Armed Antifa “Defend” Drag Bingo Cross-dressing Closet Fundraiser for Kids, Hit Catholics with Mace!

Katy, TX – The First ChristianPervert Church Hangout (Disciples of Christ Perversion) in Katy, Texas held its All-Ages Drag Bingo fundraiser for their “Transparent Closet” this weekend.

Original Ad for the Drag Bingo Event at the Church.

The event was protested by several organizations including, MassResistance Texas, Culture Warriors of America, Urban Conservatives of America, Conservative Republicans of Texas, and more.

Tracy Shannon of Texas MassResistance

A Catholic group came out to pray the Rosary and sing songs in opposition to the scandalizing of children taking place inside the church. Counterprotesters also showed up to support the child sex grooming and gender confusion event. Among those supporting child sexual grooming were Screwston Antifascists, Space City Anarchists (most likely all the same people), and Space City John Brown Gun Club. Those opposing the event greatly outnumbered the pro-child gender sterilization gang across the street.

As the rally was kicking off a scuffle between Proud Boys and Antifa resulted in Antifa spraying mace at the Proud Boys. Several people downwind of child-sex grooming gangs were hit by the mace, including a group of Catholics who were praying the Rosary. Some of the Catholics said there was a drive-by macing. Regardless, it was irresponsible and immature of the child sex grooming gangs to spray mace in the vicinity of other people who weren’t involved in any altercation with them, especially on a windy day. Dumb donkeys!

Catholics praying at Katy Drag Bingo for Kids Protest Are Hit With Mace

The following posts on social media confirm which organizations were supporting the sexualized event for children.

Post on social media targeting Kelly Neidert of Protect Texas Kids
Space City Anarchists shared this call to action and were at the event.
Space City John Brown Gun Club posted this and came to the protest. John Brown Gun Club is a Far-Left Extremist Militia Group

We learned from a man who was able to go inside the church that the church made everyone put their phones away and that no recording was allowed. Gee, I guess they didn’t want us to see what they were doing with kids. But this man did tell MMB that the drag queen was getting dollar bills from children and making sexual innuendos that were not appropriate for children.

We also learned from Tayler Hansen’s undercover video that the church’s cross-dressing closet for teens (which they call the Transparent Closet) includes breast binders for girls. The person showing Hansen the cross-dressing closet seemed to indicate that they provide shopping bags for teens so that their parents won’t know any difference and will think they went shopping at a retail store. Creepy McGroomers!

The church handed out buttons for those attending the child sex grooming event that said, “Not All Christians Suck”.

Anti-Christian message from the apostate church.

This will most likely not be the last protest against this groomer church. Culture Warriors for America, MassResistance Texas, Protect Texas Kids, and the Republican Party of Texas are all working to end drag shows for kids in the next Texas Legislature. Tracy Shannon and Kevin Whitt who have led Texas MassResistance for the last three years helped get stopping drag shows for children on the Republican Party of Texas platform and legislative priorities by testifying at the RPT committee hearings prior to the convention in 2020 and in 2022.

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