Scary Mommies: Mothers Transitioning Their Children

Boy playing outside in a dress.

A quick search for “mothers of trans children” will yield pages of results of mothers talking about their journey of transitioning their minor child from their biological sex. These mothers are celebrated as wonderful parents even as they plunge their own children headlong into being lifelong patients, numerous surgeries to remove tissue or rearrange sexual organs to appear to be that of the opposite sex. They often take up activism for LGBTQ causes as a past-time or career.  They speak at political engagements, and fundraisers for LGBTQ organizations and give TED Talks about trans-children. These moms claim they don’t have a “safe place” to share their stories, but all you find all over the place is these moms talking about transitioning their children to present as the opposite sex.

Children identifying as transgender has been on the rise, and that should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention. Hollywood celebrities coming out as trans, children’s stories and reality TV shows about trans-identifying children and adults, the multitude of transgender propaganda in social media of young children, even children’s shows, and now public schools pushing transgender ideology on children and their parents have created quite an uptick in the number of children identifying as trans. Gender clinics, once very rare, are opening in communities across the USA and in prominent children’s hospitals. They follow the “Affirmation Only” model which doesn’t give the children time to wait and watch.  Children used to receive “watchful waiting” during which time a child may receive psychological support and therapy.  Today, children are instead put on the transgender medical pathway.  The watchful waiting resulted in more than 80% of children accepting their biological sex after puberty, whereas the affirmation-only path leads to 100% of children persisting in their gender dysphoria.  This seems to indicate that the affirmation-only model locks kids into a lifetime of transgender medicine.

Gender Dysphoria is not a medical condition, the children who are identified as “trans” are not sick. They do not need medicine or surgeries. They are healthy. Puberty is not a disease and should not be blocked. Yet, mothers (and sometimes fathers) of trans-identifying children often state that their greatest fear is that their child will go through puberty.  Supporters of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for youth claim that they are well-established and evidence-based.  But according to Peter Sprigg, an expert in human sexuality and a Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council, who has analyzed a summary of the clinical practice guidelines issued by the Endocrine Society, found that the evidence for these procedures is “extraordinarily weak” and stated that “ideology, not science, is driving the expansion of these procedures (Eagle Forum, Sex, Lies, and Children).

Proponents of children undergoing medical treatments such as puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones claim that these treatments are completely reversible, which is simply not true. Puberty blockers are not approved by the FDA for the treatment of gender dysphoria and we know that puberty blockers inhibit the psychological and skeletal development of a child, and likely sterilize the child.

The current model of affirmation only is nothing more than a medical experiment on children which is unethical and dangerous.  The levels of hormones that are needed to affect some changes in physical appearance are much higher than normal hormone levels and the hormones can have harmful side effects.

We could go on for pages about how harmful these ideologically driven treatments are but to really see how insane it all is we must look at some of the proponents of gender treatments for children. We will start with some of the mothers because mothers are by nature the first caregivers and protectors of their children.

Scary Mommy Example 1:

We begin with a well-known trans-identifying biological male, Jazz Jennings, and his mother, Jeannette Jennings.   Jazz is the star of the reality series “I am Jazz” which has followed Jazz’s journey in transitioning to female from the time he was five years old.  Because five-year-old boys know everything, Jazz claimed he was a girl and was put on the medical pathway to transition at a very young age following the affirmation-only model.  Subsequently, Jazz is now 20 years old and has had his testicles removed, and his pre-pubescent penis inverted to create a fake vagina resulting in several surgeries to correct the mess the surgeons made of his genitalia.  Jazz will have to use a dilator (which is basically a dildo) on his crotch wound for the rest of his life so that his fake vagina does not close up.  As if all of this wasn’t already crazy enough, Jazz’s mother threatened to shove the dilator up Jazz’s wound/vagina herself if Jazz didn’t do it several times a day on his own.

There have been several seasons and episodes of documentation of the insanity and all-around horrible decisions involving Jazz Jennings, but what about the other mothers who don’t have quite the same platform to put their scary mommy vibe on full display?

Scary Mommy Example #2

A mother in Texas who seems to have a magnetic attraction to cameras has immersed herself in trans activism. She started transitioning her daughter to present as a male at the very young age of four. Here she is explaining that her daughter is really a boy and had communicated that from the womb. Horrifying, that a child’s interests and personality could trigger a mother to enlist the help of experts (who are driven by profit and notoriety) to medicalize her daughter and put her on the path to sterility and having her healthy breasts removed. The medical and psychological costs are immeasurable, but the experts have supplied a handy narrative to console the parents and shame anyone who might apply common sense to the situation: “Would you rather have a living son or a dead daughter”. This is the way the experts have bullied parents and society into standing down in the fight to protect kids. It is also a great shield of protection and a cover for the Transcheusen by Proxy mothers who are doing this to our kids.

“From within the womb, he told me he was a boy” – Amber Briggle

Scary mommy, Amber Briggle is so creepy that she doesn’t stop at transitioning her own child, she holds story hours called “transgender story hour” to encourage other parents to transition their kids and further convince children they were born in the wrong bodies. She has already held at least two of these in Denton and plans to hold another on November 19th, the location has not yet been disclosed. No doubt this event will be protested and it will be CRAZY. However, there is nothing crazier than a mother who would put their child on the medical pathway for transition.

Amber Briggle reads a book to a room full of children who are being convinced they are born in the wrong body.

Scary Mommy Example # 3 Kimberly Shappley

Kimberly Shappley says she thought her son was gay at 2 yrs old. Later determined he was a girl.

Kimberly Shappley says her son whom she refers to as Kai now preferred female things and insisted he was a girl at a young age. For this reason, she determined he was gay. How strange to think your son wants to have anal sex with other males at the age of 2. Kimberly must be a special kind of pervert. After attempting “gay conversion therapy” consisting of “spanking, really spanking” her son, they decided their son was really a girl. It is really insane that there are doctors and therapists who enable this absurdity that leads to such atrocities against children.

Kimberly Shappley and her son make comments at the TX Legislature in support of gender modification for minors.

Possibly one of the scariest things a scary mommy can do is use transgender ideology to weaponize the courts and take a child away from a loving and protective parent. Jeff Younger, has been fighting to protect his son from being eventually sterilized and sexually mutilated. Scary Mommy Anne Georgulas decided her son was really a girl named “Luna” after he liked a My Little Pony toy as a toddler. Georgulas has used the family courts to enforce the transition of her son, James Younger, who is presently only 9 years old. The court, presided over by Judge Mary Brown, has allowed this to continue and completely disregarded Jeff Younger’s parental rights. Judge Mary Brown is up for re-election in Texas 301st District Court, all candidates in the race are write-in candidates. Please remember to write in Earl Jackson, the candidate who is conservative in this race and respects parental rights. Judge Mary Brown is pretty scary herself for allowing this. How does she sleep at night? Anne Georgulas is a pediatrician. If that doesn’t scare the lights out of you I don’t know what will. MMB thinks Anne Georgulas is quite possibly the scariest mommy of all.

Anne Georgulas used this image of herself and James on her clinic website….how twisted. She is proud of what she is doing.

This Halloween the scariest thing anyone could pretend to be is a Scary Mommy. A scary mommy lacks the nurturing instinct to protect and reassure her child that there is nothing wrong with their body and allows them to be convinced that mislaunching a pronoun could be the end of them. Scary mommies aren’t content with harming their own children, they want the world to celebrate their bravery and all their sacrifices for putting their child on the gender clinic conveyor belt. They also want the world to promote, celebrate, and endorse the lie that their children are born in the wrong bodies. They demand that other children have their rights denied to privilege their child. Scary mommies insist on spreading transgender ideology and enshrining it into law. Scary mommies get away with all of this and have been hardly challenged when they make these wild claims of “born in the wrong body”, “communicated their gender from the womb”, and “gay at 2” because people are afraid to confront these absurdities. We must confront the absurdities head on to avoid the atrocities they lead to. It is not a micro-aggression or bigoted to defend a child’s innocence and future.

This Halloween while you are considering your spooky costumes, consider going as a scary mommy and raise awareness for the need to end all gender transition procedures and social transitions of minors in your state.

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