Hey, Texas! What Is a Woman?

MadMommaBear wants to get something off of her chest and it is a little personal…but first, let me share with you my pronouns.

My pronouns are Biological/Sex/is real. But I also identify with Adult/Human/Female.

Many years ago, my ex-husband transitioned to present as a woman while I was still married to him.  To my shock, the state aided his transition because they do not know what a woman is.  He was able to obtain a letter from a therapist to bring to a judge stating that he had lived full time as the opposite gender (he had not, not that it matters) and that he was “transgender” and required his name and gender marker on his Texas Driver’s license (and other identifying documents) to reflect female instead of male.  Our divorce decree reflected his new name and gender identity. I had married a man. However, in a state that has a marriage amendment stating it does not recognize same-sex marriage, I was being made a “paper lesbian” against my will and it appeared on paper that I had willfully married a woman.  The whole ordeal was disillusioning. I always loved Texas and believed when it came to respect for my rights and values that Texas would have my back. That was not what happened though.

Instead, my right to conscience and my religious convictions were tested in family court.  My children were ordered into therapy where they were coached on the use of preferred pronouns and told they could no longer call their father “dad”. That’s how ruthless this ideology that has captured every institution in this state is.  Sadly, Texas was caught flat-footed in the culture war and had no idea these things were even happening. My family was impacted by this over a decade ago, years before Texas even fought and lost the battle over the bathrooms.   The need to stop gender fiction is only underscored by the issue of men in women’s prisons, sports, and sex-segregated spaces.

What good is a sex-segregated space if the stated doesn’t know what a woman is and if people can merely get a court order to change the sex marker on their documents? Texas should not come into agreement with a lie.   When a therapist writes a letter for a judge to change someone’s sex marker and name, it isn’t a prescription, a medical treatment, or a therapy. It becomes an edict that has the full force of the state behind it.   

A Texas House Representative has filed a bill to codify into law the reality of biological sex. Representative Ellen Troxclair filed HB3883 on March 7th, 2023. So far there are no sponsors listed and it has not been assigned to a committee. Please call Speaker Phelan and ask him to assign the bill to a committee. Then call your state representative and any other representatives you have a relationship with and ask them to sign on to the bill.

Texas should not come into agreement with a lie. Liberty and justice cannot continue to exist if we are not anchored to the truth.


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