Humble ISD School Board Approves Infrastructure for School-to-Gender Clinic Pipeline

Humble, TX – MMB has been reporting on the school-to-gender clinic pipeline in Texas. We have already covered the training that school nurses and mental health care providers are provided at taxpayer expense. Now we can report that some schools are recklessly going even further and using taxpayer dollars to put in place the infrastructure to further the transitioning of a minor’s gender.

Here are several risk factors for a district putting children on the school-to-gender clinic pipeline:

  1. School district puts in place diversity, equity, and inclusion policies officially or unofficially.
  2. School district policy states that discrimination on the basis of sex includes discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  3. School partners with a local health care provider that provides “gender-affirming care”
  4. School is involved in a state program for mental health in which the providers provide “gender-affirming care” (and are coached not to disclose to parents who may not be supportive).
  5. Schools hold rallies, events, or participates in other programming that endorses, promotes, or supports pediatric gender transitioning.
  6. District following guidance of woke, anti-parent organizations such as Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).

Let’s check Humble ISD against the six risk factors listed above:


While Humble ISD does not overtly employ a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion officer, the district policies are steeped in language that is consistent with DEI policies. The current school board president, Martina Lemond Dixon, called for DEI initiatives in 2020. Lemond Dixon told The Houston Chronicle the project to deploy DEI curriculum as part of its Portrait of a Graduate program. Portrait of a Graduate is used to push social emotional learning objectives rather than academic objectives leaving the door and student’s minds open to tenets of critical race theory, gender ideology and other social issues with the student’s attitudes and behaviors being recorded. Sold as 21st Century learning, Portrait of Graduate relies on data mining students and used across the United States create social change.

Humble ISD has also used the Antidefamation League’s (ADL) No Place for Hate program and curriculum for several years. The ADL was founded in 1913 to fight anti-Semitism has strayed from its original purpose and now operates as a left-wing anti-family force.

ADL No Place for Hate Parade at Cambridge MS resembles a Pride parade with symbols for homosexuality and transgenderism on display.

One has to wonder why the district feels it is necessary to have a No Place for Hate program in a district of 48,000 students that has seen only four instances of hate crimes in the last 10 years and only two instances for the City of Humble in the last ten years per the FBI crime statistics database. It doesn’t appear that there is a legitimate reason to have an ADL No Place for Hate program in Humble ISD. Humble ISD has activities across the district to celebrate No Place for Hate that look a lot like Pride Parades (see image above as it relates to item 5 on the infrastructure list).

screenshot of TEA Federal Report Card for incidents of harassment or bullying

It is insulting to the residents of Humble ISD that the district has determined the community to be such incubators of hate and bigotry that our children need special training. What’s more insulting is that what is marketed as “anti-hate” is actually a radical left-wing agenda saturated in anti-traditional values, is militantly pro-homosexual, and fiercely anti-Christian – with a heavy dose of intimidation against anyone who disagrees. If you want to know the ADL’s policy position on any issue just check with the Democratic National Committee, the organization rarely deviates from the left’s radical agenda according to this Washington Times article. More importantly, as it relates to Humble ISD, the ADL advocates for teaching students about transgender people and issues and promotes the GLSEN Model School District Policy. GLSEN model policy directs districts not to disclose a student’s “gender-identity” to the parents. GLSEN model policy which is recommended by ADL states that students shall use bathrooms and locker rooms that are consistent with their “gender-identity”. The model policy also requires students, teachers and staff to use the preferred pronouns of so-called “transgender” and “non-binary” students. The policy also requires students to participate in sports according to their gender-identity. The only thing more absurd than Humble ISD deploying ADL programming in its schools is the ADL’s claim that conservatives and Christians are the actual radicals.


screenshot from Humble ISD policy regarding sexual discrimination

The Humble ISD School Board approved policy
states that “discrimination on the basis of sex includes discrimination on the basis of gender-identity and sexual orientation.” This language is from the Biden administration’s Office of Civil Rights which is a
misapplication of the Bostock decision which only extends to Title VII protection in regard to employment. Bostock does not change the ordinary meaning of sex under Title IX but still recognizes sexual orientation and gender identity as distinct concepts. While it is a dangerous precedent that the SCOTUS came into agreement with the gender identity lie at all, the decision does not extend to Title IX. The fact that Humble ISD has added this language is an indication of a progressive and undiscerning school board and administration. Texas schools do not have to follow this tyrannical and perverse edict from the Biden regime. Doing so puts students at risk in the schools. This language is dangerous for women and threatens constitutional rights, but it also creates a real problem for schools that have medical clinics offering services to students. Humble ISD is slated to open a school-based health clinic soon.


Humble ISD has partnered with Memorial Hermann to open a school-based clinic in the district. Memorial Hermann who has provided minors “gender-affirmation” surgeries is slated to open a clinic at the Humble High School location. Dr. Freet’s page no longer says he provides surgeries for minors with parental consent, but it used to. It still says he follows WPATH guidance which is open to surgeries on minors. What would a medical institution that is committed to the mutilation of minors be willing to do in the name of “gender-affirming care” if they are willing to cut the breasts off of minor girls? Will they help children get access to hormone therapy? If they refuse to provide such “care” to students will that constitute “discrimination” under the board policy? Humble ISD should stop rushing into programs simply because they sound like a good idea and start considering the consequences.

Screenshot of creepy surgeon’s webpage that has performed pediatric gender surgeries at Memorial Hermann


Humble ISD is part of the Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium through a partnership with UT Health. MMB
recently exposed that the UT Health Science Center
was conducting trainings on gender-affirming care to the Child Mental Health Care Consortium in which it coached the providers who provide services to school children in Texas schools to hide the gender transition of minors from their parents if they believe the parents are unsupportive. This a direct violation of parental rights. One has to wonder why is a district that claims it partners with parents involved with
an organization that would undermine parents in this way?

UT Health doctor with Child Mental Health Care Consortium trains providers for school mental health on gender-affirming care.


Consistent with the other misguided decisions the board has made, Humble ISD
school board relies on the guidance of woke TASB for policy. TASB guidance on transgender issues in schools says that the student has a right to be recognized by the name and pronouns the student prefers in school and to minimize dividing students by biological sex for activities as it may be awkward for the student. TASB refers to the Office of Civil Rights guidance that states that refusal to use a student’s preferred pronouns or preferred name constitutes discrimination. TASB advises that there is no law that prohibits children from using the bathroom that is consistent with their “gender-identity”. TASB also advises that in some cases a school may call a child by their preferred name and pronouns at school but by their legal name and pronouns consistent with their sex when speaking to parents if they
believe the parents are not supportive.

It seems clear that Humble ISD has all the infrastructure in place for the school-to-gender clinic pipeline to go into effect. The board should slow down and reconsider some of the initiatives and partnerships it has engaged in. But
rather than do that, here is Board Member Nancy Morrison saying that the district needs to hurry up and get a clinic open in the district as a support for mental health.

Board Trustee Nancy Morrison says she wants a clinic soon and schools need to address mental health.

Humble ISD is just one example, this could be any school district in Texas that has the infrastructure in place for the school-to-gender clinic pipeline. Parents should investigate their district. If a parent is not sure where to
look contact Mad Momma Bear through this webpage for some help. As for Humble ISD, there is an election to replace school board candidates that is going on now through May 4th. Given the ignorance of the current board members,
it seems appropriate that voters replace the three incumbents up for re-election. Mad Momma Bear recommends Michael Grabowski for Position 7, Audra Deaver for Position 6, and Erin Greene for Position 2.


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