Queerest Library in the Universe

Ames Public Library Proudly Proclaims it is the Queerest Library in the Universe

Just What Happens at the Queerest Library in the Universe?

Ames Public Library will host its 5th All-Ages Drag Show on Saturday, October 19th at 6:30 PM. That’s right, they have had these drag shows with children and adults performing drag for a couple of years now and this will be their 5th exploitation of minors of All-Ages Drag Show.

They Mean “All Ages”, even children perform in drag.

Children are encouraged to get in on the act and they even take money when they perform and give money to the other performers. What an educational experience for the children it is to learn the etiquette of burlesque and strip clubs. Maybe some of the fathers and boys can also be go-go dancers? If this is not stopped soon that will probably be part of library programming soon.

“Smokey Moon” a teen drag performer debuted his drag at an All-Ages Drag Show at the Library
Another performance by “Smokey Moon” a child drag performer for the library drag show.

In this video, a child who is 11 years old at the time is seen making his drag debut at the Ames Public Library. And in this video, you see children giving an adult drag queen dollar bills.

But that is not all….

The Ames Public Library has also hosted Camp Drag during the summer to teach kids how to perform drag, to do drag makeup and the history of drag. The target ages for Camp drag was K-12. You read that right, K-12!!!

Kids as young as 5 learning how to look and perform like a drag queen.

But that is not all…

Ames Public Library has also hosted Drag Queen Story Hours and hosted Ames Pride event one year complete with consent workshops for youth offered by Planned Parenthood. Why is this library teaching youth below the age of consent to consent to sex? Why are they trying to get children to be adult entertainers? Who is in charge in this library? Is Ames, Iowa the pervert capitol of the USA or is there something in the water that has lowered the expectations for youth in this city? What an insult to children and especially to the children who are confused as to their identity and sexuality to treat them as if this is a great option for their future and the best role models the library can put forward.

A drag queen and a drag king at Drag Queen Story Hour at Ames Public Library

And that is not all….

Ames Public Library hosted a Drag Makerspace this summer to teach kids all about drag and give them yet another opportunity to perform drag, watch adult drag entertainers and have a drag queen story time. Children who attended this workshop would have priority when it comes to the All-Ages Drag Show taking place this fall.

This event was targeted for children in grades K–5th

What Kind of Perverts Run this Library?

The library posted the following post on its Facebook page recently promoting “banned books” for youth that have been challenged by parents. Many of the books include adult sexual themes, profanity, or encourage LGBTQ behaviors. The banned books week is nothing more than a hoax to promote books to youth that have been challenged by parents as inappropriate. What kind of a library promotes “13 Reasons Why”, a book that has been made into a Netflix series that is accused of encouraging several teens to take their lives in recent years? The irresponsibility of this library and its staff is appalling.

So, now we understand why this library is the “Queerest Library in the Universe”, let’s look a little closer at this program for this weekend. Details for the All-Ages Drag Show are listed below. Not that there are two sessions for “teens only”. One in which the drag queens will speak about how they became drag performers and their experiences with gender, and another session which is drag performances by amateur and professional drag queens. Why aren’t the parents allowed to be in these sessions? This is not the first time this library has excluded the watchful eyes of parents.

The library is encouraging children to do drag and become drag queens which is even worse than encouraging kids to become drag fans. Let’s not forget this is a form of adult entertainment. So, in case anyone doubts the planned drag queens are recruiting kids into drag the following post is taken from the social media profile of one of the drag queens performing in this event.

“Focusing on young people getting into drag” aka recruitment.

The library describes the event as “kid friendly”

Well, that is so reassuring. So, all the parents have nothing to worry about then, right? Let’s have a look at some of the social media of these drag darlings selected by the Ames Public Library to be held out as role models and spend time with the youth.

Parents can rest assured that the drag queens chosen by the library really care about children and are great role models. I mean Ilana Logan posted this on his timeline via a retweet just this summer.

Ilana Logan was mad the local news used his picture without even contacting him…he does not realize that his picture is all over social media in the public domain and as a drag queen he is a public figure. But the irony of him griping that conservatives will be complaining about his influence on kids right under his profile which says “Ooh she eats herself out” is really rich.

Such a nice role model for the kids in the community calling conservative moms “toads” and “ugly”.

What a great role model the library has chosen to pass along the message of diversity, inclusion, love and acceptance. I am sure conservatives will feel right at home at this “family friendly” drag show.

With a children’s librarian who openly promotes her disdain for our president I am sure the local conservatives feel right at home at the public library. How many conservatives has this library hosted events for? They had an event for “Beto” O’Rourke not long ago and another liberal candidate. Are they also hosting conservative candidates? I wonder if they have any programs promoting conservatism or traditional family values? The locals should be testing that free speech button really hard at this library by trying to get some programs going. I recommend having a MAGA event or story time.

Teen Librarian at Ames Public Library

Let’s look more at these drag queen role models for children as we ponder “What in the name of Dewey Decimal this library was thinking?”.

Hopefully, the young children do not have any questions about this man’s “gender”.
This is what Ames Public Library thinks is an appropriate role model for youth?

If the whole drag queen recruitment for kids doesn’t work out maybe this misogynistic transgender drag queen can advise women how to dress and how to keep their husbands? Oh the tolerance, love, diversity, acceptance and inclusion. Can you just feel it oozing from this library?

According to the drag queen this is how women’s whose husband’s cheat dress.
Another drag queen planned for this event. This picture was taken from the social media, this is the drag queen performing burlesque in a local club.
Nothing to be alarmed about at all, parents. You can completely trust your library to have appropriate content and role models and to always have your child’s best interest at heart.

The library purchased t-shirts that say, “I bet you didn’t expect our library to be so queer”.

You’re right, we didn’t expect the library to be so queer.

This library needs to be defunded of public money at the state, local and federal level. I urge the residents of Ames, Iowa to initiate that process with their elected representatives at all levels. Do not approve any further bonds for the library as long as they carry on in this manner towards the youth. The library is being socially irresponsible towards the children.

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