Tracking Pedotopia! Pedo-Adjacents and Pedo-Apologists Exploit Our Capacity for Good to Lower Safeguarding for Children

Part 2 of Pedotopia

Mama Kodiak Bear

Mama Kodiak Bear is coming out of hibernation a little early this year to bring you an update on what’s been happening in the land of Pedotopia. Using her keen mama bear sense of smell, MKB once again was able to detect a hidden trail of pedophilic filth, this time emanating from Lenore Skenazy and Prostasia, the organization whose goal is to normalize pedophilia and eliminate the Sex Offender Registry. Prostasia has also fought for policies to expand access to child-like sex dolls and fictitious child pornography all under the guise of “protecting children”. The depravity of Prostasia was recently covered in this Daily Caller article.

Skenazy, the founder of Let Grope, blogger for Reason, and host of the sex offender brunch is affiliated with the Independent Women’s Forum and is loved by all the IWF ladies, according to Julie Gunlock who directs the Independent Women’s Network and IWF’s Center for Progress and Innovation. You can read more about the founder of Let Grope on the IWF Champion Women page.

Skenazy profile on IWF website
Gunlock Tweeting love for Skenazy
IWN profile for Julie Gunlock

One of the “harmless sex offenders” Skenazy featured at her sex offender brunch was Soros Justice Fellow, Galen Baughman, who was later arrested for violating his probation conditions by text messaging a teenage boy. Perhaps she isn’t the best judge of character.

It’s hard to know exactly why Skenazy hired the famous Prostasia pervert Noah Berlatsky to write for her organization, so let’s assume the worst possible reason, which would be to sell parents on the idea that watching porn is beneficial to children. In other words, to groom parents.

In his first article for Let Grope, Berlatsky extolled the benefits of allowing children to view porn by sharing a story about his son. A year later he wrote about his son becoming a girl. There are apparently many benefits to kids watching porn. And because Berlatsky is a “free-range” parent, he even blabbed about his kid’s sex life to CNN.

Berlatsky was an author for Reason Magazine from 2009 to 2017. Could that be the “reason” for these Prostasia connections? He was later hired as a communications director for Prostasia even against the better judgment of Prostasia board member Maggie McNeill. She’s an ardent defender of prostitution and apparently didn’t care for his troublemaking ways.

Beware: Pronouns in bio
Tweet from Maggie McNeill

McNeill has been an author at Reason Magazine since at least 2014. She was also a speaker at FreedomFest, but the part about her being with Prostasia is not mentioned in her FreedomFest bio. Maybe it was left out in order to protect the innocence of the event organizers… or maybe the event organizers removed it because of the stigma associated with pedophile apologists.

In 2014, Skenazy found the “perfect person” to interview for her article dispelling what she calls the “myth” of Super Bowl sex trafficking: “McNeill is a former stripper, call girl and madam turned blogger (a fate that seems to await us all). She’s also a former reference librarian, a quadruple threat making her the perfect person to explain the hooker hype.”

Prostasia founder Jeremy Malcolm has never written for Reason Magazine, but he did write an article for Maggie McNeill’s blog. The post explains how McNeill gladly accepted his offer to be on the advisory council of the pro-pedophile organization.

Reduxx Magazine recently reported that a Prostasia staff member was caught operating pseudonymous accounts where he admitted to being a pedophile and masturbating to photos of children. The article contains a link to Project Raven, a collaborative exercise in archiving and analyzing the online activity of pro-pedophilia organizations and their members.

Why is this important? Because in the race to protect children from harm, not all actors are what they appear to be on social media. Momma Bears, beware and don’t let these pedo-apologists throw you off the trail.

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