Texas School Nurses and Mental Health Professionals Trained in Gender Affirming Care & Advocacy by Gender Clinic and LGBTQ Organizations

Muslim female doctor in hospital giving an injection to a little boy

A pediatric gender clinic in Dallas, TX was found to be teaching school nurses about gender-affirming care. The two-day conference put on by Texas School Nurse Administrators Association used 25% of its time to focus on transgender care and transgender rights.  Dr. Ximena Lopez and Heather Newby, both employed by GENECIS Clinic at the time, were presenters along with representatives from the most radical transgender activists and legal organizations. GENECIS Clinic was the largest pediatric gender clinic in the Southwest before it went underground after much public scrutiny over the transition of minors in Texas. UTSW is still providing “gender-affirming care” (aka child abuse) to minors.

A segment of the two-day schedule provided at the 2017 TSNAA reveals a full morning devoted to transgenderism.

Presenters included Lambda Legal which advocates for students to access the restrooms and dressing facilities they identify with, use of preferred pronouns, for school assemblies to discuss transgender ideology, and for teachers to recruit for Gender Sexuality Alliance among other things. Trans Texas was also presented. Trans Texas similarly advocates for children to be affirmed in their assumed gender identity at school and for students to use the bathrooms they identify with rather than based on biology.

Probably the most disturbing presenter of all was Ximena Lopez, the endocrinologist that started the GENECIS Clinic in Dallas for pediatric gender modification treatments. GENECIS Clinic was the first and largest pediatric gender clinic in the Southwest. Dr. Lopez admitted in a Texas House Public Health Committee Hearing that minors do get surgeries to remove breasts. MMB was able to find a presentation made by GENECIS Clinic to University of North Texas at an Equity and Diversity conference. Who would have ever thought that we would see the day when diversity and equity means sterilizing children and cutting off their healthy body parts? Here is a link to the UNT slideshow presentation. A few slides of interest are highlighted below:

From UTSW Children’s Health Slideshow about GENECIS Clinic

The slide above suggests that GENECIS Clinic not only spread its gender-affirming care propaganda to other departments within UTSW but it also spread its propaganda to Dallas ISD, and to professional conferences, including Region 10 School Nurses Conference, Advanced Practice Nurses Conference, and Developmental and Behavioral Pediatricians conference. The clinic also spread its propaganda nationally through Human Rights Campaign Time to Thrive and Human Rights Campaign Advisory Board, Adolescent and Endocrine Society meetings, and AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry). The GENECIS CLINIC practictioners of child abuse also presented this presentation the the Texas Medical Association who has come out against bans on pediatric gender modification.

According to GENECIS Clinic they experienced a drastic increase in referrals to the clinic as knowledge of their service increased. It is almost like their growth plan worked. They claim this is evidence the services are needed.

Referrals to GENECIS CLINIC over time.
In 2012 there were just two multi-disciplinary pediatric gender clinics in the USA

This model grew, especially with all of the marketing through professional agencies and advocacy groups.

By 2017 there were more than 30 Multi-disciplinary pediatric gender clinics in the USA

A current map from the HRC shows no pediatric gender clinics for children in Texas but more than 50 multi-disciplinary pediatric gender clinics in the USA.

Human Rights Campaign Map of Multi-disciplinary Pediatric Gender Clinics in the USA

The presentation lists a few barriers to children receiving pediatric gender modification procedures, among them parents that oppose the treatments. In that instance, Dr. Ximena Lopez and her accomplices suggest: referal to an ethics committee and “educating the parent”. Because the only possible reason a parent may oppose putting their child on a course that will sterilize them and remove healthy body parts is because they just are not “educated” enough, obviously. Sigh.

The following slide indicates that there were deviations from the “standards of care” over time.

By 2015 no letter of support was needed for initial assessment at the pediatric gender clinic and children could be put on cross-sex hormones at age 14 and have mastectomy by age 16. By the year 2016, children as young as nine were provided cross-sex hormone therapy. The standards continue to loosen, presumably to create more profit margin for the gender modification industry.

The doctors know these treatments are distressing to young children, but they have a plan for that. They can’t let anything get in the way of improving their bottom line. “Oh, the implant surgery scares you? Here, have a puppy.”

Children apparently have “difficulty coping with the examinations and procedures”

Imagine being so depraved that you think giving a puppy to a child is the answer to making them comfortable with this child abuse. The exams require measuring the testiculare development of males to ascertain their stage of puberty. No doubt these exams as well a blood tests are distressing for children. They should not be put through this. They are healthy and do not need medical care to alter their bodies and put them in an unhealthy state.

Why do they need outreach to local plastic surgeons? How often are surgeries happening?

It is concerning that areas for an opportunity for growth is “school services”, education to the outside community, and youth and parent support groups. This seems so predatory.

Lack of well-designed existing measures and difficulty capturing data would indicate to most that more evidence is needed and that this is expermentation on children.

The National Association of School Nurses put out this position statement on “gender-affirming care” for minors. The NASN recommends that parents not be told the status of their child when they are transitioning. They also recommend that nurses advocate for use of preferred pronouns and equitable access to school facilities (bathrooms?). Furthermore, the assocation recommends that school nurses display posters or stickers in their offices indicating they are a “safe space” for transgender or gender expansive youth. The assocation seems to indicate that parents who do not support the sterilization and eventual mutilation of their child are dangerous to their child.

A few screenshots from their position statement:

Are school nurses helping children access “gender-affirming care”?

School counselors are also in on the gender propaganda. This video is shared on the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) and it was created by the radical LGBTQ advocacy group, Human Rights Campaign. The presentation contains a link to this document from the HRC which advises that a studentshould not be “outed” to their parents without the student’s permission.

For all the “Safe Space” stickers we see posted around school campuses these days, the schools don’t seem like a safe place to send children.

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