TEXAS Juvenile Justice Department Conducted Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Training

Cover slide for Mandatory Cultural Sensitivity Training at Texas Juvenile Justice Department

Supervision officers with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department were subjected to mandatory training in 2017 to explore how bias affects LGBTQ community in the justice system. The lesson plan was part of a “culture competency module” that is part of mandatory training under Texas Administrative Code Chapter 334. The training was extremely work even for 2023, but this training was approved in 2017. Employees were asked personal questions to help them explore their “implicit biases”, such as whether they would date a bisexual person, if they’d like their child’s second grade teacher to be gay, if they would be proud to tell their friends that their child was gay and if they feel they should be informed if a colleague is transgender.

screenshot of part of the lesson which asks employees to reflect on the above personal questions to examine their bias

The employees were treated to a buffet of woke pseudoscience. The “Genderbread Person” was deployed to explain that sex, gender, gender expression, and sexual orientation are different. This nugget of fake science is routinely used to indoctrinate people with the gender ideology which teaches that a person can be born in the wrong body.

The Genderbread Person graphic from the Texas Juvenile Justice PowerPoint slideshow on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

If that isn’t woke enough, the training also included the following cringe-worthy video to expose the employees to the multitude of pronouns, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Video included in training for Texas Juvenile Justice Dept training

Employees are instructed to use the preferred pronouns and chosen names at all times, even when the juvenile is not present. All juvenile justice employees are prohibited from disclosing the child’s gender identity or sexual orientation to the parents or guardians.

Screenshot from TX Juvenile Justice Dept training
Training from TX Juvenile Justice Dept instructs that all stakeholders should be made aware of a child’s SOGI….except parents and guardians.

Several videos were part of the training. The following video

This video was part of the approved training. It advances the idea that heterosexuality is not “normal”

The training also included the usual exaggerations about suicidality in the LGBTQ youth population. A video clip was shown from the movie “Love is All You Need?” that portrayed a heterosexual girl being bullied in a “queer normative” world. The girl had two moms and was bullied at school for kissing a boy leading her to commit suicide.

Texas has been in agreement with the born in the wrong body lie for a very long time. Don’t let the theatrics in the Texas Legislature or from the Texas Governor throw you off. Governor Abbott has known about the cancerous gender industry in Texas for at least four years. He tweeted about the case of James Younger in 2019. Since then, not a single thing has happened to actually prevent children from being socially transitioned at school, given puberty blockers and hormones by doctors or to prevent a child being alienated by family courts from one parent forever because that parent refuses to affirm their gender identity.

A number of bills are being considered in the Texas Legislature this session that deal with the poison of gender ideology. One bill would prohibit changing a child’s gender marker on their birth certificate and another would prevent child gender modification procedures. None of the measures go far enough and it is hard to believe they ever will when one considers how captured Texas really is by the gender industry.

This week the Texas Legislature will consider the budget. Without budget riders to prevent spending to promote gender ideology and further the practice of gender transition we can expect the gender industry to maintain its grip on all institutions in Texas.

Call your legislator and the Governor and tell them that Texas should not come into agreement with a lie. Nobody is born in the wrong body and our institutions need to stop funding training that spreads this poison into our schools, justice system, universities, hospitals, medical schools, and beyond. If the governor truly believes these procedures are child abuse then he should put a stop to the promotion of the ideology that leads kids down the medical pathway.

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