Annual Austin ISD Child Sexual Grooming Week is the Canary in the Coal Mine for Texas Schools

Screenshot from Austin ISD Pride Week page

Austin, TX – The Austin ISD is planning yet another Pride Week for its students. The Texas school district posted a pride flag with symbolism that reflects their support for child sex change procedures, Black Lives Matter, and intersex (or genderless people). That is a whole lot of propaganda on one ugly flag.

Children and teachers at all grade levels are encouraged by the district to stop by the front offices of their schools to pick up “Pride Swag” which includes stickers, flags, posters, <a href=”http://<iframe src=”; width=”500″ height=”654″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”true” allow=”autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; picture-in-picture; web-share”>pronoun buttons, and more.

Pronoun Buttons Provided to Austin ISD Elementary Students

Austin ISD doesn’t just groom children into deviant adult sexual behaviors, it recruits them. The screenshot below is from the Austin ISD website. It says their Pride Week aligns with National LGBT Health Awareness Week. Itis unlikely that the health risks associated with the sexual behaviors being celebrated, promoted, and endorsed by the district under the guise of “acceptance for all” are going to be discussed. MMB anxiously awaits their panel discussion on anal leakage, anal prolapse and the increasing demand for anal rejuvenation surgeries in the USA. The district suggests that “resources” from GSA (Gay Sexuality Alliance) will be used during the course of the week.

This is the poster that teachers, staff, and students are printing out to post around the schools.

Last year, Texas AG sent a letter to Stephanie Elizalde, the superintendent of the Austin Independent School District. “The Texas Legislature has made it clear that when it comes to sex education, parents—not school districts—are in charge,” he wrote. The weeklong child sexual grooming and recruitment operation went on as planned without consequences to the district. Since there was no consequence for the district or its administration of child sexual groomers, the district will continue to scandalize children with impunity.

What does it all mean?

Austin ISD is no doubt the canary in the coal mine for Texas Public Education. If Austin ISD can do it and get away with it even after the Attorney General said it violates Texas law then you can expect other districts in Texas to follow their lead. What does this blatant disdain of the natural family expressed by the sexual jihadists signal to those in the district who want to sexualize children? One only needs to look a the story of a degenerate “guybrarian”, Roger Grape, who is employed at Blackshear Elementary School in Austin ISD previously covered here.

Roger Grape invited a prostitute BDSM leather daddy drag queen to entertain kids. The librarian is a homosexual who was a pioneer of gay marriage. He and his “husband” man the spanking booth at the Austin Gears Club, a perverse club of fetishists that meet once a month to flog, spank, gag, bind, and abuse each other’s bodies in a multitude of ways.  The leather daddy librarian was Leather Man of the Year one year and I found his pictures from the Chicago Men of Leather contest in 2018. That event is so debauched and disgusting that MassResistance puts the hotels that host it on a No Go Hotel list.  It is a massive abusive homosexual orgy.

The drag queen former prostitute, Kitty Litter, was invited by Roger Grape, the “guybrarian” to read to kids at an Austin elementary school.

When Austin ISD has Pride Week this is what they are celebrating and much more. They are marketing evil to kids and tying it up with a rainbow ribbon on it. It’s an affront to God and all that is natural. Austin ISD has continued to employ Roger Grape at the elementary school where he groomed kids with a prostitute drag queen. Roger Grape has a tattoo on his arm that is a ruler to indicate how far up another man’s poop shoot he can get his arm.

What adults do in the privacy of their own homes does have social consequences because as we see time and time again they cannot leave it there. Having children celebrate adult sexual behavior that is destructive and unhealthy signals to men like Roger Grape and other groomers that it is perfectly acceptable to sexually groom kids. 

If adults involved in homosexual behaviors need constant validation for those behaviors maybe that should indicate something to them. Natural behavior doesn’t need constant and mandatory validation.  Children don’t have jobs. Adults need to stop burdening kids with the responsibility of making them feel better about their choices!  

I am wondering if Austin ISD would like it if parents planned a week of activities promoting the Catholic Virtues or the Saints? Maybe a local parish should get involved and demand equal time and promotion and perhaps other faiths could do the same. This might put a stop to the promotion of LGBTQ behaviors in schools.

There are several bills filed in the Texas Legislature now to designate restaurants and bars as sexually-oriented businesses if they have drag entertainment. There is not yet a bill to protect children from their school being run like a sexually-oriented business.

Call your legislator today and tell them you want them to stop the promotion of sexual behaviors to children in our schools. Find out who represents you and call them today. Ask them to support the bills for parental rights in education to stop the drag queen entertainment with kids and to additionally ban all drag and pride events in public education.

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