Trans Santa? Top Surgery for Christmas?

What in the Feliz Navidad? A scary mommy took a teen to a Trans Santa to ask for “top surgery”? The decline of civilization must be near completion.

A woman who is deeply confused has taken testosterone to grow a beard (among other things) and deepen her voice to appear like a man. She has taken a job as Santa at a mall in Chicago. Recently, the Trans Santa shared on social media a story about a “boy” named Charlie that came to see her at the mall. Only Charlie is a girl who is being assisted by a scary mommy to transition medically. See the post below that is getting praise in the social media circles of parents of “trans” kids.

Trans Santa, Jacob Nash, is gushing that a teen girl wants her breasts removed for Christmas

The Trans Santa got so much praise for this post that she and a friend, “Andy Dandy Cotton Candy” who is known outside of the toy shop as Andrew Snyder, created a Facebook event to share stories from Trans Santa.

There was nothing but praise for the Trans Santa story which is even more disturbing than the story itself. The Trans Santa admits that she noted the child’s hair color and thought the child might be “part of the family” (code for LGBTQ). At this point, the Trans Santa didn’t know what the child identified as. It is creepy that an adult has a weird curiosity about a child’s gender identity or sexuality. The trans-Santa goes on to tell the child a story about his friend who died his mustache pride colors during pride month, presumably to make the child or her mother feel comfortable sharing more about the child’s gender identity or sexuality with the Trans Santa. That is a total groomer move. The mother then prompts the child to “tell Santa what you really want for Christmas”. The girl tells Trans Santa that she wants “top surgery” for Christmas. In response, Trans Santa gives the child a fist bump and overshares that she had top surgery twenty years ago.

These are the kind of Santa Stories we can do without. How sad that parents think this is appropriate. How sick that the magical tale of Santa Clause has been twisted into a story about a transsexual elf that is curious about children’s gender identity and sexuality and had top surgery many years ago. Are the elves busy making testosterone travel kits this Christmas? Does Santa now travel with a scalpel? What a horrifying thought that a Trans Santa would deliver top surgery for healthy teen girls who are most likely struggling with a social contagion. This is the kind of Santa story that nightmares are made of.

Trans Santa Stories posted their first video online the night before Thanksgiving. Some highlights are shown in the video below:

The Trans Santa is not new to trans advocacy. Jacob Nash helped found a resale shop for “trans” identifying people. The shop was recently in need of size 12 women’s shoes.

It appears that Trans Santa is interested in spending time with children even when it is not Christmas. Cookies are offered at the shop founded by Trans Santa for a youth club meeting where children make their own pride flags.

Trans Santa also opposed legislation that would protect children who have disordered thinking. She characterizes the procedures as “life-saving” a hyperbolic lie.

Trans Santa with his partner.

Speaking of Trans Santa, in 2020 an effort was launched to get gifts for “trans kids”. The organizations spread the same old propaganda that paints families that do not affirm the “born in the wrong body” lie as “bigoted”. One minor requested clothing of the opposite sex for Christmas last year and asserted his family doesn’t accept any LGBTQ people because they are “ultra-conservative”. Chase Strangio, and other radical “trans” activists, launched the initiative to “center care, joy and giving at a time of escalating violence and attacks against the trans community”, they say. Escalating violence? There is no evidence to support escalating violence or attacks on the trans community. All of corporate America, media, Hollywood, and American institutions have bought into trans ideology. The only “attacks” are actual disagreements with radicals that think surgery and medical interventions should be carried out on minors and that adults can identify their way into same-sexed spaces. Legislation aimed at protecting same-sex spaces and children is not an attack. All violence is wrong. But there isn’t any evidence of escalating violence against “trans” people. The violence is from within their own community the majority of the time. But that does not stop the activists and media from trying to use incidents to push for more laws to protect denying reality and harming healthy bodies.

One thing is perfectly clear, the neo-morality movement never takes a holiday.

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