Renton Public Library Pride for Teens or Child Sex Grooming?

The library billed it as being “designed by teens and for teens” and included free lunch and dinner, advice panels, safer sex presentations, a drag show, and a binder raffle.

A handful of concerned moms attended the Renton Library Teen Pride event on 6/22/19 to learn more about what the library was promoting to tweens and teens.  “The kids at the event were so young. Some of them looked 10.”, one of the moms reported.

The Left Coast Right Watch and the Renton Patch stirred up local opposition which came to counter protest a non-existent protest.

The moms who were concerned about the event went there, not to protest, but for information gathering purposes, presumably the purpose of many of the booths at the event. This apparently didn’t sit well with the Antifa kids, who discovered one mom’s video on a livestream shared by a citizen journalist, because the women were harassed at the library and Antifa members quickly went about attempted doxxing online.

This Twitter account tweeted the plates of a car the women were standing near.

Here is the profile of the “woman” who was doxing the moms for observing and recording the shenanigans at this public library.

Doxer who was at the library…a woman? No, a transgender Porn “star”.

What was a transgender “woman” who is featured on a porn website doing at a drag queen event for pre-teens and teens at a library? Well, are we going to be shocked that a pervert was at this event? We should not be. Was this person there for recruitment purposes, is this person involved in the library or its programming? Was he there with a child? It is all so strange. There are so many questions, like why any of this seems appropriate for children?

Hangs out at drag events for preteens and teens at the library, stars on a porn site.

This Drag Queen Striptease is just one of the performances the youth were treated to:

Before the Drag Strip Show the kids were given goodies at the tables of the Teen Pride Event:

Penis bookmarks, lube, and condoms.
The Drag Queens shared their social media handles with the children.

A mother who observed the program said that each performer gave out their Instagram names so the kids could follow them and also gave information for local all ages shows they can go to and how to get your start in drag. Then they had a taco bar and the raffle” for eight chest binders.   

The four adult drag queens dancing for kids put on two shows with a Q&A afterwards.  Find them on Instagram here and keep in mind they shared these pages with the youth:

  1. Violet Prentice (Baby)
  2. Londyn Bradyshaw or      I.bshaw 
  3. Kylie Moon Cakes
  4. Freeza

It is certainly looking like the purpose of these events is not education, not inclusion, diversity or diversity but sexual indoctrination, induction into drag and recruitment. Can you say “Child Sex Grooming Gang”? This must be stopped by defunding the libraries of public money. Contact your city, state and federal level representatives and tell them you expect them to defund the public libraries and end any funding of American Library Association who has been pushing these types of programs in libraries. You can learn more about the drag queen events with youth at public libraries in the Washington State and Oregon public libraries by following ASK Moms on Facebook and 500 Moms Stronger on Facebook.

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