Austin ISD’s Radical Sex Agenda for Kids!

Austin, TX – October 24, 2019 – The drag queen whose perverse social media and criminal record for prostitution was exposed in August by MassResistance as a convicted male prostitute was invited to be part of the Pride Week programs at an Austin Independent School District elementary school. The drag queen read to children in the school library, where he read the gender-bending book Julian is a Mermaid to the children. The book features a young male character who dreams of being a mermaid and proceeds to cross-dress with the encouragement of his grandmother.

Young Children Being Indoctrinated In An Austin ISD Elementary School

This school district is so “woke” it invites children as young as 14 to get access to birth control and abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

Screencapture from Texas Values who has been diligently fighting this radical sex ed program

That isn’t all. The school district will make sure the children know all about butt sex and they want the kids to know, it doesn’t have to hurt. Will they also advise the children to douche their anuses prior to the act?

Will Austin ISD bring in drag queens to teach about fetishes of pup play and leather too? What lies ahead for the students of Austin ISD? Parents should pull their kids out of these schools for private or home education options. The schools rely on attendance to get funding. Pull the kids out until they stop this gender and sexual insanity with children.

The Austin ISD Administrators need to hear from you. Tell them they need to protect children, not expose them. This is not what public education is supposed to be. You can reach the Blackshear Elementary School Principal at this link. You can reach the main number for AISD at this number: 512-414-1700. Call them and tell them to be better than this.

One thought on “Austin ISD’s Radical Sex Agenda for Kids!

  1. Done! Message sent.
    “I am contacting you to express my strong disapproval for your school library’s hosting a previously convicted prostitute and drag queen as a gender bending story reader for elementary age students. Please stop indoctrinating kids into tgis national mythical gender identity agenda. As you are aware Governor Abbott is investigating the outgageous James Younger case for good reason. Children cannot consent to chemical castration! And elementary aged students should certainly not be subjected to this adult sexual identity confusion on the tax payer’s dime.”


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