Killeen ISD Honors Men for Women’s History Month!!!!

This flyer featuring to male LGBTQ activists was featured on a bulletin board honoring Women’s History Month

Killeen, TX – When a concerned citizen complained to his school board that a flyer depicting two drag queen transvestites had been placed on the Women’s History Month bulletin board in the Career Center for Killeen ISD a local paper attacked him for doing so. The Killeen Daily Herald implied the man was homophobic. What is homophobic about honoring girls and women in the one month of the year dedicated to just them? What is hateful about protecting children from a harmful ideology that puts them on the conveyor belt for chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex? It simply is not hateful and it is the ultimate form of gaslighting to claim that there is anything wrong with calling this flyer into question.

The Herald said in its article on this subject, penned by Ms. Lauren Dodd, that they asked the district if “hate speech” is allowed at the board meetings. What is hate speech and who gets to define it? Some women and girls may think it rather oppressive and hateful to refer to men as women. The inept journalist, Lauren Dodd, at The Killeen Daily Herald, even referenced the disgraced Southern Poverty Lie Center. The SPLC is the hate group based in Alabama that targets Christians, Catholics, Conservatives, and anyone they disagree with and puts them on a list. This is so un-American it is hard to believe this fraudulent organization raises millions of dollars promoting its hate map which has been the inspiration for at least one shooting in DC.

Lauren Dodd even went so far as to mention that a man came into the meeting on a motorized scooter and remarked that there was a Trump sticker on his scooter. What in the ableist hell? Every liberal journalist knows it is not cool to mention how a person with mobility challenges gets around. I guess Lauren Dodd isn’t as good at following the leftist’s rules as she is at disparaging others who do not follow them.

Shame on the Killeen Daily Herald for their disgusting hit piece on decent citizens who want to make the world a better place for women and children. Shame on Killeen ISD for dishonoring truth, women, and the trust of the parents and taxpayers of the district. You can comment on the post on The Herald’s Facebook page.

Please contact the Killeen ISD Board Members and the superintendent at the following email addresses which you can copy and paste:,,,,,,,,

If we are not anchored to the truth there can be no justice and no liberty!

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