Grotesque “Pre-K Teacher” Who Creates Pornographic Content on OnlyFans Featured On LGBTQ Inclusive Education Panel to Address “Don’t Say Gay” Legislation

A Pre-K teacher and viral Tik Tok Influencer has been found to have an Only Fans account that is XXX-rated and grotesque. Once upon a time in America we had standards for who could teach our children. The teacher came to the attention of MMB when a tipster sent MMB a screenshot of the LGBTQ Education Panel announcement on Twitter. MMB was curious what kind of content a social media influencer who is participating on a panel that is promoted with tweets saying “we need to #SayGay”. Immediately, MMB found the following locked Twitter account and did a subsequent search on Google to see if there was an Only Fans account associated with that username….and there was. Not very bright of this teacher. The Twitter account was found by searching for the teacher by name.

This locked Twitter account seemed suggestive of an Only Fans profile, so MMB searched on Google so see if one existed.
Screenshot of OnlyFans landing page for Mr Williams

A panel discussion which is in partnership with grooming organizations such as The Trevor Project takes place on April 7th. The following announcement was shared on Twitter and sent to MMB last week.

A panel discussion including a viral TikTok influencer and OnlyFans Creator, Tell Williams, is to be held on April 7th, 2022

Mr. Williams of MrWilliamsPreK used to work at the Goddard Schoolin Exton, Pennsylvania, but it appears he has not worked there since 2020. Which makes one wonder where he is working now and if he is still working with childrenat all.

Mr. Williams claims he read a book about a “Creepy Pair of Underwear” to the class in this video:

Speeking of “creepy underwear”, Mr Williams’ underwear is a little bit creepy:

From Mr. William’s Only Fans, his penis is censored by MMB

There were several disgusting pictures of Mr. Williams on the Only Fans page as well as videos of him masturbating in a tanning bed with the caption “a little public fun” on one. He also posts videos of him pleasuring himself by penetrating a silicone butt and penetrating himself with a rather large dildo as well as his fingers. He had many videos of himself masturbating. MMB suggests that his students give him hand sanitizer for teacher appreciation day.

from Mr. Williams Only Fans page. Hopefully this is not what it is suggestive of (ejaculate on the face).
The kinds of things one can find on Mr. Williams’ Only Fans account…and he does all of the above for his audience.
Mr. Williams at school in his Spiderman costume that he masturbates in on OnlyFans

In an interview with “Gay Star News”, Mr. Williams says that he openly identifies as gay at school. He told the Gay Star News, “They’re young so they don’t really understand different marriage dynamics. I just say “In my family, there are two Dads.” It’s about normalizing it. I want my students to know all families are built differently. It helps build tolerance and understanding.”

Why do so many LGBTQ-identifying perverts like Mr. Williams insist that they should be able to talk to kids about sexual orientations and gender identity and keep this information from parents? It seems very groomy to MMB. Parents love their children and these creepy groomers need to step aside. Parents need to know if their child is having a crisis of identity, engaging in sexual activity, and in need of adult guidance which should be coming from parents, not perverted teachers who have OnlyFans accounts.

Tweets from Tell Williams
No, CreepyMcPedoface, you are not the mother now.
from Williams’ Twitter
From Mr. Williams’ Twitter
From Mr. Williams’ Twitter

In the following video Mr. Williams claims that painting his nails makes his classroom a safespace. He is a pre-K or K teacher:

In another video Mr. Williams makes fun of parents who have concerns about child sexual grooming in public schools and the appropriateness of sharing a book including homosexual male relationships.

Governor Destantis did the right thing by signing a bill into law that would prevent adults from teaching LGBTQ themes to children and protecting children from adults who would put a wedge between parents and children in a time a child might be questioning their identity or sexuality, given all the ways children are targeted with grooming content these days there is no doubt kids will have questions, but those conversations are for the parents, not teachers. It is not the responsibility of children to affirm adult sexual behaviors or identities. The advocates for child sexual grooming assume the worst of parents and are pushing hyperbolic lies that children must be affirmed in every feeling they have or they will die. It is past time to shut that lie down and protect children from these groomers and protect parental rights.

Organizations such as Trevor Project, and Alliance for Positive Youth Development that continually push for sexual and political indoctrination of children disregard safeguarding and prop up perverts as role models for children. This openly gay man who jokes about discussing sex with his students on his Tik Tok and who openly advocates for keeping secret the sexual and gender identities of children from parents is cheered by parents and adults who say they wish their teacher was like him. We need to keep some space between comedy and our children and use some discernment when it comes to children. Just because someone is funny on Tik Tok doesn’t mean they should be role models for children and teachers are role models.

Real News Michiana also wrote about this creepy teacher. It is all very disturbing. We need to have some standards for who we allow to teach children. Mr. Williams posted a video on his Tik Tok where he alluded to the fact that teachers have a personal life. That’s true, they do, but teachers who post porn online and advance LGBTQ sexual orthodoxy in schools need to be fired.


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