The Trouble with Gays Against Groomers and Conservatives, Christians and Pro-family Activists

GAG to the rescue!

Gays Against Groomers (GAG) launched this summer and amassed a following of 118K followers as of November of this year. They are the gay equivalent of Libs of TikTok. Mad Momma Bear has said for years that gays should police their own community. This was especially true when MMB and MassResistance Texas exposed drag queen sex offenders entertaining kids in public libraries in 2019.

So, what took the LGBT so long to organize and push back? I think the answer can be found in the following video which was posted to Twitter recently. It features the founder of GAG, Jaimee Michell, telling another woman who apparently professed to be a lesbian supporting a child-grooming initiative that she was “harming” the LGBTQ community and that she was the reason that LGBTQ rights are going to be rolled back.

Jaimee Michelle, “you’re harming our movement. You’re the reason that our rights are going to get rolled back.”

In another post to social media GAG stated that being invited to Tucker Carlson Tonight was a “major win for our community”. Maybe GAG is serious about protecting children, who knows? They are serious about protecting their community from backlash and stigma. That is clear.

MMB is pleased to see some in the homosexual community standing against the absurdity of drag shows for kids and teachers uploading their gender identities and sexual identities to children in public schools. The sexualizing of kids has been going on for decades. Pro-family organizations have been fighting the sexualization of minors for many decades. Unlike many culture war activists and onlookers, MMB has some real concerns about conservatives and Christians aligning with Gays Against Groomers or its sister organization Trans Against Groomers.

First, Gays Against Groomers are adults in the lifestyles that paved the way for all of the child sexual grooming that we are seeing today. They embraced the Transgender movement and the money that Big Gay raised helped the trans lobby too. Although many would like to separate the LGB from the T now, we simply cannot forget or rewrite history. MMB is certainly not ready to let any part of the neo-morality movement off the hook.

As I was working on this blog post I was alerted to an event with GAG in Fairfax County, VA with Stacy Langton, the original Mama Grizzly who has taken on the school board there. I watched her press conference with Kelly Jay Keen, the UK Feminist that has taken on the trans cult to defend children and women from the radical trans ideology. I couldn’t state the problem with GAG more succinctly than Stacy Langton did at the rally. “You cannot be a man in a dress and advocate against the error of gender ideology,” she said. She isn’t wrong.

Stacy Langton Calls Out GAG, “You cannot be a man in a dress and advocate against the error of gender ideology”.

A cursory look at the Gays Against Groomers website reveals that there are several of their team members who openly cross-dress and present as members of the opposite sex (trans “women” and trans “men”). Obviously, many of their team are homosexuals. Let’s take a look at a handful of their team members and then discuss the wisdom (or lack of) of conservative, Christian, and parental rights organizations partnering with GAG.

The GAG “Team” page has been recently updated to quietly remove rock star Ricky Rebel who performed a hypersexual song with disgusting lyrics with children.

Ricky Rebel dances to “Hypersexuality” with children. Lyrics refer to sexual acts such as “Get on that dick, baby”

The screenshot of a portion of the GAG page from a month ago has Ricky Rebel shown as a team member.

Ricky Rebel has an Only Fans page. How many of these Gays Against Groomers have Only Fans pages?

Ricky Rebel attended the Grammy’s in a pair of chaps with a thong up his butt with the words “Impeach This” written on his butt cheeks. Does this look like a man who is serious about being against grooming kids?

Not missing from the GAG page is a female-to-male porn star, Buck Angel, who sells adult sex toys designed for FTM transsexuals. MMB covered this “child advocate” months ago here when we noticed that Deb Fillman who has partnered with Independent Women’s Network (known for speaking against men in women’s sports) had Buck Angel on her platform for an interview.

If you think that males and females should share private spaces like public bathrooms and changing rooms then Buck Angel is your kind of activist. She has advocated for gender-neutral bathrooms. What kind of adult thinks this is okay? Buck has no problem walking around nude in front of men at a gym as she admits in this interview: “I walk around naked in the gym at the YMCA in Hollywood every fucking day, showing off my vagina to all these dudes. Do you know who says a word to me? Nobody. Nobody says anything to me. There I am, walking the world free, not giving a shit, because I don’t.”

In a 2016 interview, Buck Angel said of young trans kids:

“They call me Tranpa now because I am an older trans guy, and all the kids are like ‘Tranpa, Tranpa, what do we do?’ They are scared, and I tell them, relax, you can’t have fear. Fear is how we ended up here. We have to stop fighting with each other. We have to stop worrying about who is more trans than the next person. We need to come together in the community and be much more powerful. That’s what I tell the kids. Come together with all of our community. We should be loving and hugging each other right now. There is power in numbers. The more we love each other, the more we respect each other, the harder it will be for them to pull us apart.”

In yet another video, with transsexual and apparent MTF autogynephile, Blaire White ( trans social media influencer who is also with GAG), Angel says in the video interview that kids need to see what an amazing life Buck has because she transitioned. Sure, being a fetish porn star is a real measure of success. Buck says he has kids writing him every day. Why is a pornographer talking to kids at all? It is just irresponsible for adults to be platforming Buck Angel. GAG is cool with this? And as for Blaire White, he is a social media influencer. Loads of kids are seeing his videos and thinking they can transition and pass as easily as he appears to pass. How is this not a measure of grooming?

GAG also includes two drag queens, one of whom has been speaking out against kids being at drag shows for a few years now, Kitty Demure, who is openly gay and has “come out” as a Republican as well. Demure Kitty has several Youtube videos sharing his political opinions, parodies, and makeup tips. To be clear, MMB has no problem with Demure Kitty speaking out or his politics. His video admonishing adults for taking kids to drag shows went viral in 2019. He has said he would not perform for children. MMB does not think it is appropriate for pro-family activists to partner with drag queens regardless of how conservative they may be or how much we may like that particular drag queen.

The other drag queen is Lady MAGA, a regular fixture at MAGA rallies. MMB appreciates that Lady MAGA states the obvious, that drag is not for kids. But Lady MAGA has been at rallies where families are waiting to see Trump. Lady MAGA is grooming the adults to embrace drag as something other than the erotic, fetishistic, porn-influenced, seedy bar entertainment that it is. Drag is erotic and drag clubs are often places that facilitate drug use and prostitution. Drag shouldn’t be any part of conservatism unless conservatives have completely abandoned defending the natural family.

While these drag queens definitely say all the right things about leaving the kids out of adult performances and stopping child gender modifications, if conservatives are serious about these issues they will learn to fight these things intelligently without having to hide behind drag queens to shed the stigma that they are bigots. Lady MAGA’s appearances in public places only help further the left’s narrative that drag can be innocent and family-friendly. Drag always promotes drag culture. Conservatives, Christians, and pro-family activists do not need to be carried on the backs of homosexual men in drag. They need to shed their fears of being stigmatized as homophobic and speak the truth about unnatural sexual behaviors and harmful ideologies. As we embrace gay men as pro-family, conservative, Christian allies to save children we are diminishing our efforts to save the natural family. The LGB eroded parental rights, marriage, free speech, and religious freedom with the help of the minority T population.

Another member of the GAG team, Arielle Scarcella, has an Only Fans account where she “posts all the photos and videos that she is not allowed to post on here (Instagram)”.

Scarcella posts pictures of her butt and various pictures of herself with other women on her Only Fans. Some of the pictures are of her spanking her lovers. She also asks her fans if they want to buy some of the dirty clothes she wears on her Only Fans account. By “clothes” she presumably means underwear. Gross!

GAG Scarcella describes “all the ways to go down” on a woman.

Arielle Scarcella’s YouTube channel is full of perverse videos describing how lesbians use strap-ons, have threesomes, and all the ways lesbians have sex. The videos do not appear to have a warning for age for this type of content. A sampling of her Youtube titles can be seen in the video below:

Either the Conservative, pro-family, and Christian activists just do not know what the LGBTQ lifestyles are really about because the media and Hollyweird have been so effective at sanitizing the lifestyles to the point that everyone believes LGBTQ lifestyles resemble a Hallmark movie or these organizations and activists that partner with GAG are so eager to appear tolerant that they are ready to give up most of the battle for the family and our children without even knowing it. Do the conservative mothers at Moms for Liberty who have partnered with GAG think drag queens, men who say they are women (and who likely access women’s facilities), an exhibitionist bisexual rock star, and a sex-positive lesbian will carry us across the finish line to protect children?

We must consider rising transsexual conservative star, Sara Higdon, who is also on the GAG team, but not before we say happy anniversary to his “new vagina”. Did he have an old one? Do we as conservatives, Christians, pro-family activists agree with men having surgeries and presenting as women? If your answer is that we don’t care what grown adults do as long as they keep it away from children, you haven’t considered the plight of the transwidow or the children of trans-identifying (mostly AGP males). You also are probably not considering the implications of men identifying into womanhood as it relates to women’s achievements in sports and professional organizations. Nor have you considered how it affects women in prison, the recording of crime by “women”, or how it impacts women in bathrooms and changing rooms where children also go. How do pro-family, Christian, and conservative activists square their partnering with GAG? Earlier this year, a man who resembles a silicone woman mask identified into the girl’s facilities at a swim meet at Penn State and was confronted by no-nonsense women’s rights activist Kelly-Jay Keen.

Dawn Ennis (left) accessed women’s restrooms at Penn State swim meet. On the right is a silicone mask of woman’s face worn in “White Chics”.

Speaking of men in women’s restrooms, the following video comes to mind.

Not a GAG but men accessing women’s spaces is just so creepy and wrong no matter who does it.
Sara (Garrett) Higdon explains how he got into activism, and he says “most children don’t need medical transition”.

Sara describes himself as a “transwoman”. This is such unsound garbage. There is no other subcategory of womanhood. There are men and there are women. No child should ever be transitioned and neither should an adult. As conservatives, pro-family activists, and Christians align with transsexuals to fight against grooming children, they must realize that the movement they are relying on which appears to be very well-funded only wants to argue that age is the issue for transition. If we accept this we have narrowed our argument against transitioning to age. Some states already set the age of medical majority at 16 years old. We are abandoning reasonable arguments such as fraudulent studies, shoddy research, legal fiction, and the untold harms of gender transition.

In this article for Human Events, Sara Higdon says that if Ulta had simply said “The beauty of transwomen” in its recent segment featuring a creepy pervert autogynephile instead of referring to the man as a woman, that it would have been accurate and non-offensive to women. EXCUSE ME!! Does this man with a “new vagina” dare to speak for women? It is patently offensive that a man claims to be any kind of woman, even the made-up, medicalized kind that is cut on with a surgical knife to create the “look”.

Sara Higdon seems harmless. He is rather kind and not overly confrontational. He doesn’t block people on Twitter when there is a disagreement. The problem really is that like the other examples provided Higdon leads conservatives, Christians, and pro-family activists to compromise. Case in point, in a recent Twitter squabble, Higdon defended sex work as valid work. Do any of us want our children to grow up to be sex workers? Higdon dismisses the harm and coercion in the sex trade. Sara Higdon is saying the exact things about sex work that we want not said to our kids in schools. As long as sex work, porn, gay marriage, (insert immoral lifestyle here) is legal and defended as valid then you can expect it to be taught to children in public schools as something they need to celebrate, promote, and endorse. Cannot have those pesky family values causing little ones to grow up with wholesome values and turn into “bigots”.

Higdon also has no problem with the NFL making a large donation to The Trevor Project and thinks it was a “plus”.

The Trevor Project is a bunch of super groomers. The Trevor Project instructs children on how to hide their browser history from their parents and to communicate with them without their parents knowing. A mother of a trans-identifying child also found that a great deal of grooming was taking place on the Trevor Project’s chat space which allows children to talk to adults about their sexual behaviors and identities online. You cannot be serious about safeguarding children and think that this is a good organization that corporations should donate to. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that the groomer gangs use the guise of preventing suicides and bullying to access children and groom them in the LGBTQ sexual ethic.

Post taken from The Trevor Project’s Facebook Page

GAG also includes ShapeShifter, a “detransitioner” that has shared his painful regret of having “sex change” or “bottom surgery”. His story and those like his should be shared. The regret of losing his penis because nobody told him “NO” is tragic. However, this man appears to be very porn-sick still. He is seen below with MTF (penis still intact) porn star Kendall Penny whose social media features video after video of him self-pleasuring himself of having sex with multiple men. Trust MMB and don’t look. Shape Shifter isn’t detransitioning though. He remains in girl mode. He simply wishes he had a penis. That’s regret, not detransitioning.

Photo from Shape Shifter’s social media
From the social media of Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter gave an interview in which he described his disappointment post-op.

‘I was happy maybe for a month or two but then got even more depressed after surgery. My neo-vagina started constricting. I thought I was going to spread my legs and get f****d and that never really happened after I gave away my penis.   

‘I was online telling people how depressed I was. A lot of people thought it was because of the surgery… but I had no energy, I was so lethargic, I had brain fog, and no sex drive at all. I then found that all the tranny-chasers stopped following me and I was competing with other women for men.’

It is very sad that people like Shape Shifter are harmed irreversibly by doctors and therapists. These stories do need to be told and we should have compassion for them and demand help for them from the doctors and hospitals that did this to them. However, as you can see, pro-family activists, conservatives, and Christians should not partner with just anyone who identifies as a detransitioner.

In this video, Shape Shifter says it isn’t a fetish…okay, sure. But he also admits the surgery lowered his sex drive.

The following posts illustrate some of the flawed reasoning of the Gays Against Groomers to illustrate why they aren’t the allies in the pro-family movement that conservatives and Christians think they are:

Matt Antor comments on a transwoman attempting to breastfeed a baby

In the above video, Matt Antor of GAG gets everything right except for one critical thing. He slams the transwoman for attempting to breastfeed a newborn, but acts as a trans apologist by stating that “normal trans people don’t do this”. MMB disagrees and knows from first-hand experience with this issue. No, it is not just activists that want to do such a thing. Anyone who is delusional enough to insist they are the opposite sex and have themselves butchered is definitely committed enough to the fantasy to think they can breastfeed. MMB included this only to demonstrate how the GAG are compromised in their thinking and is working to compromise the pro-family movement. Or should I say “groom” conservatives into abandoning the fight for the natural family by having us accept that some trans are “normal” and drag queens, porn stars, and lesbians with Only Fans are virtuous?

The post below from GAG claims that gender-nonconforming youth grow up to be gay and lesbian kids. The reason so many children end up identifying as gay is because adults say stupid things to them, their peers say things to them and they are bullied for being different from the average kids of their sex. They are not born gay. Children who have gender-non-conforming behavior are not gay or trans. It is just as disgusting of adults and peers to assume a child wants to be sodomized, wear strap-ons, and engage in other deviant sexual behaviors as it is to assume they are born in the wrong body. Just because one involves third parties medicalizing and operating on the child later doesn’t make it significantly worse. Both render the child a patient for life, leaving them dependent on the medical industrial complex for life be it for hormones, Prep (to prevent HIV), or to aid in the conception of children outside of natural methods.

Why would any adult assume a child is gay? The GAG should be asking that question as well. But they aren’t. The born this way narrative is the argument that “gay rights” hinges on.

GAG is correct, no child is born in the wrong body. Neither are any adults. And nobody is born gay.

In the following post, Moms for Liberty chimes in to claim that the children who are being transitioned by hospitals are gay kids. Conservatives, Christians, and Pro-family activists must reject this claim. No child is born gay, and no child is born in the wrong body.

It is very sad and disturbing to see Moms 4 Liberty pushing the born this way narrative. Children are not born gay!

Several conservatives and conservative organizations (or those that seem conservative) have partnered with GAG. And what is the harm in it really, you might ask? Don’t we all agree that grooming children is wrong? Sure, if you really believe GAG is sincere about stopping the grooming of children then we agree. However, it is ineffective to fight for the family with the very people who are grooming the conservatives, Christians, and pro-family activists to accept the born-this-way narrative and to accept trans-identities and all the complex social consequences that come with it. Conservatives have become the submissives with the LGBT playing the role of dominatrix in the culture wars. If we want to really protect children and the natural family we must reject the notion that trans, gays, lesbians, porn stars, and drag queens are the voice of the pro-family movement.

If an organization cannot call a man a man then that organization is as impotent as the castrated male who has undergone transition when it comes to the fight for the family and for children. MMB is not saying the tragic stories of harm aren’t valid or needed. MMB is also not saying that LGBT should be silent in the face of blatant grooming. MMB has said for many years that the LGBT community’s silence was complicity. So, the intent is not to shame them for their efforts.

The exposing of their social media, Only Fans Pages, and bad takes is not to shame the GAGs. It is to reveal to the conservatives, Christians, and Pro-family activists that our differences do matter. You cannot effectively fight against child gender modification if you think at some age all the fraud, malpractice, and shoddy research behind transgender medicine is okay for adults. If age is the only thing holding back the transition we will simply see more studies coming forward from the interested parties that make money on gender modification of minors that support the procedures as safe and effective.

You cannot fight against child sexualization if you think at some magical age a person can sell ownership of their body for the enjoyment of another. The curriculum and books in schools we are trying to remove promote sex work as legitimate work. Schools are now promoting porn “literacy” and are taking an indifferent view of porn, rather than saying it is harmful. If we stand with porn stars and people with Only Fans pages, or who are exhibitionists we are sending the signal to the next generation that these things are okay and we are not serious about fighting them. We are signaling that there are only a few short years for which some things are off-limits because of age. We aren’t protecting innocence as a virtue and that is a mistake.

You cannot fight for the family if you seek to redefine marriage. If we have accepted that there is no difference between holy matrimony and homosexual marriage then we have accepted the separation of sex from marriage as a holy union meant for procreation. The acceptance of sex as merely for pleasure sprung forward and harmed the family. Conservatives should get back to protecting the family and natural marriage and concern ourselves less with whether our positions on sex and marriage are outdated or seen as homophobic. Our views should be shaped by what is good for children and for Christians what God’s design is for the family.

You cannot effectively fight against transgender ideology if you believe that men can identify as women. Conservatives have the opportunity now to advance the pro-family movement and protect the natural family and children. We will squander that opportunity if we do not object wholesale to gender ideology. That means we do not merely object to children transitioning or men in women’s sports and spaces. It means we object to the legal fiction and science fiction that is gender ideology and we ban it from society, thereby rendering the men in dresses to what they truly are: crossdressers.

One thought on “The Trouble with Gays Against Groomers and Conservatives, Christians and Pro-family Activists

  1. Such a strong piece. I just sent it to a woman who’s partnering her org with Mom Army who’s partnered with GAG. She didn’t know any of this. Not sure if she’ll fall in line anyway like all the rest, but it’s worth a try.


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