Scary Mommy Hosts “Transgender Story Hour” Protected by Armed “Gay Police”

Denton, TX- Texas scary mommy, Amber Briggle, who has claimed her daughter communicated from the womb that she was a boy, held yet another “Transgender Story Time” for children in Denton, TX. Briggle announced the event on Facebook in the post seen below. The storytime was held at a local bookstore called Patchouli Joe’s Books & Indulgences. One can only guess what they must indulge in.

Soon after learning of the depraved child abuse promoting event for children, activist Kelly Neidert of Protect Texas Kids planned a protest of the venue. The flyer put out by her organization is seen below.

These events have become a flashpoint in the culture wars. Citizens who are waking up to the perverse agenda for children are starting to push back against such programming for children. Neidert told MMB that about twenty-five people showed up to protest the child abuse event. She said the event was mostly attended by children with their mothers and she didn’t recall seeing any fathers at the event. One mother was seen flipping off protestors.

Mother seen at the event flipping off protestors in front of her small child. MMB wonders what she has in store for that poor child.
A scary mommy flips off protestors in front of her child who is probably slated for the sex change conveyor belt.

The people there to protect the child abuse promoting story hour wore and waived flags supportive of child genital mutilation and sterilization procedures and sodomy. They were very angry and one yelled obscenities in front of the children then strangely began to cry.

You may have heard of the term “Rainbow Brigade” or “Gay Mafia”, but have you heard of the “Gay Police”? That’s what the LGBTQ armed militia who were “protecting” the transgender grooming hour at the bookstore were referred to by at least one conservative protester at the event.

Child grooming Antifa sporting an anarchist “sheriff badge”, it’s like playing cops and robbers for these kids.
Child Sex Grooming Gangs hold flags supportive of sodomy and child genital mutilation outside Patchouli Joe’s Books and Indulgences

“Gay Police” armed with guns greet customers of Patchouli Joe’s, claiming to be protecting kids who are attending the grooming session.

The Attorney General of Texas has given an opinion that puberty blockers, opposite-sex hormones, and surgeries often referred to as “gender-affirming care” by perverts and profiteers are child abuse. The Texas legislature has yet to pass a law banning the procedures and punishing those who facilitate and provide them under Governor Greg Abbott (R) and with Republican leadership in both chambers. Despite the opinion and growing concern about the safety and effectiveness of the procedures across the medical community and in other countries that have started banning the procedures, and despite claiming she is frightened to live in Texas due to the AG’s opinion and possible legislation on the horizon banning the abusive procedures, Amber Briggle brazenly hosted this even to indoctrinate and groom Texas children.

Could be a terrorist or maybe protecting a child sexual grooming operation at Patchouli Joe’s Books and Indulgences

Kelly Neidert has protested several drag shows for children and this is her second time protesting a transgender story hour held by Scary Mommy, Amber Briggle. Briggle also held a child mutilation story time earlier this year along with MMB’s friends at MassResistance. That venue later went out of business. We can only hope that Kelly’s efforts this time help to bring about a similar fate for this groomer bookstore.

Kelly Neidert’s efforts are exactly what Texas needs more of. She is exposing the disgusting child groomers and shaming them when they hold their events with children. MMB is grateful for the work of this young lady and her organization for standing up for children in Texas. Kelly, who is just twenty-two years old, has the Mad Momma Bear instincts to protect children even though she does not yet have children of her own. Do not lose hope for the younger generation yet.

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