The Dragging of American Children

February 20, 2020 – Illustrating just how far the bar has fallen in regards to what is considered appropriate for students to learn, the New York Times Learning just published a lesson plan which is a total piece of propaganda with the goal of educating children about tween and teen drag queens and to get them to think about their own identity and self-expression. Wow! Can you say “brainwashing”?

The lesson plan instructs the students to read from a feature article titled “Sashaying Their Way Through Youth”. The lesson plan begins by drumming up sympathies by stating that up until very recently dressing as the other gender might have resulted in an arrest and following that up with “LGBT people are losing their rights and face violence in the United States and around the world”. The article links to another article about Donald Trump “rolling back transgender rights”. Of course, those “rights” the article references are really the numerous ways the Obama administration chose to affirm and promote the gender insanity in the USA. The referenced article states that employees of federal contractors lost protections that allowed men to dress as women and use the women’s restroom at their place of employment if it was with a federal contractor. I am sure the biological women who work in those companies are grateful for this roll back of so-called “rights”. The article also went on to state that some people are developing urinary infections from holding their urine all day at school because the rule was rolled back that made schools let transgender students use the bathroom they “identified with”. The author never considers the reality that biological females and possibly males too may be skipping the bathroom breaks at school in favor of privacy and they too might be developing infections. Other changes that the article references as rolling back of rights were “protections for trans” at prisons and homeless shelters, the military ban on transgender troops, and a new rule that protects the conscience rights of healthcare providers. No mention of protecting the female prison population or the segregated female homeless in shelters. Women should not be forced to share intimate spaces, sleeping spaces, with biological men. Transgender patients undergo many surgeries, take hormones which put them at health risks and require ongoing mental health services and may not be able to actively serve the country while enlisted in the military. It makes perfect sense that the military would no longer accept transgender identifying individuals as that works entirely against the interest of the United States Military and primarily in the interest of the transgender patient using taxpayer dollars to fund their “treatments”. One transgender “man” (a biological woman) featured stated that she feared losing her health insurance under the Trump administration and therefore was moving up her double mastectomy several months. That sounds like a decision one should really rush into – NOT. The article referenced to convince the pupils of the perpetual state of “suffering” the trans community lives in, the author stated that transwomen experienced 142 hate crimes in 2018 and 22 deaths in 2019. One black transgender woman was quoted as stating that being black and being trans in the USA is to live in fear. Well, if that is the case then imagine what the women in the USA feel like as they face a much higher rate of homicide deaths and their deaths which are often motivated by hate for women are not considered hate crimes. Imagine being a man in the USA, men face the highest rates of homicidal deaths in the USA. But let’s not let facts get in the way of a great propaganda campaign to brainwash kids into believing a group that has a powerful and well-funded lobby and seeks to subject everyone else to the new sexual orthodoxy is the ultimate victim of oppression, hate and violence in the USA.

The lesson plan then goes into the “warm-up” which asks the students what they know about drag, if they have been to a drag queen story hour, and if they have any negative views of drag queens and from where those stem. Of course, those stem from the stuffy Christian parents, don’t you know? Drag Queen Trixie Mattel explains the history of drag in an embedded video. In the video, Trixie Mattel says: “Today, ‘drag’ can involve dressing up, wearing crazy makeup, gender crossing or having a persona or fictional character. But it’ll always have its roots in queer culture.”

It is a wonder why the NYT would choose this particular drag queen to include in a lesson for children. Below is a video of Trixie Mattel and another drag queen discussing sex with animals. Just like with the schools and libraries that have been so eager to push drag onto kids, the NYT seems to have failed at doing due diligence when it comes to selecting a drag queen to put before children. How many of these children will look up this drag queen now? And other drag queens and get an eyeful of the hypersexual, fetishized, erotic, porn-saturated, drug fueled culture that is drag?

Trixie Mattle and another drag queen discuss sex with animals.

The next part of the lesson asks the children questions about the drag kids featured in the article and it also asked about the Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston, opposing drag queens for children. The feature article states that Activist Mommy opposes drag for kids as a form of socially accepted child abuse and has had some drag queen story hours shut down. Well praise God for Elizabeth Johnston for that!!!

The children are then asked how a drag queen, Nina West, responded to this critique. Nina West said that “drag is not inherently sexual. Here are a few pictures from Nina West’s Instagram showing how “not sexual” drag is.

Fron Nina West Instagram
“Drag is not inherently sexual” – Nina West
This is Nina West a Drag Queen Story Hour Reader, Ru Paul Drag Race Contestant dressed up as a “popper”. Poppers are inhalants that gay men use to relax the sphincter muscle in order to have anal sex and anal play with large penises or sex toys, or for multiple partners. What made NYT ask this drag queen about drag for kids?

The lesson directs the children to what a psychologist says about drag, “It’s normal at basically any age for boys to dress up as princesses and girls in male superhero outfits,” she said. What’s changed is parenting. “When there’s no judgment, kids are more likely to feel free to explore,” Dr. Edwards-Leeper said. So, essentially, if you encourage your child in his/her biological “realness” and remind your son that he is a boy then you are some kind of stuffy parent that is not allowing your child to explore because you are “judgmental”? I think we see where this lesson is going.

Video of how “not sexual” drag is with Nina West

Finally, the children are instructed to reflect on their own identity and chart it on an identity chart. This is beyond absurd. Who came up with the idea that children need to reflect on identity, learn about drag queens and gender fluidity when most American citizens are illiterate about their own American History, hence the Bernie Bros and other Democratic Socialists clamoring for an end to capitalism and property rights. If NYT was a good corporate citizen it would be publishing writing from historians who use primary resources to document and discuss our founding, world history and the uniqueness of the United States and its contribution to the world. Instead, children learn about drag queens, the history of drag and drag kids. Pray for our country as many years of silences have created this climate that no longer safeguards kids but is openly grooming them to entertain adults in a sexually exploitative manner.

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