Victory! Drag Queen Story Hour Canceled in Morgantown, Virginia

Morgantown, West Virginia – November 15th – The perverse Drag Queen Story Hour program scheduled for November 16th did not go on as planned. After the public became aware of the library’s intention to bring an adult entertainer to the library for what it called a “family friendly morning of imagination” the library heard received complaints from all over the United States but it did not back down until a day before the event was planned to go on. What caused the sudden change at the last moment? Below is their announcement where they blame “threats of violence”.

So far, MadMommaBear has not found even one record of actual threats reported to local authorities when following up with FOIA requests where these allegations occur. MadMommaBear will update on this story once FOIA requests are received. A Morgantown publication, Dominion Press, reported that the drag queens had received threats on social media but did not file a police report because the “threats” were not enough to sign off on a warrant for arrest. While threats, veiled or otherwise, are inappropriate and should not happen, MadMommaBear thinks there is more to this drag queen story. There were other posts made about the drag queen that goes by the stage name Dimitria Blackwell. Apparently, he had some trouble with the law a few years ago. Perhaps this or the fact images that did not quite support the idea of the story time being a “family friendly” event were circulating online.

“Get down on your knees boy”
“Time to douche, shower, trim the goods, and put on your best cockring”, Hope you’re ready for the Easter Bunny to lay some eggs in your holes!!!”
“Not one, but two hot porn stars”
From Miss Robin-Hearts Love Social Media before he took it down
This is also “Miss Robin-Hearts Love” as a Sorority Slut Barbie
Robin Hearts-Love hosts “Cocktoberfest” with adult film star at a “Bear Night”.

Can we talk about how inappropriate drag queen story hour is?

A picture is worth a thousand words and the pictures posted on the drag queens’ social media reveal that these drag queens should not be part of children’s programming. They reveal what almost all drag pages reveal that drag is immersed in kink and erotica and is a gateway to the adult sex industry.

Drag Queen Story Hour keeps being planned and defended by librarians and LGBTQ activists and “allies” despite the obvious truth that drag queens are not appropriate role models for children. We don’t tell kids they can watch soft porn or have a story time with porn stars as long as nobody gets naked while explaining there are all kinds of careers including sex work, so why are we holding out adult entertainers for role models in children’s programming at libraries and schools? Is this what diversity looks like, indoctrinating children and disregarding their innocence and their futures? You don’t get to call yourself an ally of LGBTQ kids and at the same time promote to them drag queens as if that is a reflection of what their future should look like.

If the library really is promoting diversity and inclusion then will it be hosting a drag queen story hour with Lady MAGA the drag queen who openly supports President Donald Trump. Somehow, I can’t see the library inviting this drag queen to read to the children. MadMommaBear would still object, but at least the libraries would be promoting a little diversity among all the progressive programming it offers. Let’s be honest, Drag Queen Story Hour is not about diversity, inclusion, kindness, or representation. Drag Queen Story hour is an ideological crusade posing as a story time.

Rather than promote inclusion and bring the community together the Morgantown library has promoted division by hosting an event that is not just controversial but inappropriate and blaming its cancellation on threats of violence. They should have used good judgement in the first place and not planned a drag queen story hour for children. The drag queens have since announced that they will read stories on a Youtube channel in drag. This is what nightmares are made of.

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