Grooming the Boomers, the Grooming of the Right by Virtuous Perverts! (part 1)

The phrase “Okay Groomer” has been thrown around a lot lately. There is no doubt that children need safeguarding from the sexual grooming that persists in our culture. But while parents are demanding an end to the normalization of “sex change”, the “born in the wrong body” dogma, and LGBTQ sexual identities to their children, many influencers are platforming transsexuals, porn stars, homosexuals, and drag queens. Why do so many “conservative” (and centrist) social media influencers platform pornstars, drag queens, and homosexuals anytime they happen to agree with them on the matter of grooming kids? It is almost as if there is an effort to not only groom kids but to groom the adults who are politically right of the radical Democrats that have been entirely captured by the neo-morality movement. Are we so insecure in our positions that we must highlight when a pervert agrees with us? What is our fascination with “virtuous perverts”? Do we not see the infiltration for what it is? Do we not see the grooming of the adults right before us? We are accepting the notion that all things are equal but not all things may be appropriate for children.

Do we need a drag queen to confirm drag queens are not for kids? Do we really need to hear from men who identify as women or women who identify as men that children should not be making these life-altering decisions? Why is it so important to hear from them? Does a man who passes as a woman in appearance with breast implants in a bustier (Blaire White) really offer a whole lot of insight into the issue? Does a FTM transsexual pornographer really have something useful to add to the conversation? What does Buck Angel, the “man with a pussy”, really have to add to the conversation? Is this just a new grift? Do certain social media influencers whether they be conservative or former porn stars or transsexuals just see an opportunity to get more likes and shares, maybe sell some merch? There are more examples than MMB can mention in one post, so this will be a topic that MMB will revisit in future posts. Let’s start with Conservative influencers promoting transsexual activist, porn star, and sex toy manufacturer, Buck Angel.

Buck Angel, who refers to herself as “the man with a pussy” has been platformed by conservative icon Charlie Kirk and recently was featured on FOX News. In the FOX News segment Buck Angel says that some children can benefit from being put on puberty blockers (at approximately the 2:35 minute mark). While Angel does recognize that the gender medical industry has relaxed its standards (if it ever really had any) regarding qualifying children for “treatments” for their gender dysphoria, Angel has been the tip of the sphere for transgender activism not just in the USA but abroad. Why do we need to hear from this transsexual pornstar with breast removed and a hormonally induced, enlarged clitoris? What unique perspective does Angel provide that a detransitioner couldn’t provide?

Why do FOX News and other conservatives, independents, and libertarians believe we need to hear from this individual? It smells like controlled opposition to MMB. Buck Angel says that social transition is okay. This ignores the reality that social transition is just a pathway to future medical transition almost 100% of the time. So, what Angel is advocating for is merely delaying the transition because the puberty blockers don’t allow normal puberty and can create problems that are lifelong. But of course, Buck says there are some exceptions. That is the slippery and unscientific slope that got us to this point. Social transition does not give children time to figure out who they are or get comfortable with themselves, it cements the confusion.

Is this person someone we would look to for a reasonable response?

Buck Angel, taken from the Facebook page of Buck Angel.
Buck Angel is a transsexual porn star that refers to herself as “the man with a pussy”. From Angel’s social media. Angel has “Pervert” tattooed on her back.
In this social media post Buck Angel explains being swept into the leather community during her transition.
At a leather convention, Buck Angel gets her boots shined…. and licked. This is a fetish in the homosexual male community.
Buck Angel having her boot licked at a leather convention
Buck Angel speaking at a Men of Leather Conference…note the packer creating a bulge.

What exactly goes on at the leather daddy conventions? Pup Play, BDSM, anal hooking, all kinds of disgusting torture in the name of “sex positivity” as Buck Angel would call it. This is who social media influencers think we should listen to? How many young women have also been “swept into” the leather scene as they transitioned? How many young women have been influenced by pornography? Young women graduating high school a few years ago sought anal bleaching, pubic waxing, boob jobs, and vaginal beautification b/c of the influence of porn on the culture. How much so then has porn featuring transmen influenced young women? We all know that children are accessing porn at younger and younger ages now. Buck Angel does not get immunity for spreading harm through pornography simply because on one issue he now agrees with conservatives, kind of.

Buck Angel says he is a “human rights activist”. Children are humans, they have a right to be protected from pornography. They also need to be protected from harmful narratives that support gender ideology. Buck Angel has been a part of pushing that narrative for decades. Buck Angel also uses the protected status of being trans to his advantage.

Buck Angel claiming to report someone for “transphobia”.
Another post by Buck Angel claims to report someone for transphobia.

Buck Angel claims not to speak for the whole trans community, so why is anyone even talking to Buck Angel about transitioning minors? Buck Angel has spoken for the trans community many times, including advocating for gender-neutral restrooms.

In the above post, Buck Angel says the bathroom issue isn’t black and white. This is what people who don’t accept truth often say. All things are subjective to them. And for a transsexual, sex is also not black and white, sex is what they say it is. The issue then is much bigger than a restroom, it is the whole idea that transitioning in law and in appearance as “therapy” encompasses. Are these things really resolving the issue? Is a legal document that claims someone is of the opposite sex a magical piece of paper or even a medical treatment? Should all of society be subjected to these edicts to deny reality because it makes some people feel better? Should all of society reorder itself to accommodate those who wish to present as the opposite sex? We really do not have to talk to Buck Angel to ask these questions and to ponder the impact that legal and medical transition is having on society and on youth. Buck has no problem walking around nude in front of men at a gym as he admits in this interview: “I walk around naked in the gym at the YMCA in Hollywood every fucking day, showing off my vagina to all these dudes. Do you know who says a word to me? Nobody. Nobody says anything to me. There I am, walking the world free, not giving a shit, because I don’t.”

Even social media influencers with relatively few followers have given Buck Angel a platform. Buck Angel is interviewed by Deb Fillman who has a YouTube channel called The Reason We Learn. The YouTuber seems concerned with childhood transition, so it is interesting that she interviewed someone who was a pioneer of sex change, was the first transman porn star, and who has parroted the “transition saved my life” narrative for decades. The kids didn’t invent this narrative, they got it from the adult trans “rights” activists like Buck Angel. It’s like the person who invented the atom bomb not taking any responsibility for it harming children when it explodes and then going on tour to warn about the danger the atom bomb poses to children. But not only does Buck Angel not take any responsibility for influencing young people to transition, she is being entirely let off the hook by those platforming her like FOX News, Charlie Kirk, and others. Buck Angel refers to himself as “tranpa” and an elder in the community. She said the following about trans kids in 2016:

“They call me Tranpa now because I am an older trans guy, and all the kids are like ‘Tranpa, Tranpa, what do we do?’ They are scared, and I tell them, relax, you can’t have fear. Fear is how we ended up here. We have to stop fighting with each other,” Angel said. “We have to stop worrying about who is more trans than the next person. We need to come together in the community and be much more powerful. That’s what I tell the kids. Come together with all of our community. We should be loving and hugging each other right now. There is power in numbers. The more we love each other, the more we respect each other, the harder it will be for them to pull us apart.”

Nowadays, Buck Angel sells sex toys for transmen even if her porn is still available all over the web and apparently, according to GenderMapper, Buck Angel’s Only Fans is still active. File that under “Porn has no age”, if true. Yuck! You can see one of the sex toys that Buck Angel sells on the shelf behind Buck Angel in the interview. Fillman, however, isn’t a conservative and seems to lean Libertarian.

That’s the “Buck Off” up on the shelf in the background during Fillman’s interview. LOL.

I wonder if the people who interview Buck Angel get some free merch? Will we see Debra Fillman or Charlie Kirk wearing this t-shirt?

Buck has been grifting on this issue for a few years now and a simple Google search does not give any returns for Buck testifying at any legislature to protect kids from transitioning as a child.

If you wanted some really weak legislation then you would enlist the help of Buck Angel to testify on the issue of gender reassignment for children. Angel repeats the narrative of the gender therapists and thinks some children should transition. She also thinks social transition has no consequence, but it does. Socially transitioning a child doesn’t permit them the opportunity to grow out of their dysphoria and they typically go on to transition medically. Children socially transition as young as two years old, that is far too early to be making a decision that contradicts reality for life. At least 80% of children who were studied under the watchful waiting model desisted and became accepting of their God-given sex after puberty.

Buck wants kids to know they can get a sex change? Buck thinks people have a right to hoist a lie upon society and that perpetuating that lie is “treatment”. This is not an advocate for children or for “human rights”.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the platforming of MFT transsexual Blaire White, who is politically conservative. White, who is a social media influencer that always has his fake breasts pushed up nearly to his chin, recently had Buck Angel on his show to talk about children transitioning…a favorite topic of White’s the last year or so. Because White has been critical of children transitioning conservatives have swooned over him. White transitioned at just 20 years old and is currently 28 years old. How many young people believe they will be able to pass and be an internet-famous influencer like Blaire White after seeing his videos? In the video interview Angel says that kids need to see what an amazing life Buck has because she transitioned. Sure, being a fetish porn star is a real measure of success. Buck says he has kids writing him every day. Why is a pornographer talking to kids at all? It is just irresponsible for adults to be platforming Buck Angel.

It is shocking that so many adults feel they need to platform a man who has added breasts to his body and a woman who has removed her breasts from her body in order to better understand the issue of transitioning children. It is even more shocking and disappointing when conservatives platform them, especially when those adults claim to care about children. It would make more sense for those who want to stop the transitioning of minors to amplify the voices of detransitioners and experts in the fields that have been completely captured by transgender ideology but are rejecting the shoddy and fraudulent research.

While the drag queens are grooming children in schools, libraries, and gay bars, adult transsexuals are grooming the right on social media. Conservatives eagerly share and like the videos and posts by these prolific grifters. It is almost like conservatives and libertarians who oppose the transitioning of children are saying “Look! A transsexual agrees with me. See, I am not transphobic”! If we really want to be serious about protecting children we need to be very careful about who we take advice from and who we platform. There is an effort underway to weaken the protections being sought to protect children from the predatory gender industry. When we platform trans activists who claim transitioning saved their lives we do children no favors.

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