Get Real – STIs Are Normal?

Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts recently shared on its social media their Get Real Teen Council member of the month. For the month of December they featured Sean H., an 11th grader. Sean is a sexual health peer educator. That’s right teens educating other teens about sexuality with the coaching of Planned Parenthood. Sean says one fact he wished everyone knew about sexual health is that “STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) are normal”.

“STIs are normal”

So, here we see the trend again to normalize everything bad. Nobody wants a sexually transmitted disease. Note that they now call it STI where “I” stands for infection. An infection implies it can be resolved with antibiotics and it sounds less scary. Planned Parenthood who is pushing all manners of sexual activities on children should be warning youth about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and persuading youth to refrain from sex until marriage, but that is not good for business in the abortion industry. Avoidance, rather than risk reduction should be the case made to teens. Instead, all kinds of perversion is being pushed towards kids with the attitude that they are going to do it anyway.

This assumption ignores the many young people who happen to be in the majority that abstain from sexual activity to avoid STDs and pregnancy out of wedlock. It is an insult to young people of faith to assume they cannot remain pure as they are called to do. It makes one wonder what is the interest of these adults who insert themselves among youth? Are they there to separate young people from the values of their parents? Is this the real idea behind planting peer educators to push the idea that STDs are “normal”.

Sorry, but I don’t think teens should accept the idea that a smelly green discharge coming from a penis, painful urination, burning pee-hole, itching genitalia, anal and genital warts or blisters are something that should be in the range of normal. Just like the neo-morality crowd has advocated the normalization of all sorts of immorality and unhealthy sexual behaviors it is now also about removing the stigma from all consequences of such immoral and unhealthy behavior.

According to WebMD 50% of sexually active people have had a sexually transmitted disease by the age of 25. That is only sexually active people and includes men who have sex with men, whose rates of infection are on the rise recently. Any increase is due to the pervasive issue of promiscuity in our culture, rather than address this the media, Hollywood, sex educators and social media icons have continued to advance the idea that promiscuity has no consequence and we should not condemn any dangerous or immoral behavior, but celebrate it, be proud of it and minimize the consequences by calling them “normal” and part of life.

I refuse to pass along to our youth that contracting STDs is “normal” and something to just accept as part of life. We need to reboot the culture and get the agenda driven perverts who are corrupting youth out of the sex ed industry. Parents need to take back the role of parenting and discipleship for their children rather than playing such a passive role. The secular left has its hands on sex ed and it is not going to let go anytime soon.

Roar Like a Mad Momma Bear!!!

At the local level: insist that comprehensive sex ed is not included in your school district. Find out what the sex ed program includes, look at the curriculum. Now days you may find explanations of BDSM, anal play, fluid play, kink, fetishes and porn “literacy” in sex ed. No doubt these are not topics all parents want to be discussed with their children by adults at schools or libraries. Demand that your school get rid of the program or that they have “Opt-in” rather than opt-out.

At the state level: Many states in the USA do not mandate sex education. If yours does then work to have it removed from the state mandates in education. If your state does not mandate sex education then work to remove these programs entirely by asking legislators to pass legislation that does not allow Comprehensive Sex Ed or any sex ed in the classrooms that is written, published or distributed by abortion providers or that replaces abstinence only with risk reduction, such as those that merely teach to avoid penetration rather than avoid other risky sexual contact that spreads disease.

At the federal level the United States has spent over $2 billion on sex ed in the last two decades. Let’s do everyone a favor and get the federal government out of this domain. Ask your senator and representative to defund sex ed.

The same people who want our kids to feel free to practice all manners of risky sex also want to make them feel okay about how normal STDs are. That does not seem right. Roar Like Mad Momma Bear!!! Stop the harm to our youth.

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