Open Letter to Pastor Ed Young and Church Leaders in Texas

Letter penned by The Original Mad Momma Bear


You might wonder why I am a “mad” momma bear and not just your ordinary “momma bear”. I am angry because I have been watching an attack on the family and especially on our greatest treasure, our children, for many years. I have fought to stop the advancement of the neo-morality movement. I have fought against transitioning children, grooming children, and curtailing the free speech of conservatives and Christians. Like many others in this movement, I have felt alone and outnumbered on social media, at the school board, at city hall, and at the Texas Legislature.

Either the rest of the world is for the advancement of a new sexual orthodoxy that will engulf our children or they are asleep. I was told that the case of James Younger, whose mother has been transitioning him with the aid of the State of Texas was just a “one-off” by our state leaders. I was told gender surgeries weren’t happening. I have documented that it is happening and James Younger is not a one-off case on this very blog. I also documented that children were being removed from loving parents who refused to affirm their child in their gender confusion in the state of Texas. Here is a sampling of videos from those posts:

Texas Legislature failed to qualify mothers like this one as abusers. This mother has been openly transitioning her child in Texas and frequents the Capitol to influence legislators to pass legislation protecting “trans rights”.

In the video below a mother brags that her daughter’s father lost custody for not supporting their daughter’s transition. The daughter had her breasts removed as a minor and started puberty blockers and hormone therapy prior to that. There are many more parents like her. There are many parents like Jeff Younger who are being separated from their children because they do not participate in the destruction of their child.

Texas has more pediatric gender clinics than any other state in the USA, that is because Texas laws make it a great place for doctors to experiment on children for money and not face consequences for it with the tort reform brought to us by the Republican Party of Texas, sadly.

Audio is from Texas surgical center, pictures laid over are from various doctors performing the procedures in the USA.

Years ago my family was devastated by the neo-morality movement. My family was active in the church everywhere we lived. I taught Sunday school, my husband was in the men’s choir, and our babies took turns as baby Jesus in the church nativity scenes and Christmas programs. When my husband of 15 years and father of our three children left the family to present as a female, I was disillusioned with the church for its inability to address the issue with us as a couple or with my husband. No attempt was made to address the issue with scripture. Over time, I accepted that the church was just not equipped to combat this particular issue whether it be helping loved ones affected by this or ministering to the broken individual who is being sucked into the transgender lie. For two decades I have wondered why the church was so silent on this particular issue as it has steadily made its way into every sector of public life.

To my great surprise, for several Sundays recently, a local pastor has been talking about the issue of transgenderism. His name is Pastor Ed Young. He is the head pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. The church has six campuses. I have listened to the sermons as I ran errands in my car or worked at my office. I have mixed emotions and mixed tears. Tears of joy that someone is finally speaking the truth to the church so that their children might be spared from the harmful clutches of this ideology. I also cried tears of regret that it took this long and think of the many children and families ripped apart by this destructive movement that operates like a cult to undermine family bonds. As I cried, I wondered why it took so long to hear the truth on such an important issue? I wonder how many lives have been turned upside down in the many years since Bruce became “Caitlyn”, the time when the nation became aware of this issue all at once.

After Bruce became Caitlyn this issue dominated the news many times. Whether it was the first transgender this or first trans that, or the issue of trans in the military, transwomen in women’s bathrooms, transwomen in women’s sports, etc. The issue has been a hot topic. But the churches have remained silent for years. You know what was not a discussion in the mainstream media? The families hurt by this agenda. We only started to learn of the young children being transitioned in the last few years, even though it has taken place for well over a decade in the USA and some pro-family organizations have been exposing and objecting to it. Even with a prominent case in Texas that has made national news for years, the church never showed up. Session after session myself and other grassroots activists went to the Texas State Legislature to demand protection for kids. It was just a handful of us against the hundreds of LGBTQ activists and mothers with their children in transition in tow. What if the church had showed up?

It is also no secret that public schools have become a places of sexual and political indoctrination that undermine the biblical worldview of Christian parents. Yet, we have yet to see a whole congregation or even a large fraction of any local church show up to a school board meeting or to the statehouse to oppose the sexual grooming and political indoctrination taking place in schools. Even though we know that gender clinics and radical LGBTQ activist organizations are influencing what is taught in our schools. Much of this has even been documented on this website. Even school districts such as Humble ISD which is considered conservative by most people has seen a great deal of sexual indoctrination and the school board and the superintendent of the district are apathetic to the matter. In fact, two years ago MMB alerted the district about x-rated websites that were accessible via second grade art lessons in which the students were learning about a homosexual artist who died of AIDS. It took two years for the lesson plans to be changed or removed. Two years! There is no acceptable excuse.

Recently, in Humble ISD, momma bears have brought to the attention of the school board and the superintendent that there were books what were vulgar, profane, sexually inappropriate and even obscene in the school libraries. Some of the books promote LGBTQ behaviors with no mention of the risks associated with these lifestyles. Books promoting sex change for children are accessible all the way down to the elementary grade levels. This is not a problem for the mostly “conservative school board” or the superintendent. The video below shows Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen rationalizing the distribution of dirty books in the district libraries. An example of an excerpt from one of the challenged books runs along the bottom of the screen as Fagen dismisses concerns about inappropriate books by saying this is a diverse district. Dr. Fagen should be fired. She seems to have an excuse for everything, including the continuing academic decline of the district since she was hired.

Not a single dirty book that has been challenged has been removed from the library. In August, local Momma Bears, filed reconsideration requests for almost 40 books. At the rate the district is going reviewing the books submitted so far will not be reviewed and through the challenge process for over a year. Meanwhile, every one of the books sits on the shelves of Humble ISD libraries (sometimes even in displays set up by librarians luring kids to read them). The school board led by board president and aspiring politician, Martina Lemond Dixon, voted on new library materials policy in October but did nothing to improve the current process to make it easier to protect children while maintaining the integrity of the book collections in the district. The district touts diversity, but MMB offered to donate books such as “Choosing“, “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality“, “Always Erin“, and “I Don’t Have to Choose” and the district said those books could not be accepted due to not being reviewed by their gatekeepers which are mostly American Library Association affiliates. Again, one has to ask, “What if the church showed up”? Instead, the church just keeps sending their kids into the lion’s den.

Screenshot of excerpts from library books found in Humble ISD libraries

In Humble ISD students were getting lessons on why “book banning” is unfair to teens while parents were speaking out at school board meetings against the sexual content in some books. This assignment was based on an interview with the author of the book “13 Reasons Why” which is about a teen girl who commits suicide but records messages to explain why to friends and family. The article contains a content warning but was distributed to students regardless. To access a copy of the article and the accompanying quiz without the free membership to Newsla, click here to download the PDF copy. To see the excerpts from books that are currently being challenged by MMB in Humble ISD click here to access view only Google documents.

After completing such assignments, the teens who see adults demanding educationally suitable and appropriate content for schools will conclude after such an assignment that the adults are being unfair to them. This is how the schools work to undermine the values and authority of parents.

There is all kinds of sin promoted to youth today. But when the promotion happens in school from adults that the parents and children respect it is a powerful endorsement. Parents send their children to the schools, so children believe that the people who work there are trustworthy and have their best interest at heart. Many of the teachers and even school board members are members of local churches. One of our board members who put up no fight at all to protect children is a member of Second Baptist Church North Campus. What does it say about the church when it doesn’t appear any different from the world out in the world? When the church doesn’t take a stand to protect children?

In recent years, there has been a church growth movement. This movement strived to make churches more enticing to young people and more entertaining. At the same time, the church has often become less “offensive”. The truth can be offensive, but thank you, Jesus for offending me!! I needed the truth to save me from destruction. Our youth so desperately need truth and they need trash sorted from truth even in schools. In our schools children are being subjected to transgender ideology that teaches children as young as elementary school that they could be born in the wrong body. The church is desperately needed to stand up against this harmful ideology everywhere it rears its head, especially with our most treasured blessings, children. If the church really wants to grow it would stand up, stand out, and be set apart from the world. It would no longer be silent. I can only imagine how much church attendance would improve if churches did start standing up. Too many people don’t attend church at all anymore because the church doesn’t seem to see the urgency of the hour and many churches aren’t even preaching anything different than the world is preaching. A recent study showed that only 37% of pastors have a biblical worldview, and it is only 14% among youth pastors. My advice to the church is to get involved in the culture wars because the culture wars involve the children that are the future of the church and the country.

There have been many sermons by churches lately with titles imploring the church to wake up, such as “Wake Up” or “Church Awake”. What good does it do to be awake if we do nothing more than document the demise of family, country, and the church? The church must do more than wake up, it must stand up.

Check your local school district website to find out when the next school board meeting is. Humble ISD school board meetings can be found here.

Texas Legislature starts on January 10, 2023. The church needs to show up and stand up for children.



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