Church Plans Drag Event for Children with Satanic Drag Queen Convicted on Charges of Conspiracy to Murder Several Classmates

Katy, TX – A Texas church, First Christian Church Katy, in a Houston suburb plans drag bingo for “all ages” (which means kids are allowed).  This caught the attention of many Texans who plan to protest the event on Sept 24th simply because drag queens are not for kids. 

Screenshot of the Event Announcement from First Christian Church Katy (Disciples of Christ) Facebook page.

As the event drew nearer, Tracy Shannon, Texas Director for MassResistance, and Kevin Whitt of Culture Warriors of America looked into the drag queens that would be entertaining the children and found that one of the drag queen hosts, who goes by the stage name Tisha Flowers and appears to be into the occult, had posted several pictures of himself with satanic imagery on his social media. 

Tisha Flowers, whose real name is indicated as Jaysen Kettl on his Facebook page, was arrested and sentenced at the age of 17 for conspiracy to torture and murder 20 of his classmates according to this Houston Chronicle article uncovered by Kevin Whitt, Founder of Culture Warriors of America. 

From the “About” section of Tisha Flowers’ Facebook page

Jaysen Kettl was arrested and sentenced for conspiracy to murder his classmates in a gruesome plan to kill 20 classmates after torturing them by nailing their hands to tables and chaining them to trees according to this Houston Chronicle article. 

Ironically, the Houston Chronicle wrote this article defending the LGBTQ church having its drag events for kids recently and characterized Christians who disagreed with a church hosting drag events for kids as “hateful”.

The following photos are from the Facebook page of drag queen Tisha Flowers.

Jaysen Kettle aka Tish Flowers
Tisha Flowers (left) wears a dress with the biohazard symbol (which he also has tattooed on his arm). This symbol is known in the MSM community as the symbol for a “bug chaser” which is a man who seeks sex with men who are HIV+

MassResistance Texas, Culture Warriors for America and Protect Texas Kids will protest the drag event for children Saturday, Sept 24th at 5 PM.  “It appears that this drag queen has not outgrown his blood lust from the looks of his social media”, said Shannon.

Update! The church is no longer including this depraved drag queen in the show after MMB reached out to them. Although they are seeming to pretend we just got it wrong to begin with. The screenshots from their social media do not lie.

This church has clearly abandoned any teachings of the Bible and instead has gone full rainbow social justice warrior. They also promote “banned books” and have a collection of “banned books” at the church for kids. There are no “banned books”, there are books that parents have raised concerns about being in schools for children because they are pervasively vulgar and sexually inappropriate.

The “banned books” collection that First Christian Church Katy (Disciples of Pride, er um Christ) promotes.
The church promotes pronouns and transgenderism
More Social Justice messaging in the church coffee bar.
“intentionally progressive”
What exactly are they worshipping at this church?
Join us for our Pride Worship?
Who invited the Pride Pastor to pray at a school board meeting in Cy-Fair ISD?
Look how excited they are to share about Jesus….oh!
Hey, this pastor loves you and will spread some glitter ashes on your head at Starbucks Coffee on Ash Wednesday.
Glitter ashes for Ash Wednesday….the pastor administers the ashes at Starbucks. Because clearly glitter and coffee are central to Ash Wednesday.
Does she love you enough to tell you the truth? Is she leading children into sin?
This pastor needs prayers.

281.492.2693 is the number for the church. Rev. Heather Tolleson is the senior pastor of this church. The church should hear from the community about having drag events with children.

Kevin Whitt is a former drag queen who lived for over 20 years as a transsexual woman.  Now he protests drag events for children and fights to stop the gender modification procedures for children.  Tracy Shannon (a trans widow) unmasked the drag queen sex offenders, prostitutes, porn stars, dominatrixes, and pimps in the drag queen story hours in drag queen story programs across Texas and in other states in her role as Texas Director for MassResistance. This unlikely pair has taken on drag events for children and inappropriate curriculum and books for children across Texas.

7 thoughts on “Church Plans Drag Event for Children with Satanic Drag Queen Convicted on Charges of Conspiracy to Murder Several Classmates

  1. Hello, antifa is now spreading flyers around U of H claiming this protest is thrown by “Nazis” and asking people to come counter protest. Then it said they respect a diversity of tactics and to bring masks, which is what they say when they plan on getting violent. Just a heads up for everyone


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