Hamburger Mary’s and Their Sacrificial “Little Lambs”, Family-Friendly Drag Shows?

July 12, 2022 – This past Sunday opposing groups gathered on opposite sides of the street in front of Hamburger Mary’s in Houston, Texas. A protest of Hamburger Mary’s was planned by Kelly Neidert’s organization, Protect Texas Kids. “Protect Texas Kids went out and protested because not enough people know that Hamburger Mary’s is allowing kids inside all of their drag shows. There needs to be more public outrage and we want to bring attention to what’s going on there,” said Kelly Neidert. MMB asked Neidert what she hoped the response would be to protesting establishments that allow drag performances for or with children. “Going forward, I hope that people rethink taking their children to these events, and I hope Hamburger Mary’s and similar venues rethink allowing children inside. I’m also hopeful that legislation gets passed to ban these events from taking place in front of children,” responded Neidert.

Some contend that Hamburger Mary’s is a private business and should be able to conduct its business as the owners see fit, even if that means allowing drag performers to perform for and with children. Supporters of drag shows with/for children also say it is the parent’s right to take a child to see drag shows as that is their call to make. At MMB we disagree with both of those defenses of drag for kids. There are all kinds of laws that prohibit actions toward minors and limit what a minor can be engaged in. Likewise, businesses are regulated for the benefit of the public and are limited in what they are allowed to do and regulate how they do business. It is not unreasonable for the state to weigh in in order to protect children from obscene, lewd, sexually prurient entertainment for children. Drag is inherently sexual. Drag culture is filled with erotica, kink, fetishism, pornography, drugs, and prostitution. The shows that are taking place with minors present aren’t always “family-friendly”, but even if they were it would still be marketing drag to children and that is unacceptable. Making children sacrificial lambs for the gay agenda (which appears to be to make all children future trans, drag queens, or bottoms or all of the above) is simply reprehensible. Hamburger Mary’s has baked marketing to children into their business model with “kid-friendly shows” on the weekends and a “Little Lambs” kids menu.

Young girls prepare to hand dollars to drag performers at Hamburger Mary’s, according to Hamburger Mary’s Facebook page this was posted on a Friday night.

The owner of the local Hamburger Mary’s, Greg Ramos, said in a recent interview with LGBTQ magazine, OutSmart, “Our entertainers know how to do kid-friendly shows. We’ll be very family-friendly during the day and the brunches. But at night it can be a bit spicy.”

From Hamburger Mary’s Facebook page, they say their brunches are “kid-friendly”.

Tayler Hansen of Next News Network captured this footage from inside the drag brunch on Sunday, July 11th. He reported that multiple minors were present.

Outside the venue Drew Hernandez captured this video which shows counter-protesters supporting the drag queens with children chanting “Death to America”, “F*ck You Devil”, “Death to the oppressor”, “Kill yourself Nazi Pig”, “F*cking Devil Oppressor”. One of the LGBTQ activists shouted, “Y’all get at this bomb ass pussy. Why are you scared?” and “Y’all are going to go home and jerk off to this later”.

Protesters supporting the drag queens with children held signs that said “Hail Satan” and “God is Gay”.

In 2019, MassResistance Texas exposed a drag queen sex offender that had been participating in the Drag Queen Story Time at Houston Public Libraries. That drag queen, Tatiana Mala Nina, whose birth name was Albert Garza, was a convicted sex offender. Garza was also a host at Hamburger Mary’s drag brunches which are advertised as “kid friendly” on their own social media.

The Montrose Star reported that the sex offender drag queen had been working at Hamburger Mary’s where he interacted with children.

Raging Elephants Radio reported the findings by Tracy Shannon of MassResistance Texas in 2019, that a drag queen story hour reader who was discovered to be a sex offender was also the host of drag brunches at Hamburger Mary’s where he interacted with children. Shannon revealed that MassResistance had received an anonymous tip from an employee of Hamburger Mary’s letting them know that the sex offender had been working there, engaging with children, and that the establishment had not done a background check. When the sex offender was exposed the restaurant manager quickly went about hiding any associations with the drag queen formerly known as Tatiana Mala-Nina.

Screen shot of email from former employee of Hamburger Mary’s

This past Sunday the performers appeared to include Roofie Dubois (who also performs under the name Rainbow or Norvina Rainbow Dubois) and whose real name is Triston Creighton along with performer Jazelle Barbie Royale. The shows have been hosted by Lady Shamu (Pablo Martineze), an elderly drag queen in the past. Roofie Dubois was part of the Drag Queen Story Hour program at the Houston Public Library with the sex offender drag queen, Tatiana Mala-Nina, who also performed for the drag brunches at Hamburger Mary’s.

Let’s take a look at a few of the drag queens that we know to be performing at Hamburger Mary’s with children:

Roofie Dubois/Norvina Rainbow Dubois aka Triston Creighton- Roofie Dubois seems to work the Houston gay clubs primarily.

Roofie Dubois/Norvina Rainbow Dubois (Triston Creighton)
Roofie Dubois/Norvina Rainbow Dubois
Roofie Dubois/Norvina Rainbow Dubois
Roofie Dubois/Norvina Rainbow Dubois
Triston Creighton aka Roofie Dubois/Norvina Rainbow Dubois
Wonder what restroom the queens use?
“Get Roofied”, does this seem like an appropriate entertainer to introduce to children?

Jazelle Barbie Royale – Jazelle appears to have arrived when it comes to the drag scene. He is the first trans-identifying black Miss International Queen despite debuting his drag in seedy gay bars in Florida where he did strip tease acts like this and this.

Jazelle Barbie Royale/ Jazelle Lakesha Harvey

Lady Shamu – Lady Shamu is the long-time host of the drag brunches at Hamburger Mary’s Houston. He is an elderly drag queen of the common gay bar variety. He has a most perverse social media presence where he even shares gay porn.

Retweeted by Lady Shamu who follows porn on his Twitter and posted it publicly for all to see.
Absolutely disgusting porn retweeted by Lady Shamu who follows porn on his Twitter and posts it publicly.

Lady Shamu posts some very disturbing memes on his social media:

Does Lady Shamu think that young boys are “cum socks”?
Such a disgusting individual should be nowhere near children. This is on Lady Shamu’s social media.
From Lady Shamu’s social media
Screenshot of a post on Lady Shamu’s social media
Seen on Lady Shamu’s social media. He thinks prostitution is funny?

The social media posts of the drag queens speak for themselves and tell the story of what drag culture is all about. Drag queens and drag culture are not for kids. But that hasn’t stopped Hamburger Mary’s from marketing to children. They even sell a baby onesie promoting their franchise:

Allowing children to attend and participate in drag performances at Hamburger Mary’s is marketing drag entertainment and culture to kids. Children are learning to hand dollar bills to drag queens and even perform for money on stage. Hamburger Mary’s is grooming the next generation of drag queen fans and drag queen performers. They should be ashamed.

Texas State Rep. Bryan Slaton plans to introduce legislation next session to ban children from being present in venues that have adult entertainers performing. MMB certainly looks forward to that common sense legislation.

MadMommaBear is grateful for the work of Kelly Neidert of Protect Texas Kids and hopes that she continues to bring public awareness of the child grooming operations in Texas. It is a great act of humility to put yourself at risk and to take public ridicule for standing up for truth. Great job, Kelly Neidert! Roar!

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