Republican Failure to Defend Marriage Leads to Begging for Religious Liberty Compromise

marriage concept word on a sticky note

“Make marriage in any serious degree unstable, dissoluble, destroy the permanency of marriage, and the church falls… The marriage-tie… is the fundamental link in the Christian society. Break it, and you will have to go back to the overwhelming dominance of the State, which existed before the Christian era. The Roman state was all-powerful” -D. H. Lawrence, 1929

This week the U.S. Senate has advanced a bill that will codify same-sex marriage into law. Critics of the bill say it will erode religious freedom in the USA. While true, the institution of marriage should have been ravenously defended even after the horrendous Obergerfell decision. Since the SCOTUS decision, Republicans have gone belly up and have played submissives to the LGBTQ movement. It is why we find ourselves behind in the culture wars.

Fearful of being called bigoted, homophobic, hateful, and characterized as out of sync with the times, conservatives have failed to defend marriage. Narrowing the argument against codifying same-sex marriage into law down to an argument about wedding cakes and wedding venues may have been a “safe” argument for conservatives and Christians, but it hasn’t achieved the goal of preserving marriage. Marriage should have been and deserves to be defended on its own merits. A family is the first experience anyone has with authority, it is the building block of society and government. The lessons and principles learned from honoring, respecting, and submitting to parents result in a society stable enough to promote the development of the whole person. As the institution of marriage has seen a decline in the West, there has been increasing reliance on the state to take over the role of the parents. Hence the “whole child” education agenda which has worked to deconstruct traditional values and turn children against their parents.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler wrote on Facebook, “Anyone who would redefine marriage, the most fundamental building block of society, is no conservative, no friend of the natural family, and no defender of family values.” Several Republicans in the House and the Senate voted for the bill. A complete listing of these cowards is available here.

Republicans argued that this is an attack on religious freedom and have offered up an amendment authored by Senator Mike Lee (R) laying out religious protections. That is simply not enough. The deceptively named “Respect for Marriage Act” should not be passed. It will void the Defense of Marriage Act which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton and codify Oberfell into law and more. Not that long ago we agreed that marriage was one man and one woman. This change is just another example of how culture influences policy and like our culture our policies are circling the drain.

We can expect the persecution of Christians to continue in the USA if this bill is passed. Activists have been emboldened to file lawsuits against organizations and business owners that refuse to acknowledge same-sex marriage. Since 2016, we have seen cases brought in the west due to Christian couples being refused the opportunity to adopt a child simply based on their Christian beliefs about marriage. The bill will not only harm businesses but also non-profits that are run by their religious convictions.

History is a great fortune teller. We can look at Rome for an indication of where America is at on the timeline of societal decline. Divorce and promiscuity are commonplace and homosexuality is increasingly accepted as “just another lifestyle” despite the evidence that LGBTQ lifestyle despite the obvious evidence available that the “lifestyle” is full of promiscuity, kink, fetishism, abuse, prostitution, and the increased risks of domestic violence and alcohol and drug abuse. Of course, the ill consequences are blamed on stigmatization even as LGBTQ behaviors are celebrated, promoted, endorsed, and enforced as completely normal by media, academia, and all major institutions in the US. Hint: it isn’t the stigmatization.

Traditional marriages produce children, who extend the nation’s existence, ideals, goals, and wealth to another generation. Traditional families are healthier, more stable, and more productive than other kinds of families, resulting in a net gain for society. Homosexual unions aren’t stable by comparison and do not add any of these benefits. They may adopt or create a baby by commodifying a woman’s uterus (thereby reducing her to her parts and functions) but they cannot bear fruit.

“The current version of the Respect for Marriage Act being pushed by Senator Chuck Schumer is designed to provide strong protections for same-sex marriage — but it fails to protect those of us who believe marriage is between a man and a woman,” said Rev. Franklin Graham in a Facebook post Saturday. It is all well and good to want to protect our religious freedoms, but we are facing this moment of compromise because conservatives gave up the fight for marriage.

“We desperately need senators to demand the Lee Amendment be added to the current version of the Respect for Marriage Act before it is finalized,” said Rev. Graham.

Drag queens support the Respect for Marriage Act even if the nation’s religious communities do not. A report from a Florida NBC affiliate quotes a drag queen who says he “hopes eventually everyone will agree” to pass the bill. At this point, we may as well turn Congress over to drag queens because our elected are doing their level best to “slay” marriage and religious liberties.

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