Drag Queens Are Not For Kids

Sage Umbra from the drag queens Instagram account. Sage Umbra has been involved with drag programs for youth at Ames, Iowa Public Library

It is a wonder that it has to be said, but apparently some people do not understand that drag queens are not for kids. Despite a scathing rebuke to parents who take their young children to Drag Queen Story Hours by a drag queen, many drag queen programs are planned throughout the country during the winter months. Drag queen story hour is no longer a program confined to the space of a library or the month of June for Pride celebrations.

Drag Queen Response to Drag Queen Story Hour – credit Kitty Demure

The American Library Association has been supportive of the program, teaching librarians how to conduct, plan for, promote and defend the program in libraries. The ALA provides several resources for embattled libraries who are conducting these indoctrination story hours. We know that librarians such as Tess Goldwasser of the Lexington Park, MD library admitted in an ALA blog that she snuck LGBTQ content into children’s programming. Goldwasser also encouraged other librarians to invite secular humanists groups and LGBTQ advocacy groups to host programs such as drag queen story hour. It seems like if this program was really good for kids, like spinach or broccoli, then there wouldn’t be such controversy about the program and the ALA and librarians wouldn’t have to try so hard to convince us all that the program really is good for kids. How does this program help a kid “be who they are”? It is encouraging them to play dressup, which is not being who they are.

Tess Goldwasser who has written profiles for the American Library Association LGBTQ Roundtable and reviewed books for the Stonewall Book Awards Committee. Pic from Tess’s Twitter profile.

Personhood has done a great job explaining the American Library Association’s role in promoting draq queen story hours as well as the taxpayer money allocated to the program. But what do we know about the forces behind creating drag queen story hour? What is their background and why are they so interested in other people’s children learning about homosexuality and transgender ideology from the tender age of two years old? And why do people say drag queens are not for kids? Many people seem to have a cleaned up image of what drag is.

Drag Queen Story Hour is Born

Drag Queen Story Hour was created by Michelle Tea and Radar Productions ( which is a queer arts organization promoting queer literary works) in San Francisco. But why drag queen story hour? Michelle Tea, who identifies as queer, started the program in 2015 after attending library events with her infant son and determining they were too hetero-normative. Yes, Seriously. Tea who infuses her writings with her own personal experiences as a former sex worker and drug user writes about coming of age as a “dyke” in San Francisco. Michelle Tea describes her fantasy for her family (at least in part) as follows: “My fantasy for my family is my son has some great gender that hasn’t even occurred to me and that by the time he dates sexual orientation is a non-issue and he dates everyone. ” Yep, this is exactly the kind of person we all want to have creating children’s programming. Not really.

Drag Queens are Political

When she started drag queen story hour in 2015, “it was just fun“, said Tea. Now that President Donald Trump is in office, Tea says drag queen story hour is more of an “act of rebellion than it was before.” Oh really, you don’t say? We noticed! Mock severed Trump heads are not uncommon on drag queen pages. Here are just a couple from some drag queen story times MassResistance.org took a look at.

Drag queen with a severed Trump head mock up. Lily Von Tease was part of DQSH in Houston, TX
Selena T West, who was slated to read at a library in Delaware, OH before it was cancelled. A comic book store hosted instead. Comic book store owners seem to be willing to offer up this perversion in other places too.
Miz Jade’s social media post. Miz Jade is a regular reader for Brooklyn NY DQSH and is also in the Sez Me videos which partnered with DQSH. BTW, “Yassss grrrrrrllll” Donald Trump is your president.

Ru Paul has also gotten in on the rebellion against President Trump. It was reported that RuPaul’s Dragcon changed in 2017 as a rebuke to Trump. Not only did the format change to include a space exclusively for children, but groups were on hand to register people to vote, Senator Warren delivered a very cringe-worthy message to drag con, and a giant Trump balloon was on display. Several drag queens were interviewed and asked what they would do if President Trump was there. Clearly, there is group think present in drag culture and the group leans regressive. Maybe that is why the American Library Association who seems to be on a ideological crusade all across the USA is so rabidly defending drag queen story hour.

YouTube video credit Wow Presents, Drag Queens sound off against President Trump

Occult Connections

Activist Mommy recently wrote about the occult connection to Drag Queen Story Hour Creator Michelle Tea, and she is right to be concerned. However, a look at some of the drag queens’ social media reveals several having interest in witchcraft, satanism and the occult. The MassResistance.org drag queen research team provided a few examples:

Taken from the page of a drag queen involved in DQSH in Ames, IA. Drag show with occult theme.
Taken from drag queen page of drag queen who has been involved w drag programs for youth at Ames Iowa Public Library.
Occult references on a drag queen’s social media, This drag queen has been part of DQSH in Ames, IA.
Another drag queen involved with Ames Iowa Public Library Drag Queen programs
This drag queen also was involved with Drag programs for youth at Ames Public Library in Iowa.

Tatiana Mala-Nina of DQSH Houston Public Library
Liza Lott of DQSH Houston, volunteer greeter.
Drag Queen involved with DQSH Houston Public Library

You get the point! Those were posts from only two of the drag queen story hour dossiers and several drag queens were found to have social media postings referencing the occult.

Sez Me, Indoctrination Programming

In 2018, Sez Me, an LGBTQ content creator for youth which can be found here, created the Dragtivity book for Drag Queen Story Hour NYC (which is incorporated as a 501c3). An executive director for DQSH NYC, Rachel Aimee, conducted an interview with Mor Elrich, who created the Dragtivity book for kids and is content creator for Sez Me. Aimee said she first discovered Sez Me when a librarian a at an elementary school they were bringing DQSH to mentioned she had been using it to prep the first graders for DQSH. What in the name of Dewey Decimal??? So, we have an admission that Sez Me is being used to indoctrinate children in public schools to make them accept drag.

I first heard about Sez Me when a school librarian told me she’d been using the LGBTQ+ web series to introduce the kindergarteners at her school to the concept of drag in preparation for Drag Queen Story Hour’s visit…”

The Dragtivity book, which is a coloring book, includes pages that instruct children to choose their pronouns and their drag queen names. It explains that the character in the book sometimes identifies one way and at other times another. Mor Erlich bragged to Aimee in the interview about the successful indoctrination of his partner’s nephew who is just 5 yrs old. Mor said he showed the 5 yr old the first episode of Sez Me and the boy had the following reaction:

This kid that forty-five minutes ago had a real issue with drag queens and a boy wearing a dress, because he heard some things in church—forty-five minutes later this kid is ready to be on screen with a drag queen.

Wow, so wonderful they are piping this trash into our public schools for Kindergartners so they can be brainwashed to reject the values of their families and replace them with the values transsexuals like Mor Erlich and his drag queen partner, Miz Jade (aka Davon Chance).

Sez Me creator, Mor Erlich and his “boo” Davon Chance aka Miz Jade

How Dare You Say Drag Queens Are Not For Kids

Many supporters of drag queen story hour cannot understand what the problem is. They see drag queen story hour as just another story hour which is promoting what they perceive to be inclusion and diversity. They fail to see that drag culture is being marketed to children by introducing the children to drag queens, especially drag queens who are using their professional stage names. Regardless, drag fans are being made. The children do not get the message of love and inclusion even if they can parrot it like good little brainwashed minions. What they see is glitter, colors, and fun and they equate that with drag queens who are adult entertainers. This is just as bad as marketing something as inappropriate as strippers, cigarettes or alcohol to young children. They simply are not old enough to be consuming drag in any concentration. MassResistance.org has provided some photos from some of their expose’s on drag queen story hours they have looked into. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let the pictures show why drag queens are not for kids.

From Instagram of Selena T West, DQSH reader in Delaware OH
Selena T West showing Love, Acceptance and Diversity “realness”. From Instagram of Selena T West
From Instagram of DQSH reader “Blackberri” who read at Houston Public Library. He has several videos in which he asks “Did you think I was going to eat that ass?” What if children accessed his social media?
From Facebook of a DQSH drag queen – was part of DQSH @ Houston Public Library
Drag Queen Story Hour Reader from Houston, picture from his Facebook page.
This Houston Library DQSH reader acts out suicide as his drag performance at a club.
DQSH reader from Houston Public Library in the night club, “Jumping on dick”.
from Facebook of this DQSH drag queen from Houston
Drag Queen who was part of DQSH Houston – pic from Instagram
from the Instagram of a drag queen who was part of DQSH Houston
From Instagram of a Drag Queen involved with the DQSH Houston
Drag Queen pic from Instagram of DQ who was at DQSH Houston
Another Houston Drag Queen Story Hour reader’s Instagram post
From the Instagram of an Drag Queen who was part of Ames Public Library Drag programs.
From the social media of a drag queen of Ames Iowa Public Library drag programs.
Another sexual post from yet another drag queen involved in library drag queen programs in Ames, Iowa
From Facebook of drag queen that was part of Drag programs at Ames Public Library – Iowa
From a drag queen’s social media that was also part of the drag programs at Ames Public Library
From social media of a drag queen who was part of drag queen programs at Ames Public Library, Iowa
Video that was posted to the social media of a drag queen who was part of drag queen programming at Ames Public Library
From social media of a drag king who was part of drag programs at Ames Public Library
Drag queen (hyper queen) that was part of drag programming at Ames Public Library
Drag Queen Story Hour reader’s social media post, this queen was in the Houston Public Library DQSH
This from social media of a drag queen that does DQSH around Austin TX area
From social media of this drag queen that has done DQSH in the Austin TX area.
From the social media of this drag queen who has been part of DQSH in Austin TX
From social media of this drag queen who has done drag queen story hours in the Austin TX area.
Drag queen who has done DQSH at Austin Public Library, an elementary school and also at a local business, image from his social media.

Drag Queens simply are not for kids. #DragQueensAreNot4Kids

It is fraudulent to hold oneself out as an ally to LGBTQ youth and at the same time state that drag queens are the role models for LGBTQ youth because they are “different”. We do have to deal with the fact that we are not all the same. We should teach children to be kind towards those who are different, but we do not need to introduce them to adult entertainers and adult themes that can confuse them and for which they are not ready. Schools and librarians should not be trying to undermine the values that are taught by parents, that is a violation of the sacred trust placed in these institutions. If schools and libraries are going to continue to promote drag and adult entertainer drag queens to youth then they should be defunded of taxpayer dollars. Parents are caught by surprise when their children encounter a drag queen at school. Businesses that hold drag queen story hour should be boycotted by socially responsible adults who want children to be protected rather than indoctrinated or groomed.

Ask your state and local representatives to address the issue of drag queens in schools by passing legislation that forbids adult entertainers from being part of on campus activities or any lesson plans or activities involving students. Ask your state, local and federal representatives to defund libraries and stop paying the fees of for American Library Association membership, stop sending librarians to the ALA conferences, and stop contracting with ALA for library products and go with a more family-friendly alternative. Ask your local and state representatives to ban adult entertainers or person associated with adult entertainment industry from conducting programs for children in public libraries and public schools. #DragCultureIsNot4Kids

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