Taxpayer-funded Groomer Libraries Should Be Defunded!

Young boy reading a yellow book with the pages concealing his face and just his eyes visible with focus to his face

Groomer libraries are not a new phenomenon. MadMommaBear has been covering groomer libraries since 2019. In 2019 MMB researcher and contributor, Tracy Shannon, exposed groomer libraries in Texas and across the United States. From drag queen prostitutes to transgender sex offenders and porn-sick fetishists involved in Drag Queen Story Hours to a library that referred to itself as the “queerest library in the universe” hosting drag shows and drag camps for kids, to the leather daddy librarian inviting a convicted prostitute drag queen to talk to kids about gender, MMB has seen many child grooming operations taking place in public and school libraries. The Drag Queen Story Hours programs received grants to expand into rural areas and communities of color (which seems racist). Sleepy suburbs are targeted by grants specifically to push LGBTQ programming for children into their communities. The American Library Association has been supportive of Drag Queen Story Hour programs. It put out a toolkit to equip libraries to respond to challenges to the drag queen story hour programs and its Office of Intellectual Freedom wrote an article supporting drag queen story hours on their Intellectual Freedom Blog. They did not mention the prostitutes, sex offenders, porn actors, pimps, and dominatrixes for hire that have been exposed as being part of the drag queen story hour programs.

The American Library Association and its advocacy arms have been busy putting change agents to work in rural communities for years for the purpose of pushing social justice causes. One of the causes is “queering the library”. In 1970 the ALA Task Force on Gay Liberation was founded, its mission was to push LGBTQ preferences in libraries. That task force, now called the Rainbow Round Table annually presents the Stonewall Awards for LGBT-themed books. Such recommendations are essentially excuses for public libraries to use taxpayer dollars for often obscene, and what would otherwise be mostly obscure, books that few people would ever request from libraries.

It may come as a surprise to parents, who have awakened to these grooming centers that operate in public schools and communities with almost unfettered access to young minds daily, who are experiencing pushback from this unelected and unaccountable organization through their local change agents. As parents have started to stand up against these child grooming operations, the professional groomer organization, American Library Association, and its advocacy arms are working overtime to groom children and prevent parents and reasonable adults from protecting children from inappropriate content. The American Library Association has a long history of fighting to groom children, including legally challenging the Child Internet Protection Act. Judith Krug, former Director of the Office of Intellectual Freedom (OIF) at ALA, believed that librarians couldn’t determine if they were looking at child pornography unless they were lawyers. Dan Kleinmann of SafeLibraries has documented how Judith Krug changed the American Library Association from a trustworthy organization to a child-unfriendly, dishonest, and unethical organization which has changed libraries into places that can no longer be trusted.

Dan Kleinman has filed an attorney ethics complaint against ALA’s in-house attorney, Deborah Caldwell Stone, who directs ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom and its Freedom to Read Foundation. From SafeLibraries:

This lawyer, as Director of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, provided training to librarians on 20 May 2020 as can be viewed at “Webinar: Banned Books Uncensored: LGBTQIA+ Stories & Gender Identity,” by ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom, YouTube, 21 May 2020. It has been viewed almost 1000 times. It can be seen at

During that training, the lawyer made statements in violation of Rule 8.4 Misconduct, wherein she (c) engage[d] in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation. Specifically, she trained librarians that “before … bills are introduced,” there needs to be “sustained messaging” that “reframes” books that are “sexually inappropriate for minors” and “promotes them as diverse materials … that are about inclusion.” 

Indeed the Right to Read Act has been introduced in the US Congress that says, “The term ‘right to read’ means all students have access to … (D) culturally diverse and inclusive materials….” See This shows her advice before bills are written to reframe sexually inappropriate books for school children then promote them as diverse and inclusive has been taken seriously and placed into effect. If the bill passes, it will be illegal for parents to challenge sexually inappropriate books in public schools nationwide because they will have been reframed as diverse and inclusive. 

Director of ALA’s OIF, Deborah Caldwell Stone directs librarians to “reframe the issue away from being sexually inappropriate for minors and promote them as diverse materials and programming that are about inclusion, fairness, and protection of everyone’s rights to see themselves reflected in materials at the library”.

The Right to Read ACT is more than a bill to fund libraries for materials and technology, it protects the libraries from challenges by cloaking their child sexual grooming operations as “diverse materials and programming”. ALA claims that libraries are driven by local demands reflective of their communities, but the ALA is engaged in advocacy to change communities, especially small, rural communities that are usually conservative and Christian. In fact, here is a list of the small and rural towns in which ALA has provided grants to libraries through their “Libraries Transforming Communities” program which issues grants for “community discussions”.

You better believe they want to transform communities. They just elected a Marxist lesbian as the President of the ALA. The Eagle Forum does an excellent job of describing what drives the president-elect of the ALA here. The vast majority of its membership fees, therefore, are provided by taxpayer funds. Perhaps, it is time for the taxpayers to pull the funding out from ALA and stop funding libraries since the local communities don’t actually get to decide what can and cannot be in the libraries that they pay for. Any attempt to protect a community and its children from Marxist ideology and LGBTQ sexual orthodoxy is met with fury as the ALA and its advocacy arms spring into action to bring outside pressure and legal challenges to the small towns that simply wish to be left alone. Little did they know the library they funded would operate as a catalyst for social change. Who decided these communities needed re-education anyway? Is the ALA indicting small towns as bigots and racists for quietly living their values?

In 2019, ALA librarian and change agent, Tessa Goldwasser, wrote on the ALA Blog advising how small-town librarians can sneak LGBTQ content to children and advocate for drag queen story hours in a small-town library. The ALA took that blog post down this year but MMB archived it here. ALA also removed the name of the librarian after the post went viral. A screenshot of a portion of that blog is below:

But if you click on the original link for that blog post it is obvious that the ALA took it down. Here is a screenshot:

There is no better example of this targeting of small towns for social change than a quaint little town in Texas. Fredricksburg, Texas is a former German settlement that has become a quaint little tourist town Texans like to visit for its beautiful scenery, parks, wine tastings, and nostalgic feel. Beneath this innocent and peaceful veneer, the culture war wages, and the battles over inappropriate books in schools are at the center of it.

MMB first learned that an all too familiar scene of parents being compared to Nazis and called book burners, book banners, and censors when MMB got Google notifications for articles written about “book bans” in Texas. A few of those articles involved Fredricksburg and were written by a publisher of the local paper there. MMB also stumbled across a letter from an activist organization linked to ALA.

The National Coalition Against Censorship has partnered with the ALA to fight what it calls “book bans” in Texas. NCAC wrote a letter to the Fredricksburg ISD opposing the removal of two sexually inappropriate books (which include explicit sex, rape, drugs, anal sex, and oral sex) from the school libraries. You can see excerpts from these two books here and here. As of August of this year, the review committee has voted on 27 books, the excerpts can be found here. There has been quite a lot of local press generated about the issue, most of it supportive of keeping dirty books in school libraries. Why is that? At least some of it is generated by Ken Cooke, the Publisher of Fredricksburg Standard Radio Post Newspaper is married to Christine Granados who is on the book review committee and supports dirty books for kids. Granados is an author who has written at least one adult book that features abuse and sexual mistreatment of women which was featured in this list of Children’s Literacy and Book Festival Authors.

Ken Cooke has published at least three articles, here, here, and here, of his own in the local paper opposing the removal of the books. Apparently, Mr. Cooke is very passionate about child sexual grooming. According to Cooke, parents and taxpayers don’t have a right to have any control over what is procured and distributed for minors to read in the school library. He also seems to think that simply because there were no requests in prior years to remove books that this is some kind of national movement and that the concerns of local parents and taxpayers should be dismissed simply because their awakening may have been attributed to a national awakening. He also points to local policy that states “a parent’s ability to exercise control over reading, listening, or viewing extends only to his or her own child”. This sentence is verbatim language provided by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) which is extremely left-leaning and has modeled its policies with input from the most extreme leftist activist organizations in the USA. TASB guidance after the Texas Education Agency (TEA) gave its guidelines for library materials was or create a separate policy for library and instructional materials. Texas Library Association (TLA) disagreed with the TEA’s model policy and claimed that school libraries do not contain obscene content. HOGWASH! Apparently, Cooke believes that the First Amendment extends the right to libraries to groom children. There is no possible way a parent can know what is in every book in the library. No parent has the time to go through a list of books in the library and opt their child out of reading books that are on a list provided by an organization or a state representative. This process would also take a lot of time for the school staff.

Cooke seems to think the opposition to dirty books is driven by fear. Cooke says he “never found the porn stash” in his high school library. Perhaps the strategy of placing adult books in the young adult sections at schools was not in place at that time. There also weren’t a lot of porn-soaked authors with depraved cross-dressing fetishes writing books either for youth to consume. Adult books are often placed in the young adult section of libraries simply because they won an award. Who did they win an award from? Well the School Library Journal or some other organization that is linked closely to the child groomers at the ALA. This isn’t the oppressive movement Cooke thinks it is, unless he legitimately thinks preventing minors from consuming sexually explicit content about ejaculations, erections, anal sex, oral sex, rape, and strap-ons is oppressing children. Cooke thinks we should never fear books? The propaganda spread from some books in history led to horrible human rights violations. A book that is being read by women in the USA right now is leading many of them to leave their marriages after many years to live the “Untamed” life. Certainly, books impact us, everyone admits that in their arguments. So, why aren’t we protecting the most vulnerable in society from ideas that may harm them until they are more mature?

The local parents who have been vocal about the dirty books in the libraries have been maliciously attacked in the local paper and on social media. The Gillespie County Democrats took out an ad in the local paper calling the parents “extremists”. They make an appeal to authority by claiming the librarians are “trained, certified, and knowledgeable”. They may be trained at their jobs, but they couldn’t possibly have read every book and their training and knowledge are influenced by ALA ethics of protecting books, not children. The irony of their argument “you can make adjustments (to your child’s learning) according to your own personal beliefs”, but you “cannot regulate the learning of other’s children” is that those who wish to expose their children to perversion don’t have a right to subject other people’s children to those materials either. If the groomerific parents and Democrats want to groom kids they should groom their own kids on their own dime and not make the taxpayer complicit. MMB has received complaints from parents that their children have heard excerpts from these perverse books while studying in the library. No doubt, libraries are no longer safe places for children to be. The ALA does want to designate the libraries as “safe spaces” but not for kids. The safe spaces are for perverts to consume materials that indulge their sexual fantasies and fetishes. We must ask why are taxpayers still paying for this. We clearly only have the illusion of local control.

The Democratic Party in Fredricksburg also partnered with an organization that calls itself Librotraficante (which means “book traffickers” in Spanish. This organization was formed as a result of ethnic studies being removed from schools in Arizona. The ethnic studies program may have been legit, or maybe it was Marxist trash. Their event was called a celebration of books.

The video of their event is below. Christine Granados led the event and she announcedin the video below that she sits on the book review committee. Also in the video, Tony Diaz announces that they are launching an “underground library” in Fredricksburg where they will distribute the “banned books” to children in the community. The underground library is located at the Democratic Party Office which is at 209 N. Crocket Ste 1 in Fredricksburg, TX. The Democrat Party is officially groomers. The same tired argument that kids are exposed to inappropriate content online is trodded out again. Parents have been fighting that battle in their homes for years and depending on how resourceful their children are they may or may not be successful, but that doesn’t excuse the schools or libraries for distributing obscene, sexually inappropriate, and explicit materials to minors.

The local paper included this cartoon depicting a child reading under a blanket in the dark. He must not be reading one of the books being opposed by parents or this picture would be too inappropriate for MMB to post.

Another large ad ran in the local paper, this time by “parents of FISD students”.

Apparently, some parents are very concerned that their children will not know enough about masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, strap-on dildos, and other disgusting sex acts no child should learn about in school. The parents who took out this ad think the simple remedy is for parents to know all of the content in the libraries and for parents to then be able to prevent the child from accessing those materials. That isn’t simple though and it won’t prevent the children from being exposed to it. Moreover, the larger problem is the sexual and political grooming that is affecting these children will impact them for the rest of their lives regardless of where it happens. We have a moral responsibility to protect all children, not just those who reside with us.

Christine Granados, who is supposed to be an unbiased member of the book review committee started a petition to keep the books on the shelves (see below). Granados characterizes this as a “political movement” when it is really a parental rights movement. The only political movement is the Democrat’s response to this as “book banning” and casting all the parents and taxpayers as “right-wing extremists”. Surely, there are some sane Democrats who aren’t on board with grooming children and can see that at least some of the challenged books are extremely inappropriate for minors, especially in an educational setting where parents have a reasonable expectation that the books will be appropriate and in line with state guidances for health and human sexuality instruction for the state.

Freadom, an ALA initiative to characterize concerned citizens as book banners launched in Texas and was spearheaded by three Texas Librarians. Freadom is just another arm of ALA which fights removing dirty books from school libraries under the guise of defending First Amendment rights. The Freadom Fighters activist librarians provide tips on how to counter challenges from parents on their website.

The Democrats and activist librarians like to accuse the parents and concerned citizens of stoking division in the community but it is the coordination efforts of the librarian activists and their gaslighting campaigns that create division.

Parents and concerned citizens want to feel heard, they simply want appropriate boundaries for children in the library. When we used to go to the video store to check out videos parents didn’t have to walk their children past X-rated videos. Those items were either in an adult-only room or in an adult video store and covered in sticky egg-white-like stuff that you read about in the perverse books these activist groomers want to be left on shelves for children to consume.

Libraries should operate with some boundaries to protect the children and patrons from horny, porn-fueled perverts who access materials online and on the shelves and they should prevent the corruption of minors by not dispensing obscene and hypersexual materials to them.

The parents in Fredricksburg, TX that thought they were living in a picturesque family-friendly haven have awakened not only to find their children being indoctrinated and groomed but to find a taxpayer-funded, well organized, Goliath of an advocacy organization working to undermine their values and demonize them as “book burners”, “extremists”, and “censors”.

This character assasinations fueled by ALA’s charization of parents as book banners and censors creates a very unfriendly environment peoole in small towns who just wanted to live a simple life raising their children according to their convictions, sending their children to the schools their tax dollars pay for.

One local resident posted memes encouraging kids to read the dirty books that are being challenged!!!

This meme was posted by a local parent who supports the dirty book in schools

MMB is working on donating some books to the Fredricksburg school and public libraries and will be paying a visit to the “underground library” to donate some books too. Let’s see how committed to diversity and inclusion and not censoring anything these Democrats and dirty book advocates are when books like “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality” by MassResistance and children’s books that advise children that they are perfect as they are get donated to their libraries.

Why are taxpayers funding the change agents and groomers in our communities? We should stop funding libraries and repurpose the buildings as community activity centers guided by local ordinances and codes for their use. Stop funding child grooming and Marxist change agent centers!

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