation, anal and oral sex with a simple online search. Even more appalling is that lesson plans link to pages containing these graphic images which include adult male full frontal nudity. Here are some examples from that artist’s website: adult frontal nudity, beastiality, flogging BDSM, glory hole and beastiality, genital mutilation. This is just one of many examples of what is being promoted to young children in the public schools in Texas and all over the country. Parents have been making the news bringing the perverse materials to the attention of their local school boards, most of which have been unmoved by the presentations by the parents. We need to start taking the sexual grooming of minors seriously and start holding the groomers responsible.

Call Governor Abbott and your Texas Legislator now and ask them to champion the removal of the affirmative defenses in Texas Penal Code 43.24 and 43.25. Children deserve safeguarding.

Call Governor Greg Abbott: 512-463-2000

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