Establishment RINOs Circle the Wagons for Serial Bill Killer Stephanie Klick of TX HD 91

Texas – Stephanie Klick has had numerous dishonorable mentions from MadMommaBear in the recent past for killing the bills that would have banned child gender modification in TX. Here is a video that explains her role in killing every bill that would have banned those abhorrent procedures. Stephanie Klick is defending her record by stating that HB 1399 was passed out of her committee at the same time the “heartbeat bill” was passed out of her committee. While it is true that HB 1399 was passed out on the same day, HB 1399 was the weakest of the bills and it provides no enforcement, creates no rule making authority or criminal justice impact. It merely prohibits liability insurance coverage for doctors for those specific procedures and subjects doctors to license denial or disciplinary action which we all know takes many years and doesn’t happen often. Her own bill to expand medical marijuana in Texas sailed through her committee and passed into law…..what are the odds?

It is perfectly legal in the state of Texas for a doctor to practice medicine without liability insurance. It is called “going bare”. Why would a doctor need liability insurance for a “banned” procedure? It almost seems like the author of the bill knew it doesn’t necessarilly ban the procedures in practice.

In Texas, due to tort reforms, insurance companies and doctors are protected from lawsuits for harming patients for profit because Texans for Lawsuit Reform has pushed for protections of businesses, doctors, and insurance companies for years. In doing so, TLR has endorsed and financially backed candidates that carry their water. For this reason, Texas is able to recruit a lot of medical professionals. The flip side of that is that we also allow doctors and surgeons to escape consequences and come to Texas and butcher people for profit even after they have several complaints and malpractice suits in other states. Like this doctor at Crane Clinic in Austin, TX who has several malpractice suits against him in California and has been performing child gender modification surgeries for a profit in Texas. A MadMommaBear parent called this clinic in Austin last year and confirmed that they do orchiectomies for minors. The clinic also later confirmed that they do surgeries on girls as young as 14 to remove breasts. This is just one of multiple surgery centers in Texas who have been doing surgeries on minors for purposes of “resolving gender dysphoria”. It has been going on for over a decade and MadMommaBear has evidence that girls as young as 12 have undergone “top-surgery” in Texas. Additionally, MadMommaBear found that CHIPs (Texas Child Health Insurance Program) is covering some of the child gender modification procedures.

Photo from TreVoices; Failure to ban these procedures puts kids on the crash course to these outcomes.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott did not want to pass a bill banning these abhorrent procedures. He didn’t put banning these procedures for minors on the call for any of the special sessions. He did ask his Texas Child and Family Protective Services if they would advise him if the surgeries (only the surgeries) were “child abuse”. They responded that it was child abuse. No prosecutions of any of the child sex change surgeons have taken place at this time. It is quite revealing that the governor had to ask an unelected agency if this was abuse. He didn’t know? It is interesting that an unelected bureacrat has the courage to at least call these surgeries “child abuse” but our Republicans in the Texas Legislature do not.

A young female who has clearly been cutting herself has double mastectomy for gender “incongruence”. Nipples are optional.

Since Texans were outraged that the Republican-led Texas legislature did not ban child gender modification procedures, RINOs have been busy covering their butts and circling the wagons to defend each other because they failed to protect the most innocent and vulnerable of Texans. You can read a full autopsy report on the bills relating to child gender modification here.

It is a wonder why Texas Republicans (especially those in the Freedom Caucus) would defend such a serial bill killing RINO. Here are some highlights of her performance this last session:

Stephanie Klick voted for the creation of a Dept of Equity within the Texas Department of Public Health. Just what we need, a little CRT to go with our health care in Texas. Klick voted to allow Democrats to chair house committees (which is how many priorities die). Klick also killed election integrity bills in the regular session. Stephanie Klick killed SB 9 and HB 3326 bills providing equal protection for babies in the womb by providing criminal penalties for aborting a baby, this legislation was another legislative priority for the Republican Party of Texas.

Despite her terrible record she has members of the Texas Freedom Caucus defending her efforts (or lack of) to pass a bill to ban child gender modification. Let’s be clear, Klick did not support any of the bills, she was not signed on any of the bills. Her chief of staff told activists she would nto support a bill calling child gender modification child abuse. Klick told Jeff Younger that she did not want to offend the “transgender people” by calling it abuse. Klick slow walked the weakest bill of all and it died with efforts by several RINOs in the Texas House. There is no defense for this, but that hasn’t stopped the RINOs from circling the wagons for her. A facebook post which shares statements from Rep Toth, Rep Middleton, Rep Oliverson and former Rep Rodney Anderson coming to her defense. I guess the heat is on because voters aren’t happy that Klick killed these bills. The public isn’t as dumb as these RINOs think. They can look at the record. They can see there were several bills and they all went to Klick’s committee and five of six died there. They can see other bills of less importance passed out and passed out quickly.

Apparently, according to Current Revolt, the newspaper of record, Stephanie Klick has the full support of the newly formed “Groomer Caucus”, this caucus is news to MadMommaBear but it sounds like a good fit for the Texas Legislature as they continue to fail to safeguard children.

Picture of possible members of the Texas Groomer Caucus as seen on Current Revolt Story detailing their support for Klick.

Stephanie Klick does not belong in the state house. #KickOutKlick

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