Top Texas RINOs Continue to Get Funding From PACs Linked to Pediatric Gender Modification

Do Texas Republicans Have The Political Will to Pass Laws Banning these Barbaric Practices?

Update: In 2022, Texas Top RINOS continue to get money from PACs associated with pediatric gender modification. Newly elected Texas House Speaker, Dade Phelan, took $100K from Border Health PAC and $60K from Friends of UTSW Medical Center. Greg Abbott took $278K from Border Health PAC and $10K from Friends of UTSW Medical Center, while Dan Patrick took $150K from Border Health PAC and $65K from Friends of UTSW Medical Center. The donations for Border Health PAC can be seen at this link: Donations from Friends of UTSW Medical Center can be found here:

MadMommaBear reported in May of 2021 that top Texas RINOs were taking money from PACs affiliated with pediatric gender modification clinics in Texas. Border Health PAC is linked to Doctors Hospital Renaissance (DHR) which provides gender modification for minors, and the Friends of UT Southwestern PAC is linked to the Genecis Clinic (formerly of Children’s Health Dallas), the first and largest pediatric gender clinic in the Southwest. DHR provides pediatric patients “gender-affirming hormone therapy for patients under 18” according to this LGBT Resource List for the Rio Grande Valley.

Screenshots confirming the doctors listed on the LGBTQ Resource page are employed at DHR.

Border Health PAC is the PAC that is tacitly controlled by Alonzo Cantu, the democrat financial bundler who also built Doctors Hospital Renaissance (DHR). Texas Monthly wrote the following about Alonzo Cantu and BHP:

“Border Health has consistently ranked among the top ten most generous political action committees over the past decade, and though Cantu tends to lean toward Democrats, especially those who represent South Texas, he isn’t shy about giving to Republicans who vote the way he wants. Last year, when Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick visited the Valley, the Senate had just shortchanged its funding for UT–Rio Grande Valley’s new medical school. After Patrick met with Cantu, most of that funding was restored. That’s power.”

Alonzo Cantu serves on the Board of DHR as a Non-Physician Member

In 2020, Dan Patrick took $300K from Border Health PAC and $55K from Friends of UT Southwestern Medical Center PAC. Greg Abbott received $300K from Border Health PAC (BHP) and $15K from Friends of UTSW PAC in 2020. Abbott and Dan Patrick both received another $150K a piece from BHP since the beginning of 2022. House Speaker Dade Phelan has taken a combined $300K from both PACS since 2020. Those contributions from the pediatric gender clinic-linked PACs are enough by themselves to draw suspicion over whether these top Texas RINOs ever intended to pass a bill banning gender modification for minors. But latest campaign reports reveal that Abbott and Dan Patrick have taken even more money from the two PACs. Dan Patrick has taken another $200K combined from the two PACs and Gov. Greg Abbott has taken an additional $160K in 2022 with $150K coming from BHP. In total, the top Texas RINOs took $2.75 million from the two PACS since 2015. That doesn’t include money received from pharmaceutical companies who also have an interest in pediatric gender modification drugs such as puberty blockers and hormones.

Cantu has donated over $80K to BHP himself since 2015. Cantu has also personally contributed $134K to Dan Patrick and $80K to Gov. Abbott as seen here. All of that money buys a lot of influence from Texas RINOs. Greg Abbott has appointed Cantu to the University of Houston Board of Regents, and he was appointed by Abbott to serve on the Special Advisory Council for re-opening Texas after the Governor shut down Texas in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Now, it appears that this financial influence may play a part in why Texas children are not protected from the medical predation of transgender medical industry.

While the Texas Governor has been quiet regarding gender transitions for minors for the past three years he did tweet about the case involving James Younger (whose mother has been transitioning him into a girl) in 2019, giving the impression that the suffering to James Younger, his twin brother, and his father was going to be addressed.

2019 Tweet from Governor Greg Abbott of TX

However, the suffering of James, his sibling, and his father continues today. Due to the case being tied up in the 301st Judicial Court under Democrat Mary Brown and in the hands of court-appointed psychologist Dr. Susan Fletcher (who are both all in for child gender modification) the boys no longer see their father who is being punished for his refusal to refer to his son as a girl and dress him in girl’s clothes.

Dr. Fletcher is one of the abusers trying to transition James to be a girl and was appointed by Abbott to the  Texas State Board of Examiners of PsychologyTexas Behavioral Health Executive Council, and the Texas Safety Commission. Why has Abbott appointed a professional child abuser to these positions?

Dr. Susan Fletcher who has written a book on parenting (don’t read it) has aided in the transition of James Younger.

Judge Brown is up for re-election and is on the ballot in the Democrat Primary on March 1st. An update on this tragic case of parental alienation and child abuse can be found here.

Judge Mary Brown who frequently appears to suffer ADHD or possibly drunkenness while managing her virtual courtroom

Since Governor Abbott’s tweet in October of 2019, several bills were filed in the Texas house in two separate sessions. In the 87th session, six bills were filed to end the gender modification of minors. Governor Abbott certainly had the opportunity to encourage the passage of any of these bills. They all died, an autopsy report by MadMommaBear can be found here. Even with three special sessions that followed the regular session, the governor never added a bill to ban gender modification of minors to the call. So, what has the governor done?

Governor Abbott wrote a letter. This seems to be his trademark move these days. He wrote a letter to the Texas Department of Child and Family Protective Services to ask for a determination from the agency on whether surgeries for the purpose of modifying a child’s gender were considered child abuse. The agency took months to respond that the surgeries were child abuse. No law has been passed and the fact that our governor had to ask if cutting the testicles off of teen boys and breasts off of healthy girls is abuse is unsettling, to say the least.

Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has received $250K since 2015 from Border Health PAC alone, sent a letter to Texas DFPS claiming that existing law already considers puberty blockers and other medical acts attempting to change a child’s gender as abuse. State Rep Matt Krause has asked for clarity from the AG’s office on whether puberty blockers and hormone therapies constitute abuse. What we have not seen is strong leadership from top Republican leaders to end this abuse of Texas children and the subsequent parental alienation that happens when a parent disagrees with the transition of their child at the hands of the other parent and medical and psychological professionals who have abandoned traditional ethics and lost their way in favor of profits and ideology.

With all these letters flying around, MadMommaBear has a letter of her own for the top Texan RINOs and the Republicans in the Texas Legislature who failed to pass a bill banning child gender modification. That letter is an F!

Grade given to Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Dade Phelan, Ken Paxton and other Republican RINOs mentioned here for failure to ban gender modification for minors in the 87th Texas Legislature.

James Younger’s mother had consulted with the Genecis Clinic in regarding future plans in regards to transitioning James. The Genecis Clinic was recently shuttered by UT Southwestern after the clinic and its board members were protested this past year and following previous exposure of its associated PAC’s donations to top Texas RINOs. UT Southwestern Medical Center/Dallas Children’s which encompassed Genecis Clinic has been under scrutiny for its practices by pro-family activists, children’s rights activists, and lawmakers in Texas since the case of James Younger made national news in 2019.

UT Southwestern has taken down the Genecis Clinic webpage devoted to pediatric gender transition, but it continues to offer transition-related services through multiple departments according to a statement released to media. So, they really just aren’t promoting their child abuse protocols online anymore. They stated that they are no longer accepting new patients for treatment with puberty blockers and hormones for the gender dysphoria diagnoses alone. A previous version of their webpage can be found here.

Dallas Children’s Ximena Lopez who Founded the now shuttered Genecis Clinic for Pediatric Gender Modification

While the Genecis Clinic said it did not provide surgeries, it is worth noting that two of the staff of the Genecis Clinic, Dr. Ximena Lopez and Lauren Kuper PhD., have advocated for chest masculinization surgery or “top surgery” for teen girls who experience “dysphoria” due to their breasts. Dr. Ximena Lopez, who gave lengthy testimony in House Committee on Public Health against HB 1399, said that “transgender boys” with large breasts would be referred for breast surgery. The video can be accessed here and her portion begins around the 9:09:00 mark. In her remarks, she suggests that one of the male committee members has to imagine himself with really large breasts to understand why transgender boys may want to have double mastectomies. Kuper and Lopez partnered for a study mentioned in this article by Kuper for Mayo Clinic Library. Dr. Lopez gave an TedMed Talk in 2017, just shortly after founding the Genecis Clinic in which she tacitly admits this is all medical experimentation on children. At the 5:52 mark she says that a child’s parent told her “We don’t care if you experiment on our child”.

There are no long-term studies on the impacts of child gender transition and the long-range side effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children. The experimentation on minors continues in the United States and sadly in the State of Texas because Texas Republicans who had the power of both chambers of the Texas Legislature and every top position in the Texas government have not found the political will to ban the practice of transitioning children.

You can contact your top Texas RINOs and ask them to ban the practices of surgical and chemical transition for minors in Texas by calling the following numbers, demanding a special session from the Governor for this purpose. If the RINOs won’t ban these abhorrent practices in an election year they never will. Letters are not enough!

Governor Greg Abbott: 512-463-2000 and his Twitter handles are @GregAbbott_TX and @GovAbbott – Tell Abbott to call a special session to address his failure to get a bill passed.

AG Ken Paxton: 512-463-2100 and his Twitter handle is @KenPaxtonTX – Tell Ken Paxton to clarify that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are also child abuse in addition to surgeries for purpose of transitioning a minor being child abuse.

Dade Phelan: (409) 745-2777 and his Twitter handle is @DadePhelan – Tell Dade Phelan that he needs to get the Republican Party of Texas priorities accomplished, especially banning gender modification of minors and his appointment of Democrats to Chair committees is not serving the people who elected a Republican majority to office in Texas because they prevent Republican priorities from passing.

Dan Patrick: (512) 463-5342 and his Twitter handle is @DanPatrick – Tell Dan Patrick to press Governor Abbott to call a special session and pass the bill to ban gender modification of minors because Patrick failed to use his bully pulpit during the regular session to get it passed.

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