Don’t Drag Texas Schools

Willis, TX October 18, 2019 – A drag queen that goes by the stage name Lynn Adonis, was invited to be part of a cosmetology lesson at a high school cosmetology class in Willis, TX. Willis is not a particularly large city and the population is not particularly liberal, but educators often are. According to posts by an outspoken parent in the community the principal was on board with this decision. Mad Momma Bear cannot even begin to fathom why a cosmetology teacher is not qualified to give this makeup application lesson or for what reason a drag queen would be needed to assist in a cosmetology lesson. The drag queen is seen on the social media of the cosmetology department for Willis High School. The drag queen is wearing a wig, makeup, jeans, high heals and a t-shirt featuring his own drag persona. He reportedly shared his social media handle with the children in order to stay in touch with them. Do parents send their children to public schools in Texas with the idea that they may connect with adult entertainers and stay in touch with them? The drag queen has since hidden his social media from the public.

Drag Queen with Staff of Willis High School

Was the cosmetology department teaching clown makeup on October 18th? What could be the reason for needing the assistance of a drag queen to apply makeup? I bet technicians from Ulta or any of the makeup counters at the numerous department stores would have jumped at the opportunity to help in this regard. They may have even rounded up a few free samples for the students. Instead, the children are treated to an adult entertainer and drag is what is promoted as a result, not just makeup.

Sadly the school district defended this extreme lapse in good judgement in an email sent to the parents, it read in part:

“The high school administration was made aware this individual had previously performed in drag, but that he would not be dressed in full drag. School administrators learned at the end of the day that the man was wearing jeans, but also wore heels and makeup…However, the speaker did as asked, which was to talk to students about makeup application. The guest speaker did NOT discuss sexual orientation, lifestyle, or anything else other than makeup application…..public schools are responsible for teaching and embracing all students. Willis ISD Board Policy prohibits discrimination, in accordance with federal law. Just as we do not discriminate against students based on gender identification or expression, we do not discriminate when selecting guest speakers. Instead, guest speakers are chosen based on their experience and the skills they have to offer.”

This is the kind of experience Lynn Adonis-Deveaux has to offer the students of Willis High School

Is this drag queen also a licensed makeup artist? Willis is not far from Houston, the 4th largest city in the United States, it seems like there would be many choices of makeup artists to pick from. In fact, Houston has makeup artists who have applied makeup for celebrities and news anchors. The district and the cosmetology teacher needs to explain how they came to the decision to use a drag queen for this particular lesson. They also owe the parents an apology, not a defense for their lapse in judgement.

MadMommaBear is so confused. Do we now have to have drag queens in the schools in order to teach and embrace all students? Are there drag queen students? Drag is not a protected class under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is not a race, even if there is a show called “Drag Race”. Drag is not a gender. There are two sexes, male and female which are protected under the Civil Rights. Drag is not a place of origin, nor is it a religion. It is high time our public school system understood what it does and does not have to do and it returns to teaching rather than indoctrinating.

Picture posted to social media by a concerned parent showing the Drag Queen Makeup Class on the calendar

While it might seem like a way to be inclusive to invite a drag queen to be part of a lesson at a public school, it is actually not inclusive to all students. How do the Christian students feel about an adult entertainer coming into their classroom? Why aren’t the parents of the LGBTQ children the district is so concerned about “embracing” upset that this is what the district thinks is representative of their children? Is drag what these children have in their future? Is this the best the district has to offer LGBTQ? MadMommaBear knows better than this. Students who happen to be confused about their sexuality or gender identity are in no way any less intelligent or capable of having careers that do not involve adult entertainment or links to the adult sex trade.

Parents are outraged and rightfully so. The teacher and principal involved in the decision to bring an adult entertainer into the classroom must be held accountable by terminating their contracts. Any administrators or board members who support this need to be recalled and replaced by the community.

“Putting the C*nt” into Country”? This is a promo for the 21+ club in Spring, just one venue the drag queen performs at among many adult/homosexual clubs

Much ado was made about a Willis ISD Board of Trustees member being vocal about the drag queen controversy. Some have opined that the Trustee should be mindful that there are LGBTQ students who will hear his views. Nobody seems to be too concerned about the students of faith and who hold traditional values who may feel alienated when an adult performer who is immersed in kink and erotica comes cross-dressed to the campus and is applauded by the principal and staff as an ambassador of makeup, kindness, love, inclusivity and diversity. The Christian trustee who is also a local pastor expressed concern that Christian and conservative students also need to feel safe in their schools and they currently do not while LGBTQ lifestyles are celebrated in the schools.

Regardless of the sexual practices or gender confusion experienced by some students at the high school, it is inappropriate to bring adult entertainers into the education setting. The Attorney General of Texas should investigate this school district and and the Governor of Texas needs to call a special session to deal with the issue of adult entertainers in public schools. As I recall a teacher’s certificate is not something that one simply orders through the mail. Why are we allowing men who shake their buns and have dollars stuck into their fake breasts to be part of public education which is taxpayer funded in Texas? The state legislature really should have seen this coming and acted preemptively.

Contact the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton online or by phone: 512-463-2100. Contact the Governor of Texas online or by phone: (512) 463-2000

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  1. As a Master Artist, please share this video I made on this very important subject and how it negatively influences us all -


  2. As a Master Artist, please share this video I made on this very important subject and how it negatively influences us all -


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