Texas Children Undergo Gender Modification at Taxpayer Expense!

MadMommaBear has not been able to “hibernate” for weeks as she has been busy documenting the doctors and clinics in Texas that provide child gender modification procedures to children in the Lone Star State. While looking into the matter MMB discovered this article from 2014 in which a Texas doctor says his patient was able to find a provider who accepted CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program).

excerpt from article in Houstonia Magazine

From this article, we can summise that children in Texas have been undergoing puberty-blocking treatments for over 20 years, sometimes at the expense of taxpayers. Texas taxpayers do not want to be complicit with medical experimentation on children for the purposes of resolving disordered thinking. Puberty blockers result in significant bone density loss, stunted height and increase the risk of osteoporosis and fractures in adulthood. Nearly all children who take puberty blockers end up on cross-sex hormones, an indication that the treatment does much more than give children time to determine their gender identity. Cross-sex hormones carry side effects including sterility, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, increased risk of breast and uterus cancers, and other harmful psychoactive effects of high-dose hormones such as mood swings and even psychosis. Children cannot and should not be able to give informed consent for such procedures as they cannot fully understand the long-term consequences of these treatments. No adult should be able to consent for them.

Although the article is from 2014 it reveals many things about transgender medicine for children. One of those is that there simply is no oversight of the medical industry when it comes to this medical experimentation on children for the purpose of resolving disordered thinking. In the article, Dr. Meyer admits to prescribing puberty blockers to children as far back as the year 2000. He further brags that his clinic at UTMB Galveston was far ahead of the Dutch (a reference to the Dutch Protocol for treating transgender youth). It is clear that this physician, like many others, sees these children as an opportunity to further their own careers and to make money. Meyer states that the youngest person he provided cross-sex hormones to was 14 (WPATH Standards recommend age 16, but these standards are vague leaving wriggle room). The patient was a 14-year-old girl who was binding her breasts. Due to the breast binding, he referred her for surgery to have her breasts surgically removed at the age of 14 and she began testosterone. This was 14 years ago. The standards of care have been relaxed further by WPATH and in practice since then due to there being no reliable oversight by disinterested parties. In the interview with Houstonia Magazine, it is mentioned that Meyer was on the committee that drew up guidelines for treating adolescents with gender dysphoria. The recommendations by Meyer and the rest of the committee for the Endocrine Society recommended the use of hormone blockers and cross-sex hormones for adolescents. Can you say “fox guarding the henhouse”?

It is impossible to document all of the doctors who accept CHIP that is providing child gender modification here. But it certainly is worthy of some investigation by the Texas Attorney General’s Office, that’s assuming he is actually serious about prosecuting those who are subjecting children to these procedures. MMB thinks Paxton and Governor Abbott are playing political chess after their years of silence on the issue of child gender modification even as they knew this was happening in the state.

Governor Abbott, who just days prior to the Texas Republican Primary gained clarity that these procedures are child abuse, had claimed that these procedures weren’t happening in Texas when asked why he didn’t bring a bill. Although he claimed there was no need for a bill because the case of James Younger was a “one-off”, he said, he still felt it necessary to ask The Texas DFPS to clarify whether these procedures are child abuse.

Now that the political winds are blowing harder and internal polling must show his primary challengers have a chance to force him into a runoff he has clarity on the issue. The governor claimed in a tweet that DFPS will investigate reports of the procedures on minors.

Tweet from TX AG Ken Paxton
Tweet by TX Governor Greg Abbott

These statements by the Attorney General and Governor Abbott come after more than two years of silence even as the case of James Younger has continued to make national news and thousands of calls were made to the governor last year during the session. During the 87th regular session, several bills to ban child gender modification were filed. The Senate State Affairs Committee held a hearing on their two bills on April 12, 2021. The following videos are from that hearing in which several parents (not all are shown here) admitted to child gender modifications and surgeries that were administered to their minor children.

Last year MadMommaBear shared footage of phone calls with Crane Center in Austin, TX confirming their gender modification procedures for children.

Contrary to what Governor Abbott believed and what many transgender activists are saying, surgeries are performed on minors and this should not be happening to any children.

Texas has more trans-identifying youth than any other state with more than 14,000 youth identifying as transgender. The graphic below is from a recent article that shows how many children can be spared from these abhorrent practices by passing legislation in their states to ban them. MMB took some liberty to edit the title.

How busy are the gender surgeons in Texas? Dr. Mundinger is so busy doing “top surgeries” at the Crane Center in Austin TX that he is booked for three months in advance. Note that his website says he provides surgeries for minors. This collaborates with what MMB reported before on Crane Center in Austin TX.

If the AG Ken Paxton is serious about investigating and prosecuting the doctors and parents who are doing this to children he needs to look no further than Governor Abbott appointed Executive Director of Health and Human Services, Cecile Erwin Young. The AG inquire as to how many procedures and which procedures for purposes of gender dysphoria or gender incongruence are being covered by CHIPs and which doctors are being paid for these procedures by the program. A cursory look at CHIPs providers in just Harris County TX reveals several endocrinologists accepting the plan. The AG of Texas should investigate these clinics. Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston has a Gender Medicine Program which appears to employ several endocrinologists. While they do not list “gender dysphoria” or “transgender care” on the page for Gender Medicine they do link a blog post there about a child who has undergone gender transition with the help of two of their clinicians, Dr. Julie Schlegel and Dr. Marni Axelrod.

TX Children’s Doctor who referred a gender non-conforming child to Marni Axelrod, because she suspected the child was transgender due to her preferences for typically male things. Note that Dr. Schlegel was trained at UTSW Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine. MMB’s research indicates these two medical schools are turning out the most gender doctors in Texas.
Dr. Axelrad met with a child for just a few hours before determining she should socially transition, then in a follow-up visit, the following year decided the child was, in fact, transgender due to the fact the child liked dressing up as a boy.

Dr. Axelrad wrote this blog post advising parents to affirm their children’s gender identity. Clearly, Texas Children’s Hospital has swallowed the Affirmation Only Model Koolaid.

Dr. Catherine M Gordon, pictured above, is listed as a provider for CHIPs. She has also done at least one study on transgender treatments on children relating to bone density loss from puberty blockers and how to prevent such loss. These doctors are determined to keep the money flowing from these poor confused children. She has also written for a medical journal about how to preserve fertility in boys undergoing feminizing therapy. These doctors know the long-term harm they are doing and they are using these children as lab rats while making money off of them.

Texas Children’s Hospital also shows Dr. Ricondo as a provider of adolescent medicine at Texas Children’s Hospital. He also went to Baylor College of Medicine and UTSW Medical School as he pursued his education. He is doing clinical research on transgender and gender-diverse youth according to their website. So, the children are just money-making lab rats to these doctors?

Dr. Ricondo is of course a member of WPATH which advocates for these procedures on children.

The Endocrine Society condemned Governor Abbott’s and AG Ken Paxton’s directive to treat child gender modification as child abuse. Of course, they do, they have significant financial and intellectual conflicts of interest in seeing that these procedures continue. Many members of the Endocrine Society are getting grants to fund research on children undergoing gender modification procedures. Doctors and surgeons who are profiting off of pediatric gender modification are the very people setting the standards of care for WPATH and the Endocrine Society. WPATH also condemned the directive to treat child gender modification as child abuse. WPATH is nothing more than an organization of activists and self-interested parties. They, like the Endocrine Society, have numerous conflicts of interest creating bias where their standards of care are concerned.

It appears that the doctors who practice gender modification of minors are not just making money off of the treatments which is lucrative in and of itself, but they get grants for research to justify the treatments they are providing and to write articles creating consensus across the medical and psychiatric communities. The fox is guarding the henhouse and roosting on the eggs. With money coming in from all directions for research, teaching, treating these doctors are often double and triple-dipping. With CHIPs and Medicare/Medicaid paying for these procedures how many ways are taxpayers being fleeced to pay for this abuse of children?

Dr. Freet is also listed as a CHIP provider. The AG of Texas needs to investigate fully what procedures the taxpayers are paying for and no provider doing these things should be getting any taxpayer dollars, because they are child abusers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many providers of gender modification treatments to children in Texas. Texas has over 14,000 children presenting in these gender clinics and endocrinologists offices. These children need to be rescued from this abusive cult.

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