Who Is Behind Harassment of Conservatives Texas Small Town?

Could it be…..I don’t know….SATAN?

SNL Church Lady

Cedar Park, Texas -September 26, 2019 – It may have looked like Halloween at a recent Cedar Park City Council meeting, but there was no candy being handed out. Members of a local “Coven of Activists Witches” and their politically aligned Democrat friends descended upon city council to launch their complaints against certain conservative members of the council. The witches came completely decked out in their witch attire. Even children got in on the act! I hope someone gave the children some candy.

Women and Children Descend Upon City Hall in Witch Attire

The witches were angry because they were called “witches” after they posted on their own social media for their coven that they would be going to the council meetings bringing the “hard hitting evidence” that would make two conservative council members who opposed drag queen story hour at a local library step down.

The only evidence the witches have produced is the evidence that they dox, harass and bully members of the community, business owners and council members. They have destroyed their own credibility with outrageous claims about community members and pro-family activists with whom they disagree.

Their targeting of conservatives with whom they disagree has multiplied the ugliness online. Their followers exaggerate the claims made by these “activist witches”. To be sure if the conservatives even oppose drag queen story hour which is a reasonable thing to do, these Democrats would be calling them “bigots”, “fascists” and “Nazis”. They don’t see the irony in targeting and harassing people online while complaining that they or “marginalized community members” are made unsafe. However, they have no reservations about potentially making conservatives unsafe with their hyperbolic exaggerations and lies.

They have stated that the community members and council members have associated with a hate group. The group they are referring to is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Lie Center as a “hate group”. Of course, this designation is bestowed upon any faith-based groups who speak out against same-sex marriage, transgender ideology or comprehensive sex ed being promoted towards youth by this completely politically biased organization.

One local resident who is part of an Christian Apologetics Ministry at a local college regularly shares on her social media posts sharing her own worldview and Biblical arguments for various current social issues. For doing so this woman was targeted in a most hateful manner by these “activists”. Since when is activism about calling other people names like “bigot”, “Nazi” and “fascists”.

An “activist witch” says a local woman should “die mad” because of her views.

One post by one of these Democrat activists implies that a council member is child molester looking for ways to molest children. Yet they are upset that anyone would bring up that the drag queen story hour program they are in support of has included sex-offenders with multiple victims who weren’t screened by a background check. While all drag queens are certainly not sex-offenders, neither are all pastors or priests. So, let’s lay off the generalizations and get to the real reason that reasonable people object to adult-entertainers in children’s programming. They are ADULT ENTERTAINERS who are immersed in kink and erotica. Their social media reflects that. They are not ambassadors of love, kindness and exclusivity and their social media reflects that. The drag queen story hours are geared to young children who see glitter, fun and sparkle and they equate drag with all of that when in reality drag is not all fun, sparkle and glitter and what is being promoted is adult entertainment and sexuality and gender ideology that should not be promoted toward children by libraries and public schools but discussed among families with respect to their religious and cultural views. Programming in schools and libraries intent on making allies is making adversaries and the social media of these adults who one would think would have more mental strength than a young child reflect that reality. The opposite of an ally is an adversary and these women have taken that role very seriously. They do not promote tolerance. Tolerance implies disagreement and being able to get along with those with whom you disagree. These women (and a few men) don’t reflect tolerance in their actions.

This type of misleading post could make this council member vulnerable to hateful attacks and it is libelous.

In this post one of the main Democrat antagonists advocates punching people she refers to as “fascists”. That would be people with whom she disagrees such as Christians and conservatives.

Names redacted to protect the guilty and the innocent
Threatening a man she believes is a “Proud Boy”

One of the “witches” attempts to dox a mother who is a minority conservative activists and threatens to weaponize Child Protective Services against this woman with whom she has an ideological difference with. She accuses her of being a “cofounder of a hate group”. This seems to be one of the favorite things to say about people with whom they disagree, since they do not have any good arguments.

Threatening to weaponize CPS against a mother who is a conservative with whom she disagrees

These are just a sampling of the hateful propaganda from these women and men who are part of the coven, Indivisible or Antifa. They are all Democrats. Not one Democrat in the City of Cedar Park has denounced this because they all stand “Indivisible”.

Recently, MadMommaBear was informed that some posts were left on the MassResistance Cedar Park/Leander page by comrades of these people calling them all sorts of names. A video was apparently made calling local residents terrorists and implying the council members are terrorists. That is so absurd it is almost funny, except for the fact someone might act on that misinformation.

To illustrate the objectives of the “antifascists”, let’s have a look at a video a local posted about comments at the September 26th meeting. A woman whose name is withheld read a statement from a most ignorant atheist and democrat who does not understand what constitutes a violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution of The United States of America.

Apparently, one fake witch was really offended at being referred to as a “bad apple”. Oh the horror. Nevermind, the horrible name calling by members of their groups. In the following video posted online on cedar park social media a woman seems to imply that the city will be sued if they do not keep “religion” out of all government functions. This is very revealing as to what really has triggered these “activists”. It is sad that the education in this country has left people this ignorant as to what constitutes an actual violation of church and state. A quick Google search could have cleared this up for the angry atheist that sent the ignorant letter to be read by the poor woman who must not have known any better. MadMommaBear knows how to use Google and found a recent Supreme Court Case on this very matter.

Video Credit Sam Hill – “..you will keep your religion out of all government functions”

The city attorney should have corrected this with an assertion of facts. That didn’t happen so we will have to guess whether the city attorney knows the law and if he would stand up for the rights of the council members to hold invocations consistent with their respective faiths. MadMommaBear recommends that a good program for the residents of Cedar Park would be a constitutional literacy program. Perhaps they can contact WallBuilders’ David Barton for a weekend event. It is very apparent that for these local Democrats, ignorance does not equal bliss, it equals outrage.

Who is behind all this division in the community….could it be….I don’t know…could it be….SATAN…or is it the division ironically coming from a group that calls itself “Indivisible”?

Credit to Patriots Rally – Video Asking Who is Behind these attacks?

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