LGBTQ Lectures About Bullying, Bullies a Young Man to Death!

RIP Wilson Gavin

Wilson Gavin led a protest for his conservative college group against a Drag Queen Story Hour at the Brisbane Square Public Library in Brisbane, Australia. As the story time wrapped up with crafts the protesters went into the library and chanted “Drag queens are not for kids”. It was a bold protest and one that was deserved and the protesters were right. Adult entertainers should not be held out as role models for youth. The video of the protest went viral in hours resulting in the cancel culture mob of LGBTQIA activists and allies to pile on. Young Wilson Gavin was targeted by the cancel culture mob and brutally maligned on television and social media. He was found dead from an apparent suicide at a railway early in the morning the day after his protest went viral.

After the protest, the drag queens immediately took to social media to chide the conservative group that protested and gin up sympathy for themselves.

Drag Queen, Johnny Valkyrie, who goes by the drag name “Queenie” posted a rather long comment on her Facebook page. She stated the media and the public had made the protest of the library go viral. She then asked for donations for her “top surgery” and funds to support her while she recovers from top surgery as she will not be able to work for several weeks.

Valkyrie proclaimed how exhausted she is because of the event (being protested for a hot minute) and fretted over her mental health and ability to pay the bills.Ironically, Ms. Valkyrie was very concerned that the media would go after her because she is transgender and homosexual. Is she living in an alternate universe or in reality? Nevermind, she thinks she is a man and wants her boobs cut off b/c apparently wearing a breast binder to pretend to be a man has caused her significant injuries and health problems.

Her Facebook post read in part, “The incident yesterday which has gone viral has exhausted me. The media and opposition will come after me given I am transgender and homosexual. I am worried about my mental health, my employment and my ability to handle the legal action I need to take regarding the incident that has exploded on National News. I wish my activism paid the bills, but I have to do 9 – 5 elsewhere. I am so tired. I need your help.”

Screenshot of fundraiser for Johnny Valkyrie

Valkyrie stated that support for her was in the thousands after the “incident” (being protested for a minute), and went on to give her entire LGBTQIA+++ community organizing resume. Then came the hyperbole.

Today, myself, drag queen Diamond, the Brisbane Library staff, the families and their children were aggressively confronted by several individuals from the UQ Liberal National Club who burst into the event space, shouting and making vilifying comments against LGBTQIA+ people. This was planned and targeted at me. It hurt and affected so many others. I am sorry.

The protesters merely changed “Drag Queens are not for kids”. I fail to see the “vilifying comments” in that. It is a simple statement that drag queens who are adult entertainers are not for kids.

Ms. Valkyrie went on, “There were children crying, families distressed and of course, Diamond & I were victim to vilification, harassment and nuisance. The police responded and have been notified. The fantastic staff at Brisbane Libraries were absolutely devastated and I commend them for their proactivity, their kindness and their bravery.” Of course, not footage has been presented in the thousands of social media posts or in the numerous media outlets of the children crying and families being distressed. Harassment, vilification and nuisance? Wow, this queen really piled it on for the fans!

The comments on the defamatory posts made by the organisation prior to the event were slanderous, discriminatory and disgusting. However, I am more concerned about the children and families who were exposed to their hateful, aggressive rhetoric.” Who else thinks that Ms. Valkyrie is more concerned with cashing in on publicity to get her top surgery? I didn’t see the remarks on the organization’s page prior to the event to judge whether they were slanderous or not, however, disapproving of drag queen entertainment for children is not uncommon and shouldn’t result in being accused of hate, slander, disgusting, or discriminatory behavior. Ms. Valkyrie stated in her post that she expected consequences and an apology and hoped the UQ LNP learns from their consequences. Wow!!! People must be punished for wanting children to have appropriate role models and protesting a drag show for children at the library.

The other drag queen, Diamond Good-rim, characterized the protesters as a bunch of “low lifes”, calling the protest disgraceful. He tagged several news outlets in his post. Is this what kicked off the social media and news media pile on?

Facebook Post of Diamond Good-Rim

Can you even imagine why anyone would object to a drag queen who goes by the name “Diamond Good-rim” being part of children’s programming? No doubt this refers to the homosexual sex act of “rimming”, which is the act of licking someone’s anus. Who even would want their children around such an openly vulgar individual? That question was answered on the drag queen’s own social media where Diamond posted a picture of a family that was at the story time.

A baby attends drag queen story hour, more evidence that drag queen story hour is really for the adults

While the drag queens were soaking in the attention and adoration of the progressive media and LGBTQIA++ activists, Wilson Gavin was enduring a social media firestorm of harsh criticism.

One media outlet that covered the protest of the drag queens characterized the protest as a “homophobic, bigoted attack” by the UQ National Liberals Club. The protested merely stated “Drag queens are not for kids” repeatedly. That is neither homophobic or bigoted. Sky News Australia should be sued by the Gavin family and the UQ National Liberals Club for this slanderous characterization of their protest of adult entertainers with children. If it is so homophobic then why was a homosexual man protesting the event? Wilson Gavin was himself an openly homosexual man. I wonder if Sky News Australia thinks that Ricky Rebel is homophobic and bigoted. He also thinks drag queens are not for kids.

Post from Ricky Rebel’s Twitter Account a link to buy this t-shirt is provided here

Ricky Rebel, who is an openly gay Trump supporter, was quoted by PJ Media as saying, “”Drag Queen culture is full of drugs, prostitution, risky unprotected sex, adult humor, stripping, and gender confusion. I wouldn’t take my kid to a strip club either.”  That is exactly the level-headed argument that many have been making against drag queen story hour and there is nothing bigoted about this argument. Drag culture is simply not for kids.

But don’t let facts get in the way of the LGBTQIA+++ activist mob and their media and leftist allies. Singer Jessica Origliasso, of the Australian band The Veronicas, was among those to share a video of the protest and slam the protesters as bigoted.

“A huge f*** you to the group of screaming UQ Young Libs who stormed a children’s storytelling event hosted by two drag queens,” she said, reported 7News. “I am absolutely furious, our world is in need of love & healing, now more than ever.”

Mr. Rim Job, the drag queen who confronted Wilson Gavin in the library and pointed his finger in Wilson’s face, thanked the singer in on online post in which he tagged her. Jess Origliasso has over 300,000 followers on social media. I would imagine her condemnation and characterization of the protest played a significant role in the social media dog pile that ensued.

But she was not the only person of influence who piled on. Vicki Howard, took to Facebook to call the protesters narrow-minded. Vicki is the Councillor for Central Ward in the Brisbane City Council.

Screenshot from Vicki Howard’s Facebook page

Facebook post by Trevor Evans MP calling the protesters “ratbags”

Ms. Valkyrie stated in a Facebook post that she also had the support of LNP affiliated politicians Andrew Laming MP and Trevor Evans MP and was supported by Lee Lin Chin. She also stated she had the support of public figures Pauline Pantsdown,  and Joel Creasey among others. These people, I am assuming were all part of the dogpile that led this young man to take his life.

The outrage mob was frothing at the mouth over this protest. It was as if there was a contest to see who could brutally condemn the protesters in the worst possible way. Will any video surface to validate the claims of children crying, homophobic and bigoted attack, and vilifying the drag queens? I do not think “drag queens are not for kids” rises to that level. Fake news, hyperbole, and LGBTQIA+++ entitlement and hysteria at anyone questioning their program fueled the online bullying of Wilson Gavin.

The following hateful posts were on the website Queerty:

There were many hateful posts on social media that truly capture the hatred harbored by the LGBTQIA+++ social justice warriors and progressives towards anyone who dare to insist on boundaries with children. I will just feature a few more.

This was on the Cover of Australian Today, depicting some taunts on Twitter

Many commenters blamed Wilson Gavin’s parents for his suicide because they were reportedly devout Catholics. But in this interview footage shown in the begining of a video about his suicide, Wilson Gavin states that his parents and his school that he had attended as a child were supportive of him.

The UQ LNP Club was also condemned by student groups that petitioned the university for discipline against the group. Petition to Deregister the UQ LNC was being shared after the protest
Just a couple of “reasons for signing the petition.
Rainbow Families Queensland condemned the protesters and spread fear about the Religious Discrimination Act
Apparently services may be needed for some people chanting the truthful statement “drag queens are not for kids”.
UQ Queensland Social Work Society took to social media to condemn and demand disciplinary action for the protesters.

With media, celebrities, politicians local and national level, school organizations and millions of strangers piling on social media demanding this organization’s demise and smearing this young man as a person who hates homosexuals and hates himself it is no wonder the young man took his life. He may have felt the walls were closing in. Ms. Valkyrie even suggested in her post that the young man not be able to go to school at the university campus any longer and that it will be hard for him to find a job. Seriously? What are all those anti-bullying classes about in public schools anyway, maybe some people had it right when they alleged those courses are really about indoctrinating youth to wholesale acceptance of homosexuality. The LGBTQ community has been lecturing us for at least a decade not to bully but they seem to be the most vicious bullies of all, calling for people to be “cancelled”, fired, and to alienate everyone from those with whom they have disagreements by characterizing those disagreements as bigoted and hateful.

“Diamond Good-Rim sticks his finger in Wilson Gavin’s face.

The LGBTQIA+++ community can no longer lecture the rest of society about bullying. This event highlights that they are not the practitioners of love and tolerance they advocate for others to be.

Rest in Peace, Wilson Gavin. You made a brave stand for children for which your friends and family should be proud. This type of bold protesting should happen in every library where drag queens are invited to entertain children because drag queens really are not for children.

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