Queering the Holidays!

This holiday season the dragging of the holidays began in November with the message that Thanksgiving is hard for transgender people. No mention of how hard it is for transwidows, children of late transitioners, or family members who grieve the loss of a loved one to transition. The ACLU started a Twitter thread on Thanksgiving conversation starters:

Reuters published an article about transgender people facing “additional scrutiny” at airports over the holidays. A transgender woman was interviewed, and complained that he was patted down in the crotch area because the scanner identified him as female and flagged additional packaging in the groin area. Trans activists gripe that the technology doesn’t identify non-traditional bodies. It seems they don’t understand that some scrutiny is invited when you are dressed in a disguise and trying to smuggle a package…even if that package is a penis. The whole point of this article was to drum up more sympathy for the trans cult who have made all kinds of choices prior in the course of transition and should have taken matters such as travel and bathrooms and pronouns into consideration before expecting the whole world to conform to their wishes after they make the changes.

On social media posts with the hashtag #Transgiving pushed the narrative that people who transition are rejected from their families. No mention of the mothers who long for a call from their child just to know they are okay. Family that is awkward about pronouns or simply doesn’t agree with the idea that one can transform into the opposite sex were vilified in social media.

Thanksgiving seemed like the appropriate time for various media to drum up sympathy for transgender people article after article spread the narrative that not only are the holidays tough for some who are transgender, but it is also “unsafe”. The concept of Transgiving for those who have to far to go to see family or whose family won’t see them (or more likely the transitioner has rejected the family) has been around for a few years. This year the news of these events have even been in mainstream news with one local network even saying the event takes place in the midst of an epidemic of violence towards transgender people. There is not an epidemic of violence against transgender people and if there is then we are woefully behind on addressing the epidemics of violence against women, blacks, men, and other other class you can think of with far more dead victims.

The queering of the holidays didn’t stop there, even Giving Tuesday was targeted by the Official Drag Queen Story Hour for a fundraising event.

The soliciting for donations for this child grooming program continues throughout December.

In the online solicitation from one of their queens, they admit that the program has a political agenda. It reads, “Honestly, that’s why I’m doing this work: not just so kids can twirl with queens (not that I don’t love that too), but because I think DQSH really has an impact in shaping politics starting with the children.⁣” If that doesn’t scream agenda then I don’t know what does. Drag Queen Story Hour is a political crusade supported by the American Library Association.

The holiday merry making would not be complete without the gay apparel donned by drag queens in a Christmas drag show that invites even children to attend, despite the warning of adult content. In the video promoting the drag show with Santa and his naught elves, you see a child dancing on stage with a drag queen. This makes the event seem kid-friendly. MadMommaBear had heard of this event but thought the event could not possibly be promoted to all ages. It was only when MadMommaBear was researching another story that she ran across the following video for “poppers” (a gay night life drug used to make anal sex easier for gay men) that she saw the video promoting the show. Why in the world is a show for all ages being advertised on a video for drug use which discusses anal and oral sex in detail? The video below was edited for length.

Link to the original video in full version is here.

Apparently, this drag queen was also part of Ru Paul’s Drag Race in season 4, according to Wikipedia. Just a reminder that parents should not be allowing their children to watch that trash.

Another helping of transgender sympathy was served with Christmas dinner this year as Pantene which partnered with GLAAD to further the transgender narrative at Christmas by stating that many transgender feel they cannot “come home as themselves”. The irony is so rich. You can see the series of Pantene’s videos on this here.

We simply cannot have a day of the year without having the LGBTQ narrative shoved down our throats and the time of year that is reserved for giving thanks to God and worshiping a savior is no exception for the narrative pushers. Now these holidays are another time for pushing for more safe spaces and telling the rest of society how they should be treated.

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