Librarians Exposed! Librarians Advise Each Other On How to Remove Matt Walsh’s Children’s Book From Collections or Keep Them Out

Image of Cover of Johnny the Walrus, the book triggering social justice warrior librarians.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire published a book that parodies the gender transition of children. He uses imagination and humor to illustrate the absurdity of what doctors and parents are doing to young children in the name of “affirmative care”. Librarians, being the agents of social change that they are, have been plotting online about how to keep the book from getting into the hands of children. So, for the record, it is okay for books like “I am Jazz”, which tells kids a child can be born with a girl brain and boy body, to be in the children’s section but a book about a boy who feels like a walrus but finds out that he is perfect as a boy, in the end, is not suitable for the children’s section according to librarians. The majority of librarians are trained by American Library Association to be agents of change in their communities for social justice, liberalism, and LGBTQ “rights”.

In the following screenshots, a woman who is part of a Facebook group for librarians asks what she can do about Matt Walsh’s book being purchased by her library.

The poster says the book has “such horrible reviews”. She means the conservatives who are listed who reviewed the book.

Apparently, Anna Wegner is not impressed with the reviews. In the comments section, she continues: “…if a book came out that let’s say instructed others on how to commit hate crimes and get away with it, and it was popular among the far right, would that still be the best thing for the community? I would be willing to take the claim of “discrimination” by a patron over my conscious. If someone wants a book this badly, specifically books that spout dangerous misinformation, they can buy it themselves”. This is exactly what concerned parents and citizens all over the USA are saying should be done with child sex grooming books and books that seek to brainwash kids with transgender ideology and other cynical theories such as critical race theory that are patently racist. Let people buy those books themselves, they aren’t actually banned from anywhere as claimed by ALA librarians, they are available online for cheap, probably on Amazon where many conservative books end up being censored.

Librarians chime in on how to censor the book. One suggests that the librarian get familiar with the “weeding procedures” so she can “get rid of it”. In reference to the reviews by notable conservative figures, one person chimes in “That’s a lot of reviews by people I would jump off a building to avoid”. A Sacramento-based future librarian and self-described “trans-anti-fascist”, Patrick Gem Gabbett, suggests “accidentally” losing the book at some point.

Future librarian, trans anti-fascist, pokemon lover that suggested “accidentally losing Matt Walsh’s book.
Patrick is studying to be a librarian at

On a side note, Patrick is a former foster care and homeless youth and now is an advocate for the rights of foster children. MMB is afraid to even ponder what those rights may include…transitioning? Sadly, the numbers of children who are transitioned in foster care far outnumber the general population. Abuse is also higher in foster care environments. We have got to find a way to safeguard children in foster care from the radical gender cult and doctors who are harming them.

Suggestions on how to deal with Matt Walsh’s book ranged from filing for an inquiry or book challenge like parents are doing across the country to placing the book in another section other than children’s books to throwing the book out secretly.

Angela Kimball, a librarian from Pima County in Tuscon, Arizona chimed in response to one librarian’s reminder that they defend access to all ideas with, “No, Trans rights are unalienable. Intolerance must not be tolerated”, a reference to the Paradox of Tolerance which is often used by Antifa members as an excuse to punch “Nazis” in the face.

Angela is circulation manager at Pima County Public Library in Tucson, Arizona
Angela’s Summer 2020 look. Wonder what inspired this look?

Another librarian, questioned if she was “unbiased enough” to be a librarian. She seems to imply that Matt Walsh’s book could seriously hurt someone. Amber’s Summer 2020 look is reminiscent of the Summer of “mostly peaceful protests”.

Lauren Brandstetter, a librarian at Kenton County Public Library in Kentucky, appears to be quite the radical activist from her Facebook posts. She received a scholarship from The Department for Libraries and Archives.

One photo frame says so much about this librarian who is troubled by Matt Walsh’s book.

A few of the librarians commented on the Paradox of Tolerance. David Montequin, who works at a First United Methodist Church in Bedford, TX as a children’s ministry intern, but studied library science at Texas Women’s University, shared the meme often shared by Antifa supporters.

David should probably be kept far away from children in their formative years since he is clearly a radical as can be seen by the posts he makes on social media:

Imagine believing that Trump supporters are actual KKK members and fascists. There are less than 3,000 KKK members in the USA
White Heterosexual men cause all of David’s problems?
Hillarious post from unhinged David’s social media.

It is rather funny that anyone would be upset that a fictional story doesn’t abide by the transgender radical’s tyrannical ideas surrounding gender. This is illustrative of leftist thinking as of late though. They simply aren’t reasonable. TERF is an acronym for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists”. Leftist lunatics call women who do not accept that men can identify as women TERFs. David’s favorite season is the Fall of the Patriarchy. Thankfully, David is not yet a librarian. Keep your eyes peeled, Texas. We don’t need more radical librarians trying to indoctrinate children in libraries. It is bad enough that he has access to children in a church children’s ministry. The Methodist church has seriously lost its way.

Another poster, Morgan Hoag, whose LinkedIn shows that Morgan also goes by “Alex” and is a librarian at Albany Public Library posted, “If your collection development policy allows for transphobic books your collection development policy is transphobic”. Morgan also said that if you find Matt Walsh’s book in your library collection “you throw it in the trash”.

Maybe there is some reason for Morgan/Alex’s strong views about Matt Walsh’s seemingly innocent tale of a boy who wanted to be a walrus? Let’s have a look at Morgan’s social media.

Why would Morgan/Alex object to Walsh’s book?
That’s right, some people just won’t agree to call men women.
Hhhmmmm what could be the reason that Morgan wants to banish Matt Walsh’s book?
I wonder why Morgan is so biased against Walsh’s book? Is anyone picking up a vibe?
Direct Action = Give Morgan $$$
A transsexual librarian who supports trans women and necromancy?
Autistic people are at a much higher risk of identifying as trans.
Does Alex/Morgan fight fascists by trashing conservative books in the library?
Morgan/Alex Hoag

Media Specialist at Chamblee Middle School in Dekalb County School District, Chamblee, Georgia commented that “The Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson reviews “are a clear sign that this children’s book is propaganda of poor quality”. I guess, as opposed to the usual leftist and LGBTQ propaganda they support in the libraries? Another librarian in the thread, Mike Yared, admits the books by both men, presumably, Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro, are both on the “fast weeding list”. Wait! There’s a fast weeding list? I thought librarians were committed to diversity and inclusion and not censoring any views? Apparently, there are workarounds to the Library Bill of Rights.

It seems more and more clear that librarians aren’t all that committed to making books of all viewpoints available in the public libraries. They seem more committed to being agents of change.

Librarian, Anna Kathleen Lawrence, who works as the Library Director at Wendell Free Library in Wendell, Massachusetts responded, “Freedom of speech does not mean that every single person needs a platform….our job is to vet information, not to present every person’s opinion”. She goes on to claim this book is “destructive” and contains “thoughtless inaccuracies”. She seems to believe that trans children will die if this book is allowed to be in a collection, “Trans children’s lives are more important than some random adult’s opinion”. Anna Lawrence goes on to admit she denies patrons’ book requests when she doesn’t like the books.

From Anna’s LinkedIn page
Anna Kathleen at her wedding

The American Library Association (ALA) and its affiliated Office of Intellectual Freedom (OIF) oppose book bans. The American Library Association encourages librarians to report censorship when a book is challenged even if that book is full of sexually explicit and sexually graphic content for young readers so that the OIF can assist the library in keeping the book. The ALA and OIF, and their trained librarians will use all kinds of methods to keep a challenged book in the library, including reshelving it in another section but will remove a book by a conservative, Christian author that doesn’t follow the transgender narrative.

MadMommaBear purchased a copy of “Johnny the Walrus” for her own son because it reminded her of how he pretended to be a puppy not that long ago. Sometimes all children need to know is that they are loved just how they are and that they don’t have to go to any drastic measures to be themselves and feel loved. That’s the message of Walsh’s book. While the book does poke some fun at the adults confusing children it has a positive message for mothers and children and a warning about what the “mean people on the internet” and the doctors’ advice when it comes to identity. So, why are librarians, who are usually the guardians of all books and oppose banning books plotting to keep them off shelves or remove the book from library shelves by mysteriously disappearing them? Will librarians feature this book in their phony “banned books week” displays? Probably not, because they really don’t want anyone to read it. Their hypocrisy has been exposed.

The post from which these examples were taken can be found here while it still exists: it is an ALA Think Tank Chat page where library professionals share ideas.

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