Coven of Activist Witches Targets Conservatives

Image from their event page for a “Peace Ritual in the Park”

A coven of “activist witches” has planned an event for Friday evening at 7:30PM on Sept 20th. The event has been posted on Facebook for interested witches and is called a “Peace Ritual” which will take place at Milburn Community Park.  The details state “witchy attire, cloaks, hats, wands, and broomsticks welcome! We will be out rain or shine!”

Christians from the community have responded to the news with an interest in going to the park at the same time just to pray peacefully. It is rather ironic that the coven is having a “peace ritual” given the recent description of their treatment of community members by members and political allies of this coven as reported on here. The Activist Mommy also covered the events in Cedar Park earlier this week. At least one of the founders of the Coven of Corvid says she “never claimed to be a witch”. For not being witches some of the women who have been most vocal online and at city council sure post a lot about being witches.

Woman who claims to have started the coven “never claimed to be a witch”. Then why start a coven?

This one was just too funny not to include
The language with these women, no wonder they are misunderstood in their quest for love and light
but, Satanism and Witchcraft are not the same, the coven founder whined.

This was in response to someone posting about a prayer rally

It is a good thing we are beyond the times of witch trials or these women would be feeling the heat (literally)

According to the event page, the Witch event is arranged by the witch coven called Coven of the Corvid. This gang of witches has been involved in other areas of activism as can be seen in this article in which some of the coven original founders are interviewed for their organizing a pro-abortion rally. They state on their event page that the Friday night “ritual” is in response to their objection to the conservative views (which they refer to as “bigoted”) of certain Cedar Park City Council members.

They are aligned politically with Antifa and a local group of activists who call themselves Indivisible Cedar Park. That group recently updated their website. Apparently, their reputation in the area is so bad that they had to actually state they are not a hate group or a terror organization on their page. A link to that archived page is here. One of the coven founders thinks Antifa is “good”.

These witches and their political allies have been angry since certain council members protested a planned drag queen story hour event at a library and have held a protest at every city council meeting since and their Facebook page says they plan to do so until the council members resign or are recalled or unseated.  Who knows when the witches’ fury will end? One thing is for sure, it’s likely that after this night, those two council members they are working to oppose (Tim Kelly and Dorian Chavez) will no longer be called lunatics for saying that the witch community is primarily the source of the opposition against them?

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