Transgender Storytime for Children?

Protest Planned After Scary Mommy Rescues a Cancelled Transgender Story Hour for 2- 8 yr olds

Denton, TX – Earlier this month the North Branch of Denton Public Library Planned a “Transgender Storytime” for children ages 2 to 8 years old. This is the absolute state of America. We actually fund libraries to promote transgender lies to children. The event information is shown below in a post by the Denton Public Library.

When local parents heard about the event opposition grew to the event and the word quickly spread across Texas with The Whitt Project (an effort led by former transgender/homosexual/drag queen) planning a protest and plastering flyers for the protest all over social media. Way to go, Kevin Whitt! Kevin Whitt has been a warrior for protecting children in the State of Texas from harmful indoctrination, child sex grooming, harmful ideologies, and child gender mutilation/sterilization procedures.

After the opposition mounted, the library changed the name of the event from “Transgender Storytime” to “Rainbow Storytime” to avoid backlash. The public was not thrown off by this name change as the mission of the event was clearly to endorse transgender ideology and continued pressure to City Council and the library to cancel the event. It was clear by the list of books the library provided that they were promoting transgenderism to young children. Not deterred by the name change Kevin Whitt joined Billboard Chris in front of the library.

The library later canceled the Transgender Storytime claiming it was out of concern for the safety of library patrons. The library director stated that they had received hostile messages. Imagine that! People get hostile when they hear that the library that they don’t have a choice in supporting with their tax dollars is hosting a program that pushes an ideology that is harmful t children.

The library listed the three books that were going to be read at the event:

While the books do not use LGBTQ terminology these are books routinely used to introduce the theme of transgenderism to young and impressionable children. In fact, here is a video of a hot pink-haired sex educator reading the book “Red, A Crayon’s Story”, and explaining that it is used to get the concept across to children. So, you have a story about what amounts to a transgender crayon being read to kids and these gaslighting perverts at the library insist it really isn’t about transgenderism at all. “I’m a Girl” subtly introduces the idea of cross-dressing while presenting it as simple non-conformity against stereotypes. Sure, not all kids conform to the rigid sex-based stereotypes and they shouldn’t have to, but it is entirely different to encourage children to cross-dress and act like it is the most fabulous expression of authenticity and the happiest thing on earth. In “What Riley Wore”, the child’s gender ambiguity is “front and center” according to one review on Amazon. While the library and the adults supporting the transgender storytime gaslight the public by claiming the storytime really isn’t pushing any ideology, pro-family activist and Director of MassResistance Texas, Tracy Shannon said, “This is just drag queen storytime all over again but without the wigs”. Tracy Shannon shut down drag queen story hours across Texas in 2019 with the help of parents across the state by pushing back on city leaders for allowing it and exposing the prostitutes, sex offenders, and other perverts that were part of the child sex grooming program. Denton Public Library certainly had their wig snatched this week!

Snatch that wig!

Groomers are going to groom, so within 24 hours of the library canceling the transgender storytime even for children, a local mother who began transitioning her daughter while she was still in first grade had planned the storytime at a new location after the owner of a local bar called Armadillo Ale Works, offered to host it and make concoctions for the kids to drink. Seriously? Do these people have any situational awareness at all? Apparently not because Amber Briggle was quoted in a local publication as saying, “It’s perfect, a nonchristian church is hosting it at a bar”.

While the brewery is no doubt serving non-alcoholic beverages to the children, the whole thing just sounds so creepy. To top it off the bar is in an old warehouse and looks like the kind of place someone would take someone to do them harm. The public is just supposed to remain quiet and accept this as all perfectly normal. Well, not Kevin Whitt, he has organized a protest against this perverse child grooming operation for Saturday, November 20, 2021, at 11 AM.

No child is born in the wrong body. There is absolutely no evidence that anyone was born in the wrong body. Personality differences and differences in tastes and hobbies that aren’t stereotypical of sex-based stereotypes do not make one different sexed nor does it make them “nonbinary”. This harmful lie puts children on the conveyor belt to chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Children should be taught to love their own bodies as they are rather than wish to be something different. It is child abuse to confuse children in this manner, especially when it leads to irreversible damages to these children. Adults should not be burdening young children with adult issues. Children have become pawns in the LGBTQ’s movement to normalize transgender ideology.

Amber Briggle is the one who resurrected this perversion. She gave a TedTalk about her daughter a few years back. In it, she says that her daughter communicated from the womb that she was a boy in a vivid dream that Briggle had while pregnant with her daughter. At the 4:55 mark of her Ted Talk, Briggle says “Baby, just because you are not some glitter bomb sex kitten that likes Bratz Dolls and My Little Pony doesn’t make you any less of a girl”. Well, she was correct, but who describes a 4-year-old girl as a “glitter bomb sex kitten”?

The event announcing the resurrected storytime hosted by Amber Briggle and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship posted online
Briggle posted on social media plans for transgender color balloons and a dance party for the kids after the stories are read.

What do you call adults who lure children to bars with promises of Baby Shark dance party and balloons for children’s stories about a transgender crayon, a cross-dressing boy, and a non-binary child and provide them with “concoctions” to drink? I call them groomers.

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